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NHDP - Walt Havenstein Praised the Hobby Lobby Decision

Would He Favor Dismantling NH's Contraception Mandate Too? 

And Where Does He Stand on Proposed Legislation to Protect Women's Health Care?  
Concord, NH -  Last week, Walt Havenstein praised the Supreme Court's far-right Hobby Lobby decision and showed once again that he can’t be trusted to protect a woman’s right to affordable health care. Only days before, Walt announced his opposition to buffer zone laws that protect women and workers at reproductive health clinics.
Here in New Hampshire, we have had on the books a bipartisan law requiring all state-regulated health insurance plans to include contraceptive coverage since 1999. So would Walt Havenstein favor dismantling our state-level protections ensuring women receive coverage that meets their full range of health needs regardless of anyone else's religious beliefs? And what does Havenstein have to say about proposed legislation introduced yesterday, and co-sponsored by Senator Shaheen, that would protect women's health care from employer interference?
"Given Havenstein's history of disturbing statements on women's health issues and his support for the Hobby Lobby decision that allows bosses to deny women health insurance that covers their full health needs, including contraception, Granite Staters have a right to know what other positions Havenstein holds that undermine a woman's right to make her own health decisions," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "When it comes to our state's own contraception mandate and proposed legislation in Congress to restore comprehensive health coverage for all women, voters deserve to know if Havenstein will once again side with his far-right Republican backers."
Havenstein Champions Limiting Access to "Life-Saving" Aspect of Women's Health Care. "Contraceptive services are a fundamental and at times life-saving aspect of women’s health care. By ruling the way it did, the Supreme Court has opened the door for religion and politics to control access to those services. Despite their protestations to the contrary, that is exactly what Brown and Havenstein are championing." [Concord Monitor Editorial, 7/2/14]
Havenstein Praises Supreme Court's Decision on the Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law. "Havenstein praised the court’s decision and condemned the New Hampshire law Gov. Maggie Hassan signed that takes effect on July 10." [Nashua Telegraph, June 30, 2014]
Havenstein Confided To Republican Backers That He Is Pro-Life. The Union Leader reported on Havenstein’s stance on women’s issues saying, “‘It’s his first campaign mistake,’ said former Gov. Stephen Merrill, who was beside Havenstein last week at his campaign kickoff. Merrill said the candidate told him he is personally pro-life and as governor would support a ban on late-term abortions and a requirement for parental notification.” [Union Leader4/21/14]
Havenstein Was Unwilling To Comment On Anti-Choice Bills Before The Legislature. According to the Union Leader, Walt Havenstein’s campaign would not answer a series of questions pertaining to Havenstein’s stance on various bills being discussed in the legislature. [Union Leader4/21/14]

NHDP - Marilinda Garcia Would Make NH Women Second Class Citizens 

Opposed to Choice, Affordable Health Services, Equal Pay and Contraceptive Coverage
Concord, NH--This week, Marilinda Garcia proclaimed that she was "thrilled" with the far-right conservative wing of the US Supreme Court's decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which takes health care decisions away from women, and puts them in the hands of their employers. But as far as Garcia is concerned, this should just be the beginning. She wants to eliminate all choice, as well as equal pay protections, and--of course--all contraceptive coverage. 
“Marilinda Garcia would put women in New Hampshire in danger of moving backward to a time when they were treated as second-class citizens. Her extreme far-right positions put women's rights in danger, and would negatively impact all New Hampshire families,” explained New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “She has voted to completely defund Planned Parenthood, which provides critical health services to thousands of New Hampshire women, to deny women choice when it comes to their personal health decisions, and now she is aligning herself with Judges Alito and Scalia, who believe a woman should have to consult her boss when it comes to contraceptives. Women and families across the state are appalled--and they should be."
In addition to her wildly out of touch views on women’s health issues Garcia also opposes Equal Pay and Paycheck Fairness legislation, the Violence Against Women Act, and has voted against raising the minimum wage, which would largely benefit female workers. When asked her position on Paycheck Fairness legislation Garcia said, “if it is true that women do earn less than men, that could be the case--but in general I don’t support things that basically, allow for a more litigious society than we already have and I think this puts the employer at a disadvantage.”

“Marilinda Garcia has a disturbing inclination to side against progress for women at every turn. Come November, New Hampshire women, young people, and working families won't be able to run from her fast enough.  Because she would see every major victory in women’s protections in the workplace and access to health care rolled back,” finished McClain.

NHDP - Walt Havenstein's Deceptive Stance on Women's Health Issues Dangerous For NH Families 


Granite State Women Cannot Trust Havenstein To Defend Their Access To Health Care

Concord, NH-- In the first week of his candidacy, a series of troubling reports have shown that Maryland multimillionaire Walt Havenstein is trying to deceive voters on his position on women's health care. Havenstein's misleading statements clearly demonstrate why he is wrong for the women of New Hampshire and how his deceptive stance could mean the return of Tea Party attacks on women's health care.

