SEIU Member to Deliver Weekly Democratic Radio Address

SEIU Child Care Provider to Deliver Weekly Democratic RadioAddress

For the first time ever, an SEIU member will deliver the weekly Democratic Radio Address. Washington State child care provider Paula Hall will share the struggles working families like hers face everyday and how the new Congress she helped elect last November is improving workers’ lives.

Hall and her family lost their house, their retirement, and all of their savings because they had no way to pay the hundreds of thousandsof dollars in medical bills it took to save her life. Following this struggle, she united with other child care providers in Washington to win paychecks that support a family and affordable health care.

Her full address will be available Saturday.

WHO: Paula Hall, SEIU Child Care Provider

Hall is available for interviews

WHAT: WeeklyDemocratic Radio Address

WHEN: Saturday, August 4, 2007

WHERE: CSPAN Airing 2:50-3:00pm EST

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