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Aug182013 - White House gives Planned Parenthood money for Obamacare outreach

Did EPA first push idea to pre-emptively kill Alaska mine project?
The EPA claims it has done nothing but assess a proposed copper and gold mine in Alaska, but a recent profile of an EPA ecologist who worked for the EPA in Anchorage shows there could be an underlying agenda at work.

Center advocating for higher wages sued for failing to pay employees
A workers’ center dedicated to raising the minimum wage was sued by its own employees for failing to pay them! Now that’s what you call ironic.

White House trolls conservatives, gives Planned Parenthood money for Obamacare outreach
Health and Human Services announced this week that three Planned Parenthood affiliates will help people sign up for Obamacare when it goes live. It’s like the White House just said, “Take that conservatives!”

Feds loosen oversight as McAuliffe car company makes mysterious management change
Is he clueless or compromised? Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas can’t even give a ballpark number of how many companies his office has approved for the EB-5 foreign investor “cash-for-visas” program.

Durbin the journalist? Says ALEC inquisition about transparency
Senator Dick Durbin said not just anyone on Twitter can be a journalist, yet he claims he’s trying to bring taxpayers some “sunlight” and “transparency” of his own.

Election watchdog hands Florida officials 173 alleged cases of voter fraud
These cases are only alleged, but each one could involve many illegal votes.

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Kelly Ayotte Should Cancel Plans to Campaign with Richard Murdoch

Murdoch Said God at Work When Rape Leads to Pregnancy


CONCORD - Kelly Ayotte should cancel her plans to campaign today with Richard Murdoch, the Indiana Senate candidate who said this week that if a rape results in a pregnancy, ""that's something God intended."


"Richard Murdoch is an extremist, and his comments are demeaning to women across New Hampshire. It's clear that Richard Murdoch does not have the judgment to serve in the United States - or to be making health care decisions for women," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Kelly Ayotte should finally stand up to the Tea Party and cancel her plans to campaign with Murdoch."


This is not the first incident that has raised questions about Murdoch's fitness for office. Early in his Senate campaign, Murdoch made clear that he would not work with others to break the gridlock in Washington, "I certainly think bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view."


Mitt Romney has also filmed a television commercial endorsing Murdoch.


"Mitt Romney and Kelly Ayotte should stand up the radical agenda of extremists like Richard Murdoch. Romney should pull his television ad off the air and Kelly Ayotte should cancel her campaign trip."



DNC Video: Mitt Romney: Extremely Conservative and Endorsing Richard Mourdock


Statement from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Richard Mourdock’s Outrageous Rape Comments

“Richard Mourdock’s rape comments are outrageous and demeaning to women.  Unfortunately, they’ve become part and parcel of the modern Republican Party’s platform toward women’s health, as Congressional Republicans like Paul Ryan have worked to outlaw all abortions and even narrow the definition of rape.  As Mourdock’s most prominent booster and the star of Mourdock’s current campaign ads, Mitt Romney should immediately denounce these comments and request that the ad featuring him speaking directly to camera on Mourdock’s behalf be taken off the air."


Democrats Call On Ovide To Come Clean About His Plans to Defund Planned Parenthood

Cutting Access to Cancer Screenings, Women's Health Care

 Claims issues don't matter, but his actions speak louder than words; signed radical Cornerstone Agenda, pledged to defund Planned Parenthood


CONCORD - Democrats today called on Ovide Lamotnagne to be straight with the voters of New Hampshire about his plans, after he quietly said that he would de-fund Planned Parenthood in a candidate questionnaire posted on NHPTV's website.


Lamontagne has tried to avoid talking about his extreme social agenda.


"Ovide Lamontagne has tried to dance away from his extreme position, refusing to discuss what will do as Governor," said Kathy Sullivan, former chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "But we know his record. We know he has signed the Cornerstone pledge to support their agenda. And now he has put in writing his promise to block funding for the critical health care services offered by Planned Parenthood."


The questionnaire was published on New Hampshire Public Television's website this week. Planned Parenthood provides critical health care services, including birth control, cancer screenings and maternal care to thousands of women across New Hampshire. Thousands of women saw their access to health care disrupted when the Executive Council rejected a contract for Planned Parenthood. As Governor, Lamontagne could block the Executive Council from even considering a contract - even if Planned Parenthood is the winning bidder.


Lamontagne also signed the radical Cornerstone so-called "Families First Pledge" which clearly outlines that candidates who are elected are fully expected to advocate the legislation in their 26-Point Agenda, 10 of these proposed pieces of legislation, which Ovide pledged to uphold, are aimed at restricting women's access to abortion and birth control. Republican legislators have already begun to file proposed legislation to implement the agenda.


"Ovide is trying to say that we shouldn't discuss his positions on these issues during the gubernatorial election," said State Representative Candace Bouchard.  "He is trying to claim they don't matter; well they do matter to voters across the New Hampshire."


Lamontagne pointed to the supposed use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortions as his shaky reasoning.  However, and this may be news to Ovide - an attorney - taxpayer dollars are already barred from being used to provide abortions, and have been for years. In fact, Planned Parenthood has to follow the same methods to segregate their funds as faith-based organizations receiving state and federal funds have to.


As a candidate for U.S. Senate, Ovide said he supported a Constitutional amendment a "Human Life Amendment" that would make all abortions illegal, even in cases where women have been the victims of the crimes of rape or incest and even outlaws some forms of birth control and fertility treatments.


"We can strengthen our economy without raising health care costs on women," said Bouchard.