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Jindal For President - Secretary Clinton should take a look in the mirror

Jindal for President

Comparison of pro-life Americans to terrorists exposes Clinton’s hypocrisy on women’s rights

New Orleans, LA - Reacting to Hillary Clinton’s comparison of Americans to foreign terrorists, Governor Bobby Jindal today released the following statement.


"Secretary Clinton must be very confused. She seems to think that the 50% of Americans who oppose abortion are ‘terrorists'. She thinks the people who make money killing unborn babies and selling their body parts are noble.


“Before Hillary Clinton talks about the treatment of women, she should take a look in the mirror and reflect on her own actions. Her foundation has raised money from countries that prevent women from driving, legalize spousal rape, and allow for genital mutilation.  


"Here’s the amazing thing when it comes to terror - while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, her foundation received money from one of the world’s leading financial sponsors of Hamas, a group on the State Department’s own list of banned terrorist organizations.”







Jindal For President - Calls on Companies to Not Fund Planned Parenthood 

Jindal for President


Following the release of multiple videos showing Planned Parenthood employees discussing the sale of human organs, Governor Jindal is calling on companies that provide funding to Planned Parenthood to stop doing so immediately.

When the first video emerged, Governor Jindal launched an investigation in Louisiana of Planned Parenthood. 

The Governor will be urging people online to sign a petition asking for companies to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Here is a statement from Governor Jindal:
"Whether you call yourself pro-life, as I do, or pro-choice, or somewhere in between, these videos will really disturb any person with a conscience. 

"After the first video came out, I immediately launched an investigation here in Louisiana. Now, I'm calling for these companies to do the responsible thing and cut all ties with Planned Parenthood."

Jindal Graphic


DNC - Ladies, Scott Walker Just Made It Clear That He Wants to Make Your Decisions for You

Today, Scott Walker, speaking with Laura Ingraham, made his views clear on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

Laura Ingraham: “You don’t believe the final decision should be between a woman and her doctor? You believe –”

Scott Walker: “No.”

“If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. Scott Walker doesn’t think women should make their own health care decisions with their doctor. Maybe he doesn’t think we’re capable, maybe he doesn’t trust us, or maybe he wants to make the decision for us. Whatever it is, this statement is just another line from Scott Walker that proves what we’ve known all along: he’s wrong for women.” –Kaylie Hanson, DNC Director of Women’s Media

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Susan B. Anthony List - Today's Obamacare decision - let's fight back  

SBA List

In a shocking 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court just ruled this morning to UPHOLD Obamacare, which uses OUR hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fund abortion on demand.

President Obama is probably celebrating his victory right now, crowing over the success of his radical pro-abortion agenda.

How did we get here...?

Barack Obama won two elections without ever having to answer for his pro-abortion extremism (he once voted against a law to save innocent babies who survive botched abortions.)

The result has been the most pro-abortion president in American history, backed up by an increasingly LIBERAL Supreme Court...

...with a small army of pro-abortion activists working right out of the White House...

...and since Obama was sworn-in back in 2009, roughly FIVE MILLION of America's most innocent citizens - babies living in their mothers' wombs - have been violently killed.

Take Action Now
Unless the Republican Party nominates a strong pro-life candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton, the carnage will continue. More pro-abortion judges and activists will take positions of power - issuing outrageous decisions like the one today. The pro-life bills passed in Congress will be met with more vetoes. And more innocent babies will pay the ultimate price, suffering a cruel, violent death in the womb.

That is why I am writing you today, asking you to make a $16 donation to the Susan B. Anthony List to help us kick the pro-abortion "rights" crowd out of the White House in '16.

Susan B. Anthony List is the most aggressive and effective grassroots lobbying organization for laws that protect the God-given rights of babies in the womb. I helped launch this group back in 1992 after watching in disgust as the pro-abortion women elected that year made it seem like the only thing women voters care about is the "right" to an abortion, at any time of the pregnancy, for any reason.

In the years since, we've built a strong grassroots network of pro-life activists, passed state and federal laws to protect innocent babies and their mothers, and (through our affiliated PAC) supported winning pro-life candidates in the most hotly-contested elections.

In 2014 alone, we delivered (through our Candidate Fund) roughly $100,000 in direct and "bundled" donations to help Joni Ernst of Iowa and Thom Tillis of North Carolina win come-from-behind victories in their tough Senate races. And we were honored to help dozens more outspoken pro-lifers get elected to the House and Senate.

As longtime pro-family activist Maggie Gallagher puts it, the Susan B. Anthony List is "the political arm" of the pro-life movement.

But right now, it's an arm that needs to build up some more muscle in advance of the next election.

That is where you come in.

