SEIU says Bush Administration Slaps Immigrant Workers for Cheap Political Gain

New Regulations Abandon Principles and Promise More Hardship for Immigrant Community

Statement of Eliseo Medina,Executive Vice President, Service Employees International Union(SEIU)

WASHINGTON ,DC—“ TheBush Administration revealed its true face with its new punitive, unrealistic immigration enforcement regulations today. Despite universal agreement that our current immigration system is broken, the administration is seeking cheap political points by bolstering tactics that are already flawed and failing.

We must ask why this president, who supports immigrants and workers when it’s politically expedient, would consider using precious federal resources to tear up families, militarize worksites, and hurt local communities. This is not America’s best face; it is a shameful rebuke of the values and principles this country was founded upon. The proposed new regulations target people who babysit our children, who care for our grandparents, who pick and prepare our food. These proposals will intensify a wave of enforcement strategies that have already failed, leaving family tragedies and human misery in their wake.

President Bush has consistently said that enforcement alone does not work; yet his administration is suggesting strategies that foster discrimination, terrorize communities and promote an increasingly anti-immigrant climate that is fundamentally un-American.

Putting millions of taxpayer dollars into a failed system will do nothing to solve our immigration problems. Instead we must work toward fair and practical ways to bring undocumented workers out of the shadows and create legal channels for much needed immigrant workers to come here in the future.”