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NHDP - Kelly Ayotte Sides with GOP Leadership Against Human Trafficking 





Ayotte Needs to Stop Playing Politics with Trafficking Victims, Strip Measures Restricting Women's Access to Health Care from Bill

Concord, N.H. – Kelly Ayotte today continued her disturbing pattern of playing politics with critical national security and public safety issues, this time siding with Republican leadership against human trafficking victims. 
“From holding funding for homeland security hostage, to signing a reckless letter to the leaders of Iran undermining U.S. foreign policy, to playing politics with a human trafficking bill, Kelly Ayotte has repeatedly put partisan politics before our national security and public safety,” said former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan. “There is no place for measures restricting women’s access to health care in a human trafficking bill. Kelly Ayotte needs to listen to the House Republican sponsor of the bill and call for the removal of the measures restricting women’s access to health care.”
The House Republican sponsor of the bill, Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN), told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “There is no reason it should be included in these bills. This issue is far too important to tie it up with an unrelated fight with politics as usual… To me, this is about saving lives.”
It’s hardly the first time that Ayotte has sided with Republican leadership against the interests of the people of New Hampshire.
On the issue of why Kelly Ayotte signed the discredited Iran letter while other Republicans like Maine’s Susan Collins refused, NHPR’s Josh Rogers said, “This was something that leadership in the Republican Senate, they went for this and [Ayotte] tends to go along with them.”

NHDP - GOP Senator Mark Kirk Slams Republican Colleagues for Playing Politics with Trafficking Bill






Kirk Said, “My Wish is That We Hadn’t Junked That [Trafficking] Bill Up”

Concord, N.H. – As Kelly Ayotte continues to play politics with women’s health at the expense of human trafficking victims, Republican Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) slammed Ayotte and Senate Republicans for including extraneous provisions in an anti-trafficking bill that restrict women’s access to health care.
Kirk told Roll Call, “My wish is that we hadn’t junked that bill up with abortion politics… Let’s just stand for the principle that we are all against slavery and keep the bill clean of extraneous provisions, and that applies to [Department of Homeland Security] appropriations, too.”
As Kirk alluded to, Ayotte also held homeland security funding hostage for weeks in order to appease her Tea Party base with extraneous policy riders.  


Concord - New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's vote to block a bipartisan anti-human trafficking bill. Today, four Democrat Senators joined with their Republican colleagues in an unsuccessful attempt to advance the legislation:


"Despite overwhelming bipartisan support, Senator Shaheen is putting politics ahead of supporting important legislation to help victims of human trafficking. This should be a topic on which there is bipartisan consensus, and it is shameful that extreme partisans like Senator Shaheen are blocking this bill. This is disgusting political theater at its worst, and Senator Shaheen should be embarrassed by her disgraceful behavior."


Cornerstone on House Fetal Homicide Vote 

Cornerstone Action

Fetal Homicide Legislation Passes House

Today the New Hampshire House voted to pass HB 560, which provides that unborn children are included in the the definition of homicide.  This legislation has been long overdue in New Hampshire as families like that of the prime sponsor, Representative Leon Rideout, have been denied justice and closure.  When a criminal or negligent action causes the death of another it is only right that the correct legal avenue be set in place for the perpetrator to be prosecuted, this bill establishes that avenue in the event that a wanted unborn child dies as a result of such action.   If the bill passes the Senate New Hampshire will join thirty-eight other states that recognize a woman's right to a wanted pregnancy and protect unborn children.  

Political Director Sarah Koski commented, "We’re pleased that House members were able to see that this is not a pro-life or pro-choice issue, but rather an opportunity to provide necessary protection and justice for mothers and families that have greatly desired their unborn children."


NHDP Statement on Senate Republicans’ Support for Misguided Hobby Lobby Decision 

Concord, N.H. – Former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan released the following statement after Senate Republicans voted to kill SB 42, which would require employee notification for changes in contraceptive coverage.
“It’s shocking that Senate Republicans stood up to support the misguided Hobby Lobby decision that puts employers between a woman and her doctor.”
“Even worse, Senate Republicans killed a commonsense bill that would have required employers to disclose to all workers and job applicants if they have a policy of denying workers coverage that meets their full range of health needs.”
“Republican Senators like Jerry Little, Jeanie Forrester and Kevin Avard will be held accountable by voters in their districts for today’s backward vote.”