Sen Clinton Campaign to Begin Airing First Television Ad in NH

New Hampshire for Hillary Co-chair Speaker Terie Norelli

Announces New Ad will start this week in New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, NH – New Hampshire for Hillary Co-chair, Speaker of the House Terie Norelli, today announced the first television advertisement for Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire. The 30-second ad, titled “Change,” is scheduled to begin airing this week in New Hampshire. The ad will also air in Iowa.

“People in this country are ready to turn the page on the current administration. They are ready for change – ready to see an end to the war in Iraq, ready for universal healthcare and energy independence and ready to see that our veterans receive the care they deserve,” said Speaker Norelli.

“Without the strength and the experience to make it happen, change is just a word. All of the candidates are talking change,” Norelli continued. “Hillary has a 35 year record of fighting for it and making it happen.”

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Below is the text of the new Clinton television ad, “Change:”

"We will change things in this country. Because we want it. Because we have one candidate who spent her life fighting for it. Standing up for our families, our children, our veterans."

"We will end this war. We will give health coverage to everyone. We will be energy independent."

"If we have the will, she has the strength. If we have the conviction, she has the experience. If we’re ready for change, she’s ready to lead."


To: Interested Parties
From: The Clinton Campaign
RE: Change & Experience: The Ad

As summer turns to autumn, Change is in the air.

The question that voters are asking is: who can best deliver it?

With its Labor Day kickoff and now the release of a new ad, “Change,” in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Clinton campaign is making clear, as Hillary said on the stump this week, “Change is just a word without the strength and experience to make it happen.” She has outlined how she would be the best able to get results, saying that change takes the right mix of knowing how and when to find common ground and when to stand your ground.

The new ad conveys that Hillary is uniquely able to deliver the change Americans want: ending the war in Iraq, passing universal health coverage, making America energy independent.

By touting Hillary’s experiences as a change agent, the Clinton campaign is making clear that to make change happen, you need the kind of strength and experience Hillary has accrued during her more than 35 years of advocacy (as illustrated in today’s New York Times story about Hillary’s college years).

Multiple polls are validating this point: Last month’s CNN poll revealed that despite the efforts of others to portray themselves as change agents, 40 percent think Clinton is the candidate most likely to actually bring change – a finding that places her well ahead of the other candidates. The June NBC/WSJ poll, 61% of Democrats and Democratic primary voters are very confident that Hillary would bring real change to the direction of the country. Among those for whom change is most important – working middle-class and low-income families, seniors, working women, and people without health care – Hillary is viewed as the most effective champion.

Today’s ad echoes these themes and touches on the four goals for change Hillary has been discussing on the campaign trail: Restoring America’s leadership in the world; rebuilding the middle class economy; reclaiming the future for our children; and bringing back the values of integrity, fairness and tolerance in America.

By offering voters “big goals for change” imbued with a case for why she is the candidate best able to achieve that change, Hillary is making a clear case for why she is the best choice for Democratic voters who want to make change happen in 2008.