Sen Obama Campaign Airs New Ad: "Conventional"

In new TV ad, Obama demonstrates strength and character to challenge conventional thinking, restore American leadership

MANCHESTER , NH—Senator Barack Obama’s New Hampshirecampaign will begin airing its third television ad today. In the thirty-second ad, entitled “Conventional,” Obama pledges to restore American leadership in the world by breaking out of conventional Washington thinking that has left America less safe, and showing the strength to negotiate with our adversaries, not just our friends.

The new ad begins running as Obama makes his eighteenth visit to New Hampshire today. At stops over the next three days, Obama will show voters the kind of strong, principled leadership needed to provide change that the American people can believe in.

You can watch the ad HERE.

SCRIPT – “Conventional”

We are a beacon of light around the world. At least that’s what we can be again. That’s what we should be again.

When we break out of the conventional thinking and we start reaching out to friend and foe alike, then I am absolutely confident that we can restore America’s leadership in the world.

We’re going to lead with our values and our ideals by deed and by example. I want to go before the world and say America’s back. America is back.