"Once again, Walt Havenstein is trying to have it both ways, and not giving straight answers to the people of New Hampshire," said former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan. "He doesn't want New Hampshire women to know that he is not pro-choice; he doesn't want us to know what restrictions he would put on our right to make our own health decisions. Voters will easily see through Walt Havenstein's misleading statements, and reject him and his far-right allies."

In 2011 and 2012, the O'Brien led Tea Party legislature introduced numerous initiatives to limit a women's access to health care. States across the country have seen similar restrictive legislation introduced and passed. 
"While voters in New Hampshire voted out the Tea Party in 2012, over the last year, we've seen these attacks continue across the country, with numerous states passing bills restricting access to health care for women, mandating procedures, and trying to shut down service providers," said State Representative Candace Bouchard. "We already know that Havenstein opposes expanding coverage for birth control and family planning through the bipartisan medicaid expansion plan. What else does he oppose and what other restrictions would he put on a woman's right to make her own health decisions? What would he sign or veto?" Bouchard asked.

Walt Havenstein Anti-Choice Background:

Havenstein Confided To Republican Backers That He Is Pro-Life. The Union Leader reported on Havenstein's stance on women's issues saying, "'It’s his first campaign mistake,' said former Gov. Stephen Merrill, who was beside Havenstein last week at his campaign kickoff. Merrill said the candidate told him he is personally pro-life and as governor would support a ban on late-term abortions and a requirement for parental notification." [Union Leader, 4/21/14]

Havenstein Was Unwilling To Comment On Anti-Choice Bills Before The Legislature. According to the Union Leader, Walt Havenstein's campaign would not answer a series of questions pertaining to Havenstein's stance on various bills being discussed in the legislature. [Union Leader, 4/21/14]

State Attacks on Women's Health

Over 1,000 Ant-Choice Provisions Introduced In States In Past 3 Years. There have been a record amount of anti-choice bills introduced into state legislatures over the past 3 years amounting to over 1,000 anti-choice provisions. [Planned Parenthood, accessed 4/24/14]
  • 257 Of Those Provisions Became Laws Restricting A Women's Access To HealthCare.
Last Year, 22 States Adopted 70 Different Anti-Choice Laws. According to a New York Times report, "In 2013 alone, 22 states adopted 70 different restrictions, including late-abortion bans, doctor and clinic regulations, limits on medication abortions and bans on insurance coverage." [New York Times, 1/3/14]

Since 1995, There Have Been 808 Anti-Choice Bills Passed. According to a study by the group NARAL, "Since 1995, states have enacted 808 anti-choice measures." [NARAL, accessed 4/24/14]

In 2011, Planned Parenthood Was Defunded In NH. As a result of a Tea Party legislature, Planned Parenthood was abruptly defunded by the Executive Council resulting in countless Granite State women and mothers losing access to vital health care.[Huffington Post,  9/10/11]

New Hampshire Tea Party Radicals Introduced Numerous Anti-Choice Measures. Starting in 2010, a Tea Party led legislature introduced countless measures to restrict New Hampshire women access to health care. [National Partnership for Women and Families, 3/15/12]

DNC - Where Rand Paul really stands on privacy

As Rand Paul continues to attack Democrats on the issue of privacy in an attempt to win back young voters that rejected the GOP in 2012 – let’s take a look on where he actually stands on some of the major privacy issues of the day.

Allowing women to make their own private medical decisions without government intrusion?

Nope. Paul continues to support putting legislators between a woman and her doctor by opposing Roe v. Wade.

Paul has even sponsored personhood legislation that jeopardizes common forms of birth control and has been rejected by voters in states like Mississippi.

How about without her boss’s intrusion?

No again. Paul sponsored the Blunt Amendment to allow bosses to reject birth control coverage.

And allowing all Americans to live the life of their choosing without government interference, including marrying who they love?

False. Rand Paul wouldn't support legislation making gay marriage legal for every American, no matter where they live. 

On privacy – Rand is continuing the GOP’s time honored “do as I say, not as I do” tactic. But at the end of the day, his positions on some of the most basic privacy issues are out of step with the majority of Americans.


Cryans For Executive Council #1 - Planned Parenthood Under Attack 

Dear Friend,

Here we go again: the Republican Party has nominated an ideologue who opposes women’s access to health care as their standard bearer in the Executive Council special election. They picked radical former State Senator Joe Kenney - who has voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

We have seen this movie before, and we know how it ends. 

When anti-choice Republicans held sway on the Executive Council in 2011, they voted to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. 15,000 NH residents were denied access to critical health services like mammograms, cancer screenings, and birth control because the Council put ideology ahead of common sense.
Please join me in standing up for women's health by making a contribution to Mike Cryans right now.  

While you and I think the Executive Council should be advocating for a  stronger economy, Joe Kenney and Republicans see it as another avenue to put the government between women and their doctors. 

Don't let the Tea Party do it again.  Donate $25 right now and help defeat Joe Kenney and his radical opposition to access to women’s health care.

New Hampshire can't afford Joe Kenney's extreme Tea Party ideology on the Executive Council.
With your help we won’t.

Thank you,
Kathy Sullivan