Sen Clinton "We Need Troops Home Now"

In June, Hillary outlined plan to end the war in 60 days

MANCHESTER , NH – The following is an excerpt of remarks Senator Hillary Clinton delivered at an event today in advance of President George Bush’s scheduled speech to the nation tomorrow night:

“Tomorrow, the President will go before the American people to announce that he is going to withdraw 30,000 troops from Iraq by next summer. He is in essence going to tell the American people that one year from now, the number of troops in Iraq will be the same as one year ago.

“We need to tell the President that it is simply too little too late. In fact, it is misleading. These reductions were going to happen anyway since troop levels in Iraq must decrease by this amount in order to avoid extending Army deployments beyond 15 months and straining our military even further.

“Taking credit for this troop reduction is like taking credit for the sun coming up in the morning. The president has the authority to bring our troops home safely and responsibly starting now, but he just won’t do it.

“In June, I detailed what I would do as President to end the war, and I said that one of my first acts in office would be to order the Pentagon to draw up a plan to begin bringing our troops home within 60 days.

“Mr. President we don’t need another Mission accomplished moment. What we need is honesty and candor - an honesty and candor that demands that you announce that you will start bringing troops home now.

“If President Bush won’t do that, when I’m President I will.”