Statement by Mayor Frank C. Guinta Regarding Superior Court Ruling

Community Resources for Justice v. City of Manchester

MANCHESTER ( August 15, 2007 ) – The following is a statement from Mayor Frank C. Guinta in response to the August 9, 2007, Hillsborough County (Northern District) Superior Court ruling in the case of Community Resources for Justice v. City of Manchester. The court granted CRJ a “builder’s remedy” for a halfway house after the case was remanded back from the New Hampshire Supreme Court, which had ruled CRJ was not entitled to a zoning variance:

“The ruling in this case is contrary to the needs and wants of the people of Manchester. The proposal to operate a halfway house for federal prisoners, next to low-income housing where numerous young children live, is an abominable one and certainly does not promote or provide for the general welfare of the community.

“The Superior Court’s ruling, after the Supreme Court previously stated that CRJ was not entitled to a zoning variance, is a short-sighted one. Manchester is the only community in the area providing services to individuals whose prison sentences have terminated. Manchester’s governmental and social services have done a great job with limited resources. However, we have done our share and it is imperative that other communities look to shoulder the burden.

“As noted within the ruling, the city has the right to control its development, so long as it does so for the general welfare of the community. As Mayor of the City of Manchester, it is my duty and obligation to appeal this decision to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

“In addition, I have asked Siobhan Tautkus to head up the Web site. This site will be a grassroots effort to inform people about this important issue. Siobhan was vice president of the former Lake Shore Hospital and, for the past 12 years, has been CEO of Abbott Executive Search. She was also a five-year appointee to the New Hampshire State Prison Parole Board by former Gov. Steve Merrill.”