Sen Clinton Launches New Ad In Iowa, New Hampshire Vowing To Fight For Universal Coverage

The Clinton Campaign today launched a new television ad in Iowa and New Hampshire, a day after President Bush vetoed bipartisan legislation that would have expanded health care benefits to nearly 4 million additional children across the country. The ad details Hillary’s health care record and demonstrates that she has the strength and experience to deliver quality, affordable health care for every American.

Watch the ad:

The new 30-second spot, entitled “Stand By Us,” describes Hillary’s efforts to pass universal health care in the 1990s and her perseverance in championing the Children’s Health Insurance Program that now covers more than 6 million kids a year. It also talks about her successful efforts to secure health benefits for 9/11 first responders and our National Guard and Reserve.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll released yesterday shows that 66 percent of Democrats trust Hillary the most on health care policy, far outpacing her rivals for the nomination.

Hillary’s American Health Choices plan unveiled last month would improve quality and lower costs while preserving consumer choices. For those who like their health insurance, they could keep it. For the 47 million uninsured and those who don’t like their health care coverage, they could choose from a range of private plans or a public plan modeled on Medicare. To read more about Hillary’s health care plan, visit .

Following is the script for the ad:

“Stand By Us”

TV :30


Hillary stood up for universal health care when almost no one else would, and kept standing until six million kids had coverage.

She stood by Ground Zero workers who sacrificed their health after so many sacrificed their lives, and kept standing until this administration took action.

She stood by our National Guard and Reserve and kept standing until they received health care they deserved.

So now that almost every candidate is standing up for health care for all, which one do you think will never back down?

Hillary Clinton: “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.”