Statement Of Senator Hillary Clinton On President's Veto Of Health Insurance For Nearly Four Million Children

Clinton Applauds New Hampshire Lawsuit Against Bush Administration

Hillary Clinton today criticized President Bush’s veto of bipartisan legislation that would have provided millions of additional children with health care, and applauded New Hampshire’s lawsuit to hold the Administration accountable.

"With the stroke of a pen, President Bush has robbed nearly four million uninsured children of the chance for a healthy start in life and the health coverage they need but can't afford. These children are invisible to this president, but they aren't invisible to the American people or to the overwhelming bipartisan majority in Congress – and they aren't invisible to me.

"I was proud to help create the Children's Health Insurance Program during the Clinton Administration, which today provides health insurance for six million children. And I will continue to fight to provide health insurance to all children – as I have proposed in the Senate – and to pursue quality, affordable health care for all Americans. No child should be invisible in our country or in our health care system.

“I applaud New Hampshire for its efforts to hold the Bush Administration accountable. Governors and state legislatures across the country are trying hard to cover their children, but are getting no help from this Administration. President Bush has been making it harder for states to provide coverage to families that need help. It’s time for the President to stop playing politics with children’s health care.”