Senate Adopts Brownback Position on Three-State Solution in Iraq

The bipartisan approach is the only Iraq-related policy the Senate has adopted this year

ALEXANDIRA, VA – U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, Republican candidate for president, played a leading role to bring together the broad coalition of conservative and liberal senators who voted 75 to 23 to support a three-state political solution for Iraq.

His bipartisan plan, co-authored with Senator Joe Biden (D-DE), calls for a loosely federated central government in Iraq with three semi-autonomous states for the Kurds, Sunni and Shia. It is the only Iraq-related policy plan the Senate has adopted this year.

"The American people want to win in Iraq and this represents a viable way forward to stability and success," said Senator Brownback. "I am pleased that a bipartisan coalition of my Senate colleagues recognized that we must have a political surge to match the military surge our troops have waged with such courage and valor.

"The United States military cannot force peace on the sectarian factions feuding in Iraq. I hope this resolution begins the political surge we desperately need to help stabilize Iraq so we can get our troops out of harm's way. While we must reject the irresponsible and unrealistic cut-and-run approach of liberal groups like, we must also work for a viable solution to defeat the terrorist elements and achieve peace."

"Senator Brownback once again demonstrated his ability to reach across the aisle to get things done in Washington," said John Rankin, communications director of Brownback for President. "This plan would not have passed without Senator Brownback taking the lead role to build common ground between conservatives and liberals who want to find a way forward in Iraq. On the most polarizing and challenging issue facing our nation, Senator Brownback showed that he is an experienced leader capable of rising above political bickering to achieve consensus and move us forward toward victory."