Friend, your caring donation of just $16 will earn you the distinction of being one of our country's most committed pro-life citizens... someone who does more than just talk about the rights of the unborn... someone committed to actively working to advance pro-life leadership and lifesaving laws.

And your contribution will help the Susan B. Anthony List lay the groundwork for a pro-life White House victory in 2016, as we:

***Educate candidates how to talk about our pro-life position (the key is to stay on offense - force the other side to talk about why they think it's okay to murder a seven-pound baby about to be born);

***Expose Hillary Clinton's vicious pro-abortion record AND her hypocrisy when it comes to "women's rights"(her family slush fund rakes in millions of dollars from regimes that treat women with brutal contempt);

***Mobilize millions of pro-life citizens (many of whom stayed home in 2008 or 2012 once they saw the campaign was ignoring their issue) to the polls so we can get the abortion "rights" extremists out of the White House and pass life-saving legislation

If that's an agenda you can support, please offer one thoughtful donation of $16 today.

Of course, if you can donate more - say, $25, $35, $50, $75 or even $100 - please do!

Every dollar will be used faithfully to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and bring a pro-life president to the White House in the 2016 election.

Donate Today

Thank You,

Marjorie Dannenfelser President, Susan B. Anthony List


NHDP - American Congress of OB-GYNs Opposes Kelly Ayotte’s Sham Birth Control Bill 

Salon Calls Bill “A Giant Fraud”

Concord, N.H. – Today, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) joined the growing chorus of doctors and women’s health advocates opposing Kelly Ayotte’s sham birth control bill.
Salon called the bill “a giant fraud.” Adding, Ayotte “wants to sell women a bill of goods. They're not buying, and neither are doctors.”
The Huffington Post reported that ACOG President Mark S. DeFrancesco, M.D., issued the following statement on behalf of the non-profit organization of women's health doctors:
“The Affordable Care Act removed many barriers to preventive care that keeps women healthy. By making contraceptives available to women without a co-pay, it has truly increased access to contraception, thereby decreasing unintended pregnancies, and allowing women to better plan their futures. Unfortunately, instead of improving access, this bill would actually make more women have to pay for their birth control, and for some women, the cost would be prohibitive."
“As women’s health care providers, we welcome robust and productive dialogue about the indisputable role that contraceptives play in the health, well-being, and productivity of American women. We would welcome any legislation that would do what this proposal purports to do – help women. As it stands, however, we cannot support a plan that creates one route to access at the expense of another, more helpful route.”
Planned Parenthood On Republican Birth Control Bill: “Insult To Women.” “Planned Parenthood noted that birth control pills can cost women up to $600 a year, which is now covered under the Affordable Care Act, and that the bill would take away insurance coverage for birth control that’s made available over-the-counter. The bill doesn’t expand the availability or protect the affordability of IUDs and other highly effective methods of birth control.” [Planned Parenthood, 5/21/15]
Ayotte Voted To Bar Use Of Funds For Planned Parenthood. In April 2011, Ayotte voted in favor of: “adoption of the concurrent resolution that would direct the House clerk to make a correction in the enrollment of a bill (HR 1473) to provide $1.055 trillion in discretionary funding for fiscal 2011, and insert a section that would bar the use of funds made available in the bill to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. or its affiliates.” The concurrent resolution was rejected 42-58. [H.Con.Res. 36, Vote 60, 4/14/11]
Ayotte Voted For And Was An Original Cosponsor Of The Blunt Amendment. The Blunt Amendment would have allowed employers to deny women coverage for birth control and for other important preventive health services. The American Cancer Society opposed the amendment because it would allow employers deny coverage to life-saving preventive services like mammograms. [S.Amdt. 1520 to S.Amdt. 1730 to S. 1813, Vote 24, 3/1/12; New York Times, 3/2/12]
Following Hobby Lobby Decision, Ayotte Issued Statement Supportive Of The Decision To Deny Some Women Contraception Coverage. “U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) released the following statement today regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on religious liberty in the case Burwell v. Hobby Lobby: ‘Americans shouldn’t be forced to comply with government mandates that violate core principles of their faith. This case is fundamentally a matter of religious freedom, and this ruling affirms Americans’ religious liberties as protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.’” [Office of Sen. Ayotte, Press Release, 6/30/14]
Ayotte Has Voted to Repeal the ACA; More Than 150k Women In New Hampshire Gained Access To Expanded Preventative Health Services Without Cost-Sharing Because Of The ACA. “Because of the Affordable Care Act, 76 million Americans with private health insurance gained preventive service coverage with no cost-sharing, including 382,000 in New Hampshire. And women can now get coverage without cost-sharing of even more preventive services they need.  Of the 76 million Americans with expanded access to free preventive services, 29.7 million are women, including 152,000 in New Hampshire receiving expanded preventive services without cost-sharing.” [Department of Health & Human Services, 8/1/13]