CONCORD – In an article by Adam Krauss in Monday’s Fosters Daily Democrat , Rep. Carol Shea-Porter criticized secret earmarks:

“‘It's a false issue and I decided a long time that I will not allow Republicans to drag me through what really was their mud, because they are the ones that abused the process, that did it secretly,’ she said.” (Adam D. Krauss, “Shea-Porter Won’t Disclose Earmarks,” Foster’s Daily Democrat , June 25, 2007)

Yet she refuses to disclose her own earmark requests:

“Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter says she won't disclose her  ‘earmark’ spending requests until they're acted upon.” (Etienne Vallée, “CarolShea-Porter Wants To Make A Difference,” Carroll County Independent , March 15, 2007)

Shea-Porter’s spokesperson makes the eyebrow-raising claim that there is a difference between “good” and “bad” earmarks, but Shea-Porter calls all of hers “perfectly legitimate, good things to do.” (Adam D. Krauss,“Shea-Porter Won’t Disclose Earmarks,” Foster’s Daily Democrat , June 25,2007).

“That’s the same defense offered by the sponsor of the infamous ‘Bridge to Nowhere,’” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New HampshireRepublican Party. “Earmarks are wasteful pork, regardless of the party affiliation of the sponsor. It is hypocritical for Rep. Shea-Porter to criticize earmarks while requesting them in secrecy at the same time,” Cullen said.