Summer of Grassroots Organizing: Supporters Across the State Build a Network to Put Barack on Top

From May through August, supporters attended more than 400 non-candidate organizing events in New Hampshire

MANCHESTER , NH—Barack Obama has visited New Hampshire13 times as a candidate—and returns Monday—and he’s held over 40 events here. Think that’s impressive? Obama supporters here in the Granite State have planned and attended more than 400 events this summer, building a grassroots organization unlike any other.

Barack Obama made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to run a different kind of campaign—a grassroots movement that would allow regular people to take organizing into their own hands to change the country. From issue forums to book clubs to “eating meetings,” that vision has become a reality in New Hampshire this summer.

As we head into the fall, here’s a sampling of some of the more than 400 activities from the summer:

Local issue forums: 33

Participants: more than 400

Faith forums: 9

Child advocacy forums: 7

Small business forums: 4

Environment forums: 7

Senior citizen forums: 6

From Doubt to Hope Book Clubs: 48

Four sessions each 12 towns

Participants: more than 300

New Hampshire Users: 801

Hoops.Action.Change basketball tournament

Regional brackets: 4 (Portsmouth, Keene, Nashua, and Lebanon)

Participants: 75

Games played: 58

Independence Day Events: More than 50

Debate Watch Parties: 27

Women for Obama events: 12

Coffees with the Campaign: 46

General organizational meetings: 82