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NH GOP - Urgent Second Amendment Issue 


Governor Maggie Hassan has threatened to veto bipartisan legislation that would reform New Hampshire concealed carry laws.

Law abiding Granite Staters already have the right to carry, but need to ask permission to carry in their cars, under a jacket, or in a purse. Too often, local officials deny or delay permits for no good reason. This commonsense legislation would address this problem and ensure that Granite Staters have the basic right to self-defense.


Maggie's motives are clear - she is trying to cozy up to radical, out of state, big money gun control groups that want to restrict our Second Amendment rights. She is desperate to get her hands on the millions of dollars that gun grabbers like liberal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will funnel into her campaign coffers as she plots a run for the United States Senate.


Maggie's gun control allies have already spent millions in New Hampshire, and intend to spend even more. Even worse, these discredited groups have held events in our state to push their radical agenda that have honored thugs, murderers and terrorists including the Boston Marathon bomber.

We need your help to fight Maggie's dangerous gun control allies and elect more pro-Second Amendment Republicans in 2016. Please click here to help us by contributing $50, $75 or $100.




Jennifer Horn

New Hampshire Republican State Committee


Women's Defense League of NH - SB 116 is a Pro-Choice, Pro-Women's Rights Bill

The Women's Defense League of New Hampshire  announces its support of SB 116 - AN ACT repealing the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver.  We will be testifying in Concord in support of this bill on Thursday, January 29th at 1PM when the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a public hearing on it.

This common sense legislation allows women the choice to be licensed or not and makes clear that New Hampshire guarantees women their fundamental right of self-defense.  The majority of women gun owners in New Hampshire carry concealed as opposed to open carry.  This bill enables women who are legally able to own firearms the right to practice concealed carry without the impediment of obtaining a license.

Because SB 116 offers women the choice of licensure or not, it is truly a Pro-Choice, Pro-Women's Rights bill.  

The League thanks  Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley for his clearly demonstrated support of women's rights issues here in New Hampshire in bringing forth this important legislation.


FreeKeeneNews - District Court Denies Concealed Carry to Keene Activist 

Concealed Carry "Right" Denied 

District Court judge upholds Keene Police's denial of Keene activist Derrick J Freeman's concealed carry license. Derrick's supposed right to bear arms has been violated despite him never having been accused of a single violent act.  In a two-page order, judge Edward Burke insists Derrick's convictions for various victimless crimes that put him in proximity to police and his alleged disrespect for them mean that he's "unsuitable" to concealed carry. New Hampshire's "shall issue" statues allow for the huge loophole of "unsuitable" people to be denied the concealed carry license.   Derrick responded in his blog, "Judge Burke’s decision means that while it is perfectly legal for me to carry a firearm openly, it is a crime for me to conceal that firearm, for example by putting on a winter jacket. Local government bureaucrats in Keene are infringing on my right to bear arms."

He is considering an appeal to the NH Supreme Court.  

You can watch the full court hearing and read the two-page court order.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview Derrick,
Ian Freeman

Women's Defense League of NH - 2nd Amendment Women Left Out of "Protect All Women" Discussion 

October 15, 2014

Today Gabby Giffords and her group Americans for Responsible Solutions came to New Hampshire to meet with women leaders and discuss guns and domestic violence. They have named their tour “Protect All Women” except Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly have neglected to include all women in their roundtable discussion.

Since the Granite State was just named the “Safest State in America”, the Women’s Defense League believes that Giffords has simply come to a state she doesn’t know to push gun control legislation that New Hampshire doesn’t need or want.

By excluding women leaders who are on the forefront of training women -- researching gun crime and violence and working with legislators on 2nd Amendment issues -- Giffords and her husband show they are one-sided in their efforts and are not interested in addressing the real aspects of domestic violence.

It’s a shame that an organization such as Americans for Responsible Solutions, backed by billionaires with armed body guards, only seeks false solutions for those who wish to create more women victims through gun control rather than discuss honest solutions about how to end domestic violence and truly help women.

The League's website is They may also be found on Facebook at Womens Defense League of NH and Twitter @WDLNH.


Women's Defense League Of NH - New Women's 2nd Amendment Organization in NH 



July 21, 2014


The Women's Defense League of New Hampshire is pleased to announce their launch in the Granite State. The League provides women opportunities to learn practical self-defense skills and defends Second Amendment rights.

The League was created by the former leadership of the Second Amendment Sisters - NH Chapter. The founders of the Women's Defense League are Margot Keyes, Susan Olsen, Kate Muller, Melissa Creem, Michelle Levell, Kimberly Morin, Alicia Lekas, Tiffany Bowers, Debra Grumbach, Malissa Day, Melissa Sargent, Lisa Sleeper, Lucinda Boutin, Iris Altilio, Donna Schmidt, Sandra Williams, Robin Navarro, and Margot Ashcraft.

The Board of Directors includes Susan Olsen-Chairwoman, Margot Keyes-President, Michelle Levell-Vice President, Debra Grumbach-Treasurer, and Iris Altilio-Secretary.

President Margot Keyes, said, "We created the Women's Defense League of New Hampshire to better serve the women in our New Hampshire Second Amendment community. We are very excited to continue the same activities that we've supported in the past, and to grow and enhance services to our membership."

The League's website is They may also be found on Facebook at Womens Defense League of NH and Twitter @WDLNH.