SEIU Members Launch New Billboards to Keep Election Focused on Workers' Issues

Members of the nation’s fastest growing labor union announced athird round of billboards in early primary and caucus states featuring SEIUmembers asking presidential candidates where they stand on health care,retirement security, and making college affordable.


 “These billboards are the latest example of SEIU memberspushing beyond the polls and fundraising numbers to highlight the issues thataffect nearly every family in every town in America,” said SEIUSecretary-Treasurer Anna Burger.“As candidates spend more time in early primary and caucus states, thesebillboards serve as a reminder of what this election is reallyabout—creating a new American Dream for our families.”


New billboards and airport posters featuring SEIU members went up thisweek featuring a school bus driver in Des Moines,Iowa; a police dispatcher in Manchester,New Hampshire; and a nurse in Las Vegas, Nevada.Billboards will continue to rotatethrough the primary season.


SEIUmembers have spent more time engaging the candidates on real issues than anyworkers in any past election in U.S.history. Already six presidential candidates have walked a day in SEIUmembers’ shoes; nearly every Democratic candidate released a health careplan to cover everyone in the country, and several Republican candidates havereleased partial plans; five presidential candidates attended SEIU’sMember Political Action Conference; and every Democrat talked one-on-one on theissues with SEIU members. SEIU members have engaged with all candidates,Republicans and Democrats, on the campaign trail and this fall, Gov. Huckabeehas committed to being the first Republican to walk a day in the shoes of anSEIU member.


SEIU members featured on the billboards are available for interviews.You can view billboards, video, and blog postings from members at