Sen Clinton Statement on Recent Recall of Toys

It is simply unacceptable that in America in 2007, parents should have to fear for their child's safety every time they buy a toy.  We have just learned of yet another recall of popular toys imported from China because they contain dangerous lead paint. 

And it is equally unacceptable that our government hasn't seriously addressed the growing -- and now well-known -- risk of lead-laced Chinese toys. 

The steps we need to take are simple, and they are long overdue.  I have proposed immediately and comprehensively banning all lead in our children's toys.  I have called for an immediate halt to the sale of any paint-coated toy from China that has not gone through independent third-party testing.

  We also need to improve our recall system, stiffen our penalties, and reinforce our inspectors and investigators.  I believe that if we take these steps we can fulfill the most basic obligation of our government:  to protect the public -- and especially our children.