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APP - Let's Fix the Dollar 

Milk just hit an all-time high.
Meat prices are at record levels.
The cost of living is skyrocketing.
Wages are stagnant.
Dear Friends,
Did you see this article about the kick off of a new conservative project?  
Last Wednesday American Principles in Action kicked off our newest project: Fix the Dollar.
Our plan is to ignite a grassroots movement to fix the dollar by exposing the destructive policies from the Federal Reserve. We believe that the Federal Reserve should be focused on strengthening and protecting the value of the dollar, not weakening it by printing money out of thin air.   
This movement can only be successful with people like you joining us. Will you forward this email to your family and friends?
At the launch of our new project, Steve Forbes said, "You can get it right on taxes. You can it right on regulation.  You can get it right on government spending.  But if you don’t get the money right it’s all for naught."  
He's exactly right.
Think about this simple fact: 
Had the United States remained on the gold standard the last forty years since it was ended by Richard Nixon and had our nation continued the exact same economic growth we experienced during the forty years prior to Nixon’s Shock of August 1971 our economy would be 50% larger today. That means $8 TRILLION in additional wealth for Americans.
Imagine what life would be like if this nation was 50% wealthier. What are you and I going to do about it? Join the money revolt today!
Look for a Fix the Dollar event near you and join the movement for equitable prosperity for all!
It’s time for the next great revolt: The Money Revolt! 
On to Victory, Steve Lonegan
Director of Monetary Policy
American Principles in Action
P.S. Read more about our new conservative movement and the kick off of our "Fix The Dollar" project, by clicking here for the article by Ralph Benko
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APP News Update - 8/29/14 


McGroarty Quoted on Jindal's CCSS Lawsuit
Alfonso Aguilar Interviewed on KQAD about the wave of Border Kids
Common Core As An Election Issue Common Core has become a flashpoint election issue.  Voters are increasingly realizing that the Common Core is of poor quality and locks children into an inferior education."   - APP Education Director Emmett McGroarty
 Quoted in Christian Post - 7/29/14
Steve Lonegan: Americans Need to Fight for the Value of the Dollar

Historically, Americans have been willing to fight for the value of their money, so recent complacency over the destruction of the dollar is disturbing.

THE U.S. economy continues to struggle. Wages remain stagnant for working families. Inflation slowly diminishes the average family’s consumer strength, and unemployment now includes factors like masses of workers dropping out of the workforce. So what has changed in America the last 40 years that has dimmed the economic optimism that drove the greatest generation and baby boomers?

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Guest-Worker Programs Can Solve Border Crisis

By Alfonso Aguilar and Helen Krieble  in the National Journal

The significant increase in unaccompanied minors entering our country illegally has brought the discussion of border security back to the forefront. It is true that very little could have been done to prevent the current surge since, as at least one serious study has shown, what leads most of these children to leave their home countries in Central America is the warlike conditions they are facing there on a daily basis. Yet, there is something we could do to address one of our own policies that has for 20 years encouraged many of them to come. They come because of a desire to reunite with parents who left them back home to find a good-paying job in the United States.

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College Board Under Fire for History Framework

Jane Robbins went on Fox News with James Rosen to discuss the radical new changes with the AP U.S. History Framework.

Interview: How Republicans Can Win Again

APP Executive Director Terry Schilling went on the Jim Bohannon show to talk about the mistakes that were made in the 2012 election and what Republicans can do to make a comeback.

The far ranging interview covers abortion, Hispanics and an economic message geared toward working class American’s instead of business owners. 

Listen to the interview here.

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American Principles Project - Speak on Behalf of the Persecuted in Iraq 

Dear friends, 

The fight for religious freedom is one of the most prominent battles in our world today – both here and abroad. When I founded the American Principles Project five years ago, I knew that an important part of our mission would be to defend liberty and protect the most innocent among us. The dignity of human person is at the heart of everything that APP does, including the distinct belief that all people deserve the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.
Today religious freedom is under attack both at home and abroad.  The challenges are great, but we have recently been blessed with some important victories on the domestic front.  Abroad, however, particularly in the Middle East, religious persecution—especially of ancient Christian communities—is intensifying rapidly.
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
I am sure that, like me, you are watching with horror as the barbaric terror organization styling itself “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) brutalizes Christians and members of other religious minorities in Iraq. In that tortured country, we are witnessing religious genocide.  Many people here in the United States are desperately asking:  “What can I do?”
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
Nothing is more powerful than prayer.  So we as individuals and members of local congregations must pray for the victims—Christians and non-Christians alike—fervently and unceasingly.
We must also put pressure on our government to increase humanitarian aid to persecuted and fleeing victims, and to provide strategic air and intelligence support to the local resistance forces, who alone stand between ISIS and its victims.
That is why I have composed a plea to our government and the international community on behalf of the victims of ISIS barbarity.  I ask you to please read my plea and consider adding your name to mine on the website we have established for this purpose. 
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
We need to let our elected representatives know that we care about Christians and others who are victims of persecution abroad and that we expect our own nation to be in the forefront, defending them when we can.
We are not the world’s policemen, but we cannot stand idly by as ISIS’s attacks continue. Without jeopardizing American lives, our nation can help the suffering Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq at a time when they are facing possible annihilation.  The time to act is now.
Please sign your name to the plea on behalf of victims of ISIS/ISIL barbarism in Iraq, and forward this email on to others and encourage them to sign.
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
We have received thousands of signatures in a matter of hours, but we need as many signatures as possible to truly make a difference. Please sign and encourage others to do so as well.
Yours gratefully,
Robert P. George,
Founder of American Principles Project and
McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence
Director of the James Madison Program in
American Ideals and Institutions
Princeton University
(affiliation for identification only)

APP News Update: "When You Mess With People's Children They Start to Pay Attention." 


