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NHDP - ACA Has Saved Women $1.4 Billion On Birth Control Pills

Concord, N.H. – A new report shows that the Affordable Care Act has saved women roughly $1.4 billion on birth control pills alone, yet Kelly Ayotte is still fighting to undermine the ACA’s provision requiring insurance companies to cover birth control free of cost.  
Not to mention that Ayotte has repeatedly doubled down on her pledge to try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has also helped more than 150,000 New Hampshire women gain access to expanded preventative health services without cost-sharing.
“Kelly Ayotte’s sham birth control bill would undermine the very provision of the Affordable Care Act that has saved women more than $1.4 billion on birth control pills alone,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Lizzy Price. “It’s time for Ayotte to give up her blatant political ploy and support efforts to actually expand access to affordable birth control that Democratic Senators are leading.



WASHINGTON. D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta released the following statement following the House passage of H.R. 596:


            “Today, the House took action to replace the Affordable Care Act – a law that has reduced the number of full-time workers by 2.5 million, increased premiums by more than $4000, and reduced small business wages by $22.6 billion annually.  Granite Staters deserve better. 


You deserve a patient-centered approach that puts you and your family first, protects those with preexisting conditions, and allows children to stay under their parents’ coverage until the age of 26.  Likewise, our small businesses deserve the ability to pool together resources to increase their buying power, while allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines and restoring the more than $700 billion in Medicare cuts to our seniors.”


Guinta For Congess (CD1) - Differences on Display at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Debate 

Shea-Porter Yet Again a Rubber Stamp for the Obama Agenda

MANCHESTER - This morning's Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Debate at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics continued to reveal clear contrasts between Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta.

Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager for Frank Guinta, released the following statement:

"At the second debate in as many days, Congresswoman Shea-Porter doubled down on her support of the ObamaCare disaster and the President's failed economic agenda. Her continued rock solid support of ObamaCare is especially striking considering recent studies out from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University showing that ObamaCare will reduce the nationwide weekly employment rate by 3 percent and from USA Today showing that as many as 70,000 small-group policy holders in NH will have their plans cancelled this November. This debate showed why Frank is the clear choice for Granite Staters looking for an independent voice in Washington who will work to reduce regulation, lower taxes, and get our economy moving again."


Mercatus Center at George Mason University: The Affordable Care Act and the New Economics of Part-Time Work

USA Today: Obamacare cancellations, again


NHDP - ICYMI: Primary Candidates Hammer Failed CEO Walt Havenstein for ACA Hypocrisy at GOP Debate

Manchester, NH – Failed CEO Walt Havenstein's record of cashing in on the ACA as CEO of SAIC, despite now pledging to deny the law's health care benefits to 50,000 Granite Staters, continues to haunt his flailing campaign as made clear during the GOP gubernatorial debate earlier this week.

After struggling to defend his opposition to the ACA, despite previously using the health care law to boost his company's profits, Havenstein's primary opponents hammered his stance as “disingenuous” and a troubling sign of putting profits before principles.

As the Ledger-Transcript reported, “The candidates were never pushed too far out of their comfort zone during the debates, save one moment: After Havenstein referred to New Hampshire’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act as 'nothing short of a disaster,' Hemingway blasted him for his oft-publicized connections to the act. Havenstein's Virginia-based company, SAIC, received over $5 million in federal contracts relating to the rollout of 'Obamacare.' Even then, Havenstein didn't stray too far from his talking points, arguing that he was acting as a CEO, not on his personal beliefs.”

The Ledger-Transcript added, “Smolin took that opportunity to pile on. 'As governor, you are the CEO of the state,' Smolin pointed out; did that mean his personal beliefs would never come into play if he was elected?”

Read the full Ledger-Transcript recap of this week's debate here:

See ACA-related footage from the debate here:


CEI Today: Federal regulations growing, EPA targets Arizona, Obamacare lawsuit, and labor union violence 

Thursday, July 3, 2014
In the News Today


Since 1975, the total pages in the complete CFR have grown from 71,224 to 175,496 at year-end 2013, including the 1,170-page index.

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Uncooperative Federalism: EPA Issues 51st Clean Air Act FIP of the Obama Age

Last Friday, EPA Region issued a pre-publication version of the agency’s 51st regulatory takeover of a state Clean Air Act program. This time, the victim was Arizona. To be precise, the agency imposed visibility improvement requirements, known as
Regional Haze, on at a number of stationary sources in Arizona.

Compliance will cost the affected entities millions of dollars; the “benefits,” alas, are apparitional. The regulation won’t engender a discernible improvement in visibility. > Read more

> See also: Primer: The Ongoing Controversy over Whether Clean Air Act §111(d) Authorizes EPA’s Clean Power Plan

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Halbig v. Burwell

Jonathan Turley wrote in the Los Angeles Times this week that an imminent Obamacare lawsuit, is a "far more fundamental challenge to Obamacare" than Hobby Lobby. Halbig vs. Burwell challenges IRS implementation of the law's penalties and subsidies as applied to states that did not set up Obamacare exchanges. A decision is expected very soon by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. "If Hobby Lobby will create complications for Obamacare, Halbig vs. Burwell could trigger a full cardiac arrest," Turley predicted.

Michael A. Carvin of Jones Day is lead counsel in the case. The Competitive Enterprise Institute is assisting in the lawsuit’s coordination and funding.
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UNION VIOLENCE - ALOYSIUS HOGAN Senator Vitter Follows Proud Tradition of Fighting Against Union Violence

On June 26, 2014, Senator Vitter introduced a bill S. 2535 to amend the federal extortion statute named the Hobbs Act. Senator Vitter is to be commended for addressing the scourge of union violence. The National Institute for Labor Relations Research reports, as of May 2013, that

“[U]nion violence is responsible for at least 203 Americans deaths since 1975; 5,869 incidents of personal injury; and more than 6,435 incidents of vandalism and tens of millions of dollars in property damage…
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