Sen Brownback says Romney Offers New Explanation for Evolving Abortion Views

Says he made political calculation to support pro-choice laws

DES MOINES – In today's ABC News Republican debate, Mitt Romney created even more confusion about his abortion views by admitting that he made a political calculation to run as a pro-choice candidate in Massachusetts despite being "deeply opposed" to abortion.

"If Mitt Romney says he was deeply opposed to abortion, why didn't he fight for his convictions when he ran for office in Massachusetts?", said Rob Wasinger, national campaign manager of Brownback for President. "It seems that Mitt Romney's views on abortion are not about protecting the unborn but about protecting his political career. What kind of leader is deeply opposed to something but embraces policies that directly contradict that conviction?"

"America deserves a president whose personal convictions and public positions are one and the same. Mitt Romney has changed his views on abortion, guns, taxes, immigration, campaign finance reform, gay rights and Ronald Reagan. When Sam Brownback says something, you know he believes it, but when Mitt Romney says something, who knows what he really believes?"

During the debate, ABC News posted a fact check that verified Senator Brownback's claim that Mitt Romney has supported taxpayer funding of abortion:

Mitt Romney has yet to clearly state whether he supports or opposes the Human Life Amendment, which would protect the unborn child in all 50 states and which is part of the official platform of the Republican Party.

When asked at today's ABC News debate, "What is the defining mistake of your life and why?", Romney said:

"Probably from a political standpoint and a personal standpoint, the greatest mistake was when I first ran for office, being deeply opposed to abortion but saying, 'I support the current law,' which was pro-choice and effectively a pro-choice position. That was just wrong."

(ABC News, Republican Debate in Des Moines, IA, CQ Transcriptions, 8/5/07)