Richardson's Statement on President Bush's Threat to Veto DC Appropriations Bill over Domestic Partner Registry

SANTA FE, NM -- Democratic Presidential candidate New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson released the following statement on President Bush's threat to veto Washington, DC residents' civil rights:

"I was disappointed to hear about the President's threat to veto the Washington, DC appropriations bill because of the Domestic Partner Registry. Let's be clear: this threatened veto is a veto of human rights and basic civil protections.

"The President says that he is the "decider." With this veto threat, he has once again decided to support the forces of intolerance. This bill is not radical and should not be controversial. It simply extends basic rights that most Americans already enjoy -- like hospital visitation, medical decision, and inheritance rights -- to committed domestic partnerships.

"It is particularly sad that the President would choose to issue this threat during Pride Month, which should be a celebration of GLBT Americans' contributions to our nation, as well as a celebration of the strides our nation has made towards full equality.

"If the President does follow through on this sad threat, I call on the members of Congress who believe in fairness, human rights, and the fundamental promise of our Constitution that all are equal before the law, to override the President's veto.

"Throughout my career in public service I have been a proud supporter of GLBT Americans and I intend to continue fighting for equality and justice when I am elected President."