Sen Obama Campaign Airs New Ad: "Quiet"

New TV ad on Energy Highlights Obama Core Principle: Don’t just tell people what they want to hear, tell them what they need to hear

MANCHESTER , NH—Senator Barack Obama’s New Hampshire campaign will begin airing its second television ad following Obama’s seventeenth visit to the state. In the thirty-second ad, entitled “Quiet,” Obama stresses Washington’s failure to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reveals his willingness to take on tough issues in front of challenging audiences—like telling automakers that as President he won’t stand for them blocking higher fuel standards for our cars. In New Hampshire this week, Obama unveiled the most bold energy plan of the campaign that will allow restore America’s role as a leader in the fight to reduce global warming, and he vowed at stops across the state that as President, he won’t just tell the American people what they want to hear—he’ll tell them what they need to hear.

The ad begins running tomorrow.

You can watch the ad HERE.

SCRIPT –“Quiet”

I don’t accept that we should be still sending eight hundred million dollars a day, part to hostile nations because of our addiction to foreign oil.

And in the bargain we’re melting the polar ice caps.

I went to Detroit to insist that we have to increase fuel efficiency standards. Now, I have to admit, the room got kind of quiet.

We can’t just tell people what they want to hear.

We need to tell them what they need to hear. We need to tell them the truth.