Sen Dodd Shines at Yearly KOS Presidental Forum

CHICAGO -- Fresh off taking on Bill O'Reilly and his attacks on DailyKos, Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd outshone the competition at the YearlyKos Presidential Forum. Dodd, whose internet outreach includes the innovative D-TV, a multichannel window into the campaign, brought his message of proven, bold leadership to the 1,500 activists at YearlyKos, which was also streamed live to thousands of people throughout the country.

Saying that Americans are united in their thirst for real leadership, Dodd cited his leadership on fighting to end the war, restoring the Constitution and his bold solutions to fight global warming, and to provide affordable, universal health care.

"The online community reflects the thirst of all Americans for real leadership," said Dodd after the forum. "The time for equivications, poll testing and half measures is over. That's why I've lead the fight in the Senate for a firm deadline to redeploy our troops out of Iraq, in calling for a corporate carbon tax and calling for mandatory national service for high school students."

Dodd also received thunderous applause when he cited his leadership in calling for public financing of elections and restoring the Constitution.

After the debate, Dodd participated in a breakout session with convention goers where he was introduced by Connecticut's 2006 Democratic Senatorial Candidate and prominent Dodd supporter, Ned Lamont. Dodd's breakout session conversation will be broadcast on D-TV this week.