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FreeKeeneNews - ACLU, Robin Hood Attorney File Briefs at Supreme Court 

NH ACLU Files Amicus Brief in Robin Hood Case

Plus, Robin Hooders' attorney Jon Meyer also files his scathing brief with the NH Supreme Court. Clocking in at over seventy combined pages, the NH ACLU and free speech attorney Jon Meyer have filed briefs in the Robin Hood case at the Supreme Court of New Hampshire.  The city of Keene's expensive private attorneys and the NH Municipal Association filed their briefs earlier this summer and now it's the side of freedom's chance to respond.

Highlights from the NH ACLU amicus brief are here and their full filing is here.

Highlights from attorney Meyer's brief are here and his full filing is here.

The NH ACLU and Jon Meyer have done amazing work on this case defending the right of free speech, assembly, and holding government workers accountable.  Hopefully the NH supreme court will agree with them and affirm the superior court's decision to dismiss the cit of Keene's outrageous and illegal case against the heroic Robin Hooders, whose real "crime" is to deprive the city of thousands of dollars of their precious parking ticket revenue, keeping it in the pockets of the people!

The next step is the possibility of oral arguments in front of the NH supreme court, but a date for that has not yet been set.  Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview an activist,

Ian Freeman

FreeKeeneNews - NH ACLU Takes Side of Keene Chalkers in Letter to City Council 

NH ACLU Head Attorney Speaks In Favor of Chalking

Proposed ban on chalk violates long-held free speech court precedent.  The head attorney of the NH ACLU, Gilles Bissonnette,  has weighed in on the proposed chalking ban for downtown Keene.  In a two-page testimony sent to the Keene city council, Bissonnette lays out how the proposed ban runs afoul of long-held free speech principals, citing multiple supreme court cases:

“fundamental to the continuing vitality of our democracy, for ‘time out of mind, [sidewalks] have been used for purposes of assembly, communicating thoughts between citizens, and discussing public questions.’”

“[a]s a general matter, we have indicated that in public debate our own citizens must tolerate insulting, and even outrageous, speech in order to provide adequate breathing space to the freedoms protected by the First Amendment.”

Bissonnette also encourages police to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of violence and says that the city should be encouraging free expression rather than suppressing it.  It’s an excellent legal opinion and the city council should read it carefully before they screw up and pass an unconstitutional suppression of free speech.  Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest on the ridiculous-to-the-max War on Chalk.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview an activist,
Ian Freeman

ALG's Daily Grind - Primaries show Tea Party winning the ideological fight in the GOP


May 29, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Primaries show Tea Party winning the ideological fight in the GOP
The latest electoral evidence rolling out in the heart of the Republican's electoral infrastructure is good news for Conservatives.

Environmentalist radicals drive up Memorial Day food costs
This year, with drought conditions drying up other sources for water, the federal government has gone so far as to cut the farming allocations to zero. Zero water means that crops don't get planted in many areas of this major agricultural supplier to the nation and world, and if crops don't get planted, food is not produced.

Choice comes to Healthcare...VA Waiting Lists or Obamacare Death Panels
A callous disregard for human life, coupled with a big dose of incompetence and a generous helping of greed, seems to be the main ingredients in mixing up a batch of government-run healthcare.

FITTON: ACLU's slurs and lies target foes of illegal immigration
Imagine our surprise when a subpoena from the ACLU trampling those rights landed on our doorstep. Imagine our greater surprise when we discovered the subpoena was filled with racial slurs such as "spic," "wetback" and "beaner."


ALG's Daily Grind - Is OSHA trying to unionize southern auto parts manufacturers?


April 11, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Is OSHA trying to unionize southern auto parts manufacturers?
Occupational Safety & Health Administration disproportionately targets southeastern, non-union motor vehicle parts manufacturers for inspections. Are they doing unions' bidding?

Cartoon: What's a Job?

Federal government fireworks and the targeting of America
A rancher whose family has held the land and been grazing its cattle for more than one hundred years is facing armed federal agents and snipers who are stealing his cattle under the dual claim that he is illegally grazing them on federal land, and that there is a desert tortoise that could be negatively impacted by the grazing.

Fitton: ACLU's slurs and lies target foes of illegal immigration
Freedom of information? "The ACLU subpoena demands all correspondence with Arizona state officials related to SB 1070, immigrants and immigration, including emails and computer files. It specifically notes all communications that include words such as 'aliens,' 'illegal aliens,' 'llegals," "Mexican,' 'Latino,' 'invasion,' 'beaner,' 'spic' and 'wetback.'"


Freekeenenews - Town of Palmer Settles With Videographer for $5,000

Town Pays For Wrongful Arrest

Charges against me for recording video in Palmer town hall are dismissed, plus I got a check for thousands.  Back in October 2012, I was arrested for recording video in the town hall of Palmer, MA. The arrest was clearly illegal, but that didn't stop Palmer Police officer Raymond Tenczar from putting handcuffs on me, then putting me in a cage. After all, the legal council for the town had told them they could and they'd even posted hastily-printed signs on the building that morning that prohibited recording. They didn't want a repeat of 2011, where CopBlock's Pete Eyre and I walked all around the building, recording and asking the bureaucrats tough questions. (We were there to view a tax sale and support our friend Jay Noone who was having his home stolen by the people calling themselves the "Town of Palmer".)

Turns out, I was right.  The town of Palmer settled for $5,000 and the case was dismissed with prejudice. Here is the press release from the ACLU, whose attorneys did a fantastic job on the case.  Here also is my opinion piece from Free Keene.