Hillary Asks Supporters To Help Make Video To Air
During CNN/YouTube Debate On July 23

With the Democrats’ CNN/YouTube debate only two weeks away, Hillary is once again tapping the creativity of her supporters.

CNN/YouTube has asked all the candidates to create a thirty-second video to be aired during the debate. Clinton is asking her supporters to take on the assignment and submit their own videos, explaining to America why Hillary is their choice for President.

To sign up and submit a video, supporters can visit .

Clinton’s YouTube initiative is her latest groundbreaking effort on the Internet. In Iowa last week, the campaign launched the HillCam, posting behind the scenes footage of Hillary and President Clinton campaigning in Iowa on Hillary’s website. Last month, Hillary’s web video send-up of the “Sopranos” finale announcing her campaign song drew several million views on the Internet. More than 200,000 votes were cast online and 25,000 wrote-in to suggest their own song choices.

Throughout the campaign, Clinton has engaged Americans in new and innovative ways. She launched her candidacy with an online announcement and held a series of live video web chats with voters across the country. Since then, she has launched a text messaging program to reach supporters on their mobile phones and posted HillCast web videos on a range of policy proposals. The campaign has also launched to serve as a central repository for news, blogs and videos about Hillary’s candidacy.