Sullivan: Pat Long dodging his responsibilities

(MANCHESTER)-Peter Sullivan, a candidate for alderman in Manchester's Ward 3, today voiced his opposition to a proposed condominium development adjacent to Stadium, and chastised alderman Pat Long for his failure to take a stand on the issue.

"Aldermen are elected to ask tough questions and make tough choices. When Pat Long refuses to take a position on the proposed condominium project adjacent to the Fisher Cats ballpark, he is dodging his responsibilities as an elected official", said Sullivan.

"The Board of Aldermen needs to step up and put a stop to the proposal. Not only does this project run the risk of creating traffic and safety problems in the neighborhood surrounding the ballpark, it could jeopardize the status of the existing lease agreement with the Fisher Cats. The presence of the Fisher Cats in our community adds enormously to our quality of life, and we shouldn't do anything to jeopardize it".

Sullivan also pointed out that the condominium proposal is being proposed by a developer with a track record of questionable activities.

"The condo proposal is being pushed by a developer with a history of irresponsible behavior. Christian Silvestri’s mishandling of the Parrish Hills senior housing development in Londonderry left dozens of families without a place to live. Here in Manchester, Silvestri was the owner of the now-closed Vetro nightclub, which ran afoul of the adult entertainment ordinance by promoting strip shows under the guise of 'pole dancing lessons'.

"When you're dealing with someone like Mr. Silvestri, you need to play hardball, not dodgeball".

Peter Sullivan served for three terms as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. An attorney, he resides on Blodget St. with his wife, Katya.