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AFP NH - Stand with Us!

This Thursday, AFP New Hampshire will be attending a hearing regarding the failed experiment of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in our state- and we want you to join!


Medicaid expansion, passed in 2014 by a legislature more sympathetic to Obamacare and growing government, expires later this year. Unfortunately, some of our elected officials are seeking to make it permanent. House bill 1696-FN would expand an already broken and overburdened program to childless adults. Our state simply cannot afford to foot this bill.


We want you to stand with us and fight back! Join us on Thursday January 28th at 9am at the State House as we make our presence felt by legislators at the hearing. We will be giving t-shirts to all AFP activists who attend.


Let's take a stand and hold our legislators accountable. Join us Thursday!


Live Free or Die,


Greg Moore
State Director
AFP New Hampshire


AFPNH - Rally Against Gov. Hassan's $100M+ Tax hike Plan 


Can you join us Saturday?

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire will be hosting a rally for employers against Gov. Hassan's $100M+ tax and fee hike plan. We will be meeting at Greeley Park Bandshell on Saturday, September 12 at 5 PM, just days before a scheduled veto override of the state budget.

You will hear from state elected officials and Americans for Prosperity leaders about the importance of making our state more competitive and growing the economy.

Let's send Gov. Hassan a message: we need tax relief, not more tax hikes to pay for out-of-control spending.

We will have free BBQ for event attendees. Sign up HERE and if you have questions, please feel free to contact Ross Connolly at 603.530.1151 or

For Liberty,

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


AFPNH - next up on the road to reform!


Americans for Prosperity is charging forward with a commonsense agenda for 2015, Robert. It's a slate of reforms we believe Congress can enact right now to get government out of your way and improve your life.

As we do it, we're keeping you posted on many of the issues you just aren't going to get on the news every day. Nevertheless, they're the battlegrounds where economic freedom will be won or lost this year. Through our Road to Reform event series, those at the center of the policy debate are briefing AFP volunteers on how to succeed and what comes next.

The next event is focused on government reform. We'll hear from a number of experts including former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who will speak about his executive experience reining in government agencies.

Just a couple of weeks ago at our last Road to Reform event, Senator Marco Rubio and Heritage Foundation's Diane Katz explained the importance of ending the Export-Import Bank and the fact that flooding lawmakers with messages was the best way to get them to pay attention. Five days later, Export-Import expired! Take a look at this LA Times article, which explains how AFP staff and volunteers accomplished this victory!

If you're ready to fight and win again, reserve your seat for July 22 at 7PM. Our guests will speak at the Radisson Manchester Hotel Downtown. The discussion kicks off at 7PM, and you can RSVP right here!

There aren't many opportunities to hear insights on our policy priorities from those at the center of the debate, so seats will of course fill very quickly. If you'd like to attend, be sure you sign up today -- then keep an eye out for future "Road to Reform" events with policy experts.

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire


AFPNH - Not Again! 

The Governor proposed a budget with a slew of new taxes, including new taxes on drivers, on smokers, as well as those who are trying to quit smoking, and on our state's employers, who already face among the highest taxes in the nation!

All of those taxes were needed to pay for Governor Hassan's plan to grow big government in New Hampshire.

She also used her budget to make ObamaCare Medicaid expansion permanent. There is no end to the level of spending that she'll support!

Thankfully, the New Hampshire House pulled all of Hassan's tax hikes out of the budget. They also called for ending ObamaCare Medicaid expansion according to state law.

While they flirted with a gas and diesel tax hike, they ultimately chose to use fund set aside for more green energy pork projects to pay for the roads instead.

Action Button - Gold

Now, the House is moving forward with a fiscally responsible budget that protects taxpayers.

Go here to tell your House members to pass this responsible state budget and to give the Governor's tax hikes the boot!

Tell your representatives that New Hampshire taxpayers need a frugal government, not a greater hit in the wallet!

Please take a moment to tell your legislators to pass this House budget, and send a clear message that big government does not work in New Hampshire.

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore


NH House - Press Conference 

Press Conference

Friday, March 27, 2015

10:30 a.m.

Legislative Office Building (Lobby)

RE:  The State Budget

Sponsor:  Americans for Prosperity