Romney's Create your own ad contest finalists

Yesterday, Romney for President announced the nine finalists for the “Team Mitt: Create Your Own Ad” contest. The winner will become the first amateur ever to have his or her work used as an official television advertisement for a presidential campaign.

Voting on the finalists is ongoing at ends tonight at 11:59 pm EDT. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

This contest demonstrates Romney for President’s commitment to using cutting-edge technology to engage voters online and harness the extraordinary enthusiasm of its grassroots supporters.

My entry was disqualified. I’m told it was because I’m an employee of the campaign – but it’s probably because it was bad. Here are links to mine. The song is by the Goo Goo Dolls (of Buffalo) and nearly all of the pictures are from New Hampshire. (1 minute version) second version)

The Atlantic Online previewed the announcement yesterday:

Romney's Make Your Own Ad Contest Is Down To Nine Finalists

Later this morning, Mitt Romney's campaign will unveil the nine finalists in its inaugural make-your-own ad campaign. Out of hundreds of submissions, the campaign has winnowed the field to nine, and Romney supporters can pick the one they want the Romney campaign to broadcast. And the campaign promises to air the ad in rotation, although they won't say where, or when.

To prevent vote-rigging, voters are required to provide their e-mail addresses.

Some of the finalists are cute -- there's one with Romney and his grandkids. Others are picturesque -- there are lots of New Hampshire scenery shots. One quotes my National Journal colleague Charlie Cook, so I'll probablyvote for it. One is... YouTube-y.

So far, Romney has spent almost $10M on television and radio ads.