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AFPNH - Not Again! 

The Governor proposed a budget with a slew of new taxes, including new taxes on drivers, on smokers, as well as those who are trying to quit smoking, and on our state's employers, who already face among the highest taxes in the nation!

All of those taxes were needed to pay for Governor Hassan's plan to grow big government in New Hampshire.

She also used her budget to make ObamaCare Medicaid expansion permanent. There is no end to the level of spending that she'll support!

Thankfully, the New Hampshire House pulled all of Hassan's tax hikes out of the budget. They also called for ending ObamaCare Medicaid expansion according to state law.

While they flirted with a gas and diesel tax hike, they ultimately chose to use fund set aside for more green energy pork projects to pay for the roads instead.

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Now, the House is moving forward with a fiscally responsible budget that protects taxpayers.

Go here to tell your House members to pass this responsible state budget and to give the Governor's tax hikes the boot!

Tell your representatives that New Hampshire taxpayers need a frugal government, not a greater hit in the wallet!

Please take a moment to tell your legislators to pass this House budget, and send a clear message that big government does not work in New Hampshire.

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore


NH House - Press Conference 

Press Conference

Friday, March 27, 2015

10:30 a.m.

Legislative Office Building (Lobby)

RE:  The State Budget

Sponsor:  Americans for Prosperity


AFPNH - Can’t miss event!



I hope you will join us on November 22 for a can't-miss Constitutional event. 

We are proud to co-sponsor "Practical Federalism: How the Federal Government Is Silencing the People" with the American Principles Project on November 22 from 10AM to 6PM at Southern New Hampshire University.

To learn more and order your tickets, please click here

This one of a kind event will feature remarks from:

•   Jeff Chidester, New Hampshire Perspective with Jeff Chidester [Clear Channel, News Radio WQSO (96.7 FM) and New Hampshire's News Network WGIR (610 AM)] and a columnist for the Portsmouth Herald

•   Ann Marie Banfield and Bryan McCormack of Cornerstone Action

•   Ed Naile of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers

•   Georgia State Senator William Ligon

•   Oklahoma State Representative Jason Nelson

•   John Davidson of the Texas Policy Center

•   Steve Klein with the Wyoming Liberty Council

•   Utah State Representative Ken Ivory

•   Emmett McGroarty of American Principles Project

Are you ready to pass the torch of liberty onto the next generation?!  Then don't miss out on this event where speakers and panelists will discuss what must be done to preserve and protect our Constitution.   

From Common Core State Standards and land use policies to onerous environmental policies and Medicaid expansion and the Affordable Care Act, we will discuss and discover ways the federal government is reaching beyond its Constitutional scope and what we can do to restore balance to our nation. 

Register here -

I hope to see you there! 

Live free or die,

Greg Moore
NH State Director
Americans for Prosperity


AFPNH - This Is Your Chance! 


Senator Jeanne Shaheen proudly voted in support of ObamaCare. Don't miss your opportunity to vote against Obamacare by defeating Senator Shaheen on Novermber 4.

Thanks to Senator Shaheen and Obamacare, our network of health care providers and hospitals in New Hampshire has gotten smaller while our premiums and deductibles have gone up.

Enough is enough!

Senator Shaheen won't back down from her support of the disastrout and dangerous ObamaCare. So why should we support her?                                                               

As you know, we at Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire have spent this year educating New Hampshire citizens on the damage that Obamacare has wrought on our families and business owners.

Now it is your turn.

Senator Shaheen set the stage for our friends and neighbors to lose access to their hospitals and doctors through three decades of bad policy decisions. First by driving out the competition in the marketplace in 1994 and then voting for ObamaCare, which drove up costs. It's time for her to go - it's time to Fire Jeanne Shaheen.

Don't let Senator Shaheen get away with bringing Obamacare to New Hampshire. She is proud of her vote. Be proud of yours.

Live Free or Die,

Gregory Moore
NH State Director


AFPNH - Taking the pledge? 

Have you checked out who has taken our pledge?

As the candidates ramp up their level of activity, now is a great time to learn more and check out the list of pledge signers on our website.

Governor Mel Thomson, the father of our AFP-NH Honorary Chairman, Tom Thomson, issued the first modern anti-tax pledge to ensure elected officials kept their word to the people they represented and to provide people with a means to enforce that accountability if needed.

We are pleased to work with Tom to carry on that valuable tradition.

To read a copy of this year's pledge, please CLICK HERE.

And don't forget to GO HERE to our list of pledge signers to see if your elected officials and candidates for office have signed the pledge yet this year.

We will continue to update the list as signatures come in.

Please check the list and then thank any of your candidates and elected officials who have signed the pledge for showing their commitment to freedom and economic liberty and of course encourage those who have not done so to sign today.

Thank you for all you do to promote economic freedom in the Granite State.

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity - New Hampshire