Sen Dodd For President Welcomes New Internet Technology Director

WASHINGTON - Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd's campaign today announced that Aaron Welch will join the campaign's team as Internet Technology Director. Welch will be responsible for upgrading, maintaining and expanding the internet technology infrastructure as well as managing production of new and innovative online tools. Welch brings a cutting-edge style to the already innovative internet strategy in place at the campaign. In addition, Welch brings a wealth of experience honed in part while serving as Lead Developer for Howard Dean's Iowa campaign in 2004.

"We're really excited to have Aaron on board - he's going to make a great addition to our internet team," said Tim Tagaris, Dodd's Internet Director. "Senator Dodd's bold views on the Iraq war, health care, and energy are definitely gaining traction in the online community, and Aaron's experience and vision is only going to increase that effort."

Welch is a partner and co-founder of the technology firm Advomatic, which has worked with a wide range of progressive causes and several corporate clients. Clients of Advomatic have included NRDC, Yearly Kos, Air America Radio, Josh Marshall's TPM Cafe, PDF TechPresident, Music for America, Joe Conason, Maplight, Greenopia, Sony / BMG and Viacom. Advomatic is also a sponsor of YearlyKos, which Dodd will attend next month.

Welch joins a campaign technology team that has been praised in prominent media outlets such as the Washington Post for its Talk Clock and D-TV applications. Thousands of viewers have tuned in to D-TV to see live coverage of Senator Dodd. This past week, Dodd live-streamed his heath care plan roll out in Iowa on Thursday and answered submitted questions before the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate on Monday.

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