Rubens To Keynote DC Conference: "What's The Economy For, Anyway?"


Today, I launch a major new endeavor in announcing my upcoming keynote at the big What's The Economy For conference at the Washington DC Convention Center, October 5-7.

I will explain why the new global economy, emotionally-rich, 24-7 commercial culture, and wildly escalating success benchmarks have converged to swamp Americans in an epidemic of personal status-defeat.

Evidence for what I term OverSuccess? can be seen in today's dangerously high levels of rudeness, friendlessness, debt, clinical depression, sleep deprivation, behavioral and substance addictions, celebrity fixation, and ethical collapse. Rubens is among a small number of conservatives speaking out about declining quality of life in the U.S. I will propose remedies that do not involve restricting freedom or damaging America's invention engine.

Conference speakers include John de Graaf , Juliet Schor, Bruce Kennedy , Frances Moore Lappe , Hunter Lovins , Bill McKibben, Karen Nussbaum , and Gar Alperovitz . Register for this ground-breaking conference here.

My new book, OverSuccess: Healing the American Obsession, will be published in February, 2008.

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Jim Rubens