Sen Clinton Reports $50 Million Cash-On-Hand: $35M Primary, $15M General

Senator now leads Democratic & Republican fields in cash on hand for both primary and general contests

Hillary Clinton’s campaign today announced that it has $50 million in cash-on-hand, of which approximately $35 million can be spent for the primary and $15 million on the general election. The number reflects the strength of support for Clinton from every walk of life and every part of America – and means she will have more money to spend than any other candidate in the months leading up to the primary.

“Our success this quarter raising money from over 100,000 new donors reflects the overwhelming grassroots enthusiasm Hillary is attracting from every part of the country,” campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle said today. “Not only that, our cash-on-hand total means we will now have the most resources of any campaign to help spread our message as the primary campaign heads into the final stretch.”

In addition to having $35 million in cash-on-hand for the primary, Clinton’s campaign noted several key numbers demonstrating the overwhelming depth and breadth of Clinton’s support:

· Approximately $27.8 million raised this quarter: $23.7 million for the primary, $4.1 million for the general

· Over 100,000 new donors this quarter

· 24 low-dollar fundraisers this quarter (versus 6 in the 2nd quarter)

· $8 million raised on the internet this quarter