Issue Brief: Unaccompanied Minors at the Border
Emmett McGroarty Joins Glenn Beck's We Will Not Conform
On Common Core.
Common Core is not a political issue. It’s an issue of their children.  You can mess with a lot of things. You can have the IRS going after people. You can have the NSA spying on people, but when you start to mess with people’s children, they start to pay attention.”  - APP Senior Fellow Jane Robbins
Daily Caller Interview - 7/27/14
What the GOP Should Do

I was in the Eisenhower Lounge of the National Republican Club, where the executive directors of the RNC, the NSRC, the NRCC, the RGA, and the RSLC called a press conference to announce: The Rs think Republicans are going to win in November.

Mamie Eisenhower in her sweet pinball gown smiled gently down on the solid show of middle-aged men in suits, blue or grey, and ties ranging from red to auburn (only the NRCC’s Leisl Hickey broke the monotony). While the press turnout is good (the conference closes with a question from Luke Russert), the stories afterward were thin, with the Hill presenting dueling interpretations, “GOP Presents United 2014 Front,” and “GOP Primary Wounds Still Smarting."
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The Immigration Conflagoration
  Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership initiative at the conservative American Principles Project, warns that if Republicans "again fall for the trap" and try to overturn an Obama legalization plan without offering an alternative path to legal status, the party will condemn itself to another lopsided deficit among Hispanics—and to a likely defeat—in 2016. David Ayon, senior adviser to the polling firm Latino Decisions, says that if Republicans erupt against an Obama legalization initiative, it "could turn the Latino vote as ruggedly anti-Republican as the black vote."
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Opposition to Common Core in New York is Widespread

49% of New Yorkers want Common Core implementation stopped in a Siena College poll taken on July 13-16th of 774 likely New York voters. Only 39% want to see the standards implemented. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.

60% of Republicans want to see the Common Core implementation stopped compared to 25% who support the Common Core. 47% of Democrats want to see the Common Core continued, but 40% do not. (Again this demonstrates Common Core opposition is not partisan.). 53% of independents want to see Common Core implementation stopped, while only 39% want to see it continued.

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APP News Update: More States End Common Core, the Border Crisis and more  

Aguilar on MSNBC's Reid Report
It's the Biflation, Stupid!
On Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholding Common Core Repeal “Today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has upheld the power of the legislature to set education policy. In so doing, it has quashed the problematic, Progressive idea that the state board of education is vested with both legislative and executive powers."  - APP Education Dir. Emmett McGroarty
Breitbart News - 7/15/14
A Better Migrant Worker Plan Would Stem the Flow of Unaccompanied Children to the U.S.
By Alfonso Aguilar (NY Times)

The surge of unaccompanied minors entering through the southern United States border illegally is just another crisis produced by our dysfunctional immigration system. Contrary to the narrative of some opportunistic politicians and pundits, this unfortunate situation is not the result of the Obama administration failing to enforce the law. In reality, most would-be-migrants believe that crossing the border has become much more difficult, and in the last decade, the U.S. government has greatly strengthened border security and interior enforcement.

Increased violence in Central America – mainly El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – is said to be the immediate reason so many children are now coming to our borders alone. But many of these children are making the dangerous journey to reunite with their parents, who came here looking for a good-paying job and a better future. (read the rest)
Keene: Editing out an elightened history of America
In the early days of the American Republic, Thomas Jefferson was perhaps the staunchest advocate of public education. Jefferson authored a plan for public primary and secondary schools and is father of the University of Virginia. He would be appalled at the state of public education today.
  Jefferson loved reading and knowledge for its own sake, of course, but believed the success of the American experiment depended on an educational system that would instill a knowledge of history and values in the citizenry. He was not alone among the Founders in this belief, but few expressed themselves better. Jefferson was eloquent on the study of history as especially important because, as he put it, “apprising [students] of the past will enable them to judge of the future.” (read the rest)
Is Sound Money the Next "Big, Bold Idea" for Conservatives
By Paul Dupont

One of the important arguments made by last year’s American Principles in Action report, “Building a Winning GOP Coalition,” was that voters are concerned with rising prices and the shrinking value of the dollar, problems which could be addressed by “picking up the forgotten of the Reagan economic agenda: sound money.”  Monetary reform is a relevant and populist issue, one which would help Republicans connect effectively with the average voter, unlike their failed 2012 economic message.

Judy Shelton, senior fellow at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, makes a similar case in the upcoming issue of The Weekly Standard (the article is available online here).  Dr. Shelton argues that supporting sound money is imperative for restoring economic prosperity, both in the U.S. and internationally, and that Republicans have much to gain by joining the movement to re-link the dollar to gold (read the rest)
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