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ALG's Daily Grind - Is OSHA trying to unionize southern auto parts manufacturers?


April 11, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Is OSHA trying to unionize southern auto parts manufacturers?
Occupational Safety & Health Administration disproportionately targets southeastern, non-union motor vehicle parts manufacturers for inspections. Are they doing unions' bidding?

Cartoon: What's a Job?

Federal government fireworks and the targeting of America
A rancher whose family has held the land and been grazing its cattle for more than one hundred years is facing armed federal agents and snipers who are stealing his cattle under the dual claim that he is illegally grazing them on federal land, and that there is a desert tortoise that could be negatively impacted by the grazing.

Fitton: ACLU's slurs and lies target foes of illegal immigration
Freedom of information? "The ACLU subpoena demands all correspondence with Arizona state officials related to SB 1070, immigrants and immigration, including emails and computer files. It specifically notes all communications that include words such as 'aliens,' 'illegal aliens,' 'llegals," "Mexican,' 'Latino,' 'invasion,' 'beaner,' 'spic' and 'wetback.'"


Freekeenenews - Town of Palmer Settles With Videographer for $5,000

Town Pays For Wrongful Arrest

Charges against me for recording video in Palmer town hall are dismissed, plus I got a check for thousands.  Back in October 2012, I was arrested for recording video in the town hall of Palmer, MA. The arrest was clearly illegal, but that didn't stop Palmer Police officer Raymond Tenczar from putting handcuffs on me, then putting me in a cage. After all, the legal council for the town had told them they could and they'd even posted hastily-printed signs on the building that morning that prohibited recording. They didn't want a repeat of 2011, where CopBlock's Pete Eyre and I walked all around the building, recording and asking the bureaucrats tough questions. (We were there to view a tax sale and support our friend Jay Noone who was having his home stolen by the people calling themselves the "Town of Palmer".)

Turns out, I was right.  The town of Palmer settled for $5,000 and the case was dismissed with prejudice. Here is the press release from the ACLU, whose attorneys did a fantastic job on the case.  Here also is my opinion piece from Free Keene.


NH House Republican Leaders React to Lawsuit Challenging School Choice Law 

CONCORD – Today House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) and Deputy House Republican Leader David Hess (R-Hooksett) offered the following comments in reaction to the lawsuit filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, American Civil Liberties Union and the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union challenging the constitutionality of the school choice law passed by the New Hampshire legislature in 2012. The law allows businesses to donate to scholarship programs for lower income families in exchange for credits against their state business taxes.

House Republican Leader Gene Chandler

“We believe the school choice law is constitutional. The policy committees that worked on this issue did a thorough job in ensuring we had a constitutional bill. This law is intended to help less fortunate New Hampshire families expand their education choices. It is a shame that we now have an out of state special interest group leading the charge to challenge this law. This frivolous lawsuit will no doubt cost the taxpayers of New Hampshire money and tie up resources. In the end, we believe the law will stand and New Hampshire will be able to continue this program to empower families by having the opportunity to do what they think is best for their children.”

Deputy House Republican Leader David Hess

“The legislation we worked on for several months and passed last year was modeled after similar legislation that was fully vetted and successfully passed in a number of other states. We wanted to ensure we had a bill that would withstand such a challenge. This is a privately funded scholarship opportunity that makes programs of academic excellence available to moderate and low income families. We are not giving funds to religious institutions we are giving scholarships to families. It is the families’ choice where they choose to use the scholarships.”



February 15, 2012, Santa Fe, NM – Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is calling congressional approval of legislation making it easier for the government to operate unmanned drones over U.S. soil an “ominous step that raises serious concerns about individual freedom and privacy.”

The FAA Reauthorization Act, signed into law by President Obama Tuesday, includes a provision directing the Federal Aviation Administration to develop rules for the testing and licensing of drones to be flown in U.S. airspace and to expedite the process for authorizing their use by federal, state and local agencies.  The FAA projects that as many as 30,000 drones could be in use over the U.S. by 2020.

In a statement, Johnson said, “The threats to privacy in America – from our own government – seem to never end.  Does Congress really think they can just stick an ‘oh-by-the-way' provision in an obscure piece of legislation directing the FAA to clear the way for 30,000 drones to fly over our neighborhoods, and have no one notice?

“Big Brother is alive and well, and now we’re talking about making it easier for him to fly remote control planes loaded with cameras over our neighborhoods.  Based on our experience with the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and several other laws Congress has enacted in recent years, it is not alarmist to fear or assume that when we give the government the power to snoop, they will indeed snoop.

“The government, through the FAA, already has the power to permit specific uses of drones, such as in fighting forest fires, looking for lost campers, or helping deal with natural disasters.  And right now, they are being used to patrol the border.  Some of those uses may be justified and legit, and the rules allow for that today.  But directing the FAA to come up with a system that will allow federal, state and local law enforcement to deploy 30,000 drones is a very different proposition, and should absolutely not be allowed to proceed without a serious conversation about a very real threat to fundamental privacy.

“The ACLU, the Electronic Freedom Foundation and numerous other groups are expressing serious concerns about Congress’ action, as they should.  I share those concerns.  The idea that the air above our heads and homes should be turned into a wide-open playground for government snooping is an insult to freedom and to what remains of privacy in this country.”



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About Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: Gary Johnson, two-term Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2002, has been a consistent and outspoken advocate for limited, efficient government and personal liberty.


Gary Johnson Braves the ACLU