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Cheryle Pacapelli named Executive Director of Hope for NH Recovery 

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As a person in recovery from alcohol and other drugs for more than 25 years, Cheryle Pacapelli brings her lived recovery experience to her new role as Executive Director of Hope. Pacapelli has a ten-year background in nonprofit and program management. In the eight years she worked at Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery, she coordinated recovery walks with over 2,000 in attendance, held 375 events, and provided oversight for a broad network of volunteers. She is expected to assume her position by September 1st and will be located at New Futures.


“I am really excited to join Hope for New Hampshire recovery,” Pacapelli said on Friday. “It’s an opportunity to move the recovery movement forward; an opportunity to save some lives.”


“Cheryle brings to our state the knowledge, enthusiasm, and ‘hands on’ experience to assist Hope for NH Recovery in developing the Recovery Community Organization, NH Recovery Network and enhancing the strength of the national Recovery Movement in New Hampshire,” said Dave Doiron, board chair of Hope.


“New Futures is thrilled to work alongside Hope and New Hampshire’s recovery community,” said Linda Saunders Paquette, executive director of New Futures. “Hope is fostering an environment in which people with addictive illness and associated behaviors are accepted, treated, and supported as any other medically sick person. We’re confident Cheryl Pacapelli and the team at Hope will make positive impacts for the New Hampshire community.”



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on the confirmation of anti-school choice activist Bill Duncan to the State Board of Education:


"Bill Duncan is the wrong person for this important position because he is a radical anti-school choice activist who has fought tirelessly to limit education opportunities for the needy children. Governor Hassan's decision to nominate Mr. Duncan was simply a favor for the teachers unions who also oppose school choice and are bankrolling her campaign.


"Governor Hassan continues to prove that she would rather serve liberal special interest groups than stand up for New Hampshire's families. Her elitist and callous disregard for the most vulnerable student in our community reminds voters that it is time to replace her with a responsible Republican in November."


Josiah Bartlett Center - The Governor's Inappropriate Appointment and the State's Fiscal Crisis 

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Josiah Bartlett Center

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Governor Hassan made a mistake by nominating someone engaged in an ongoing lawsuit against the state to regulate the area over which he’s still suing. The mistake is not one of policy but one of propriety. The nomination can and should be withdrawn before tomorrow’s vote of the Executive Council.

So the governor has nominated someone to the State Board of Education who is currently suing the state over education policy. He didn’t once upon a time sue the state. He hasn’t expressed concerns. He is currently engaged in lawsuit – a lawsuit named after him – and is going to oversee that area – the area of his ONGOING lawsuit. Does the governor not see that this is a trifle odd? 
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The $400 million hole in the state’s budget I described two weeks ago has caused the state to be placed on a negative fiscal watch. Some would ignore or minimize the crisis but the problem is large, structural, and will require more than a small tweak to fix.

This past week, the national bond rating agency Standard and Poor’s lowered the state’s outlook from ‘stable’ to ‘negative.’ Very quickly, the other major national group, Moody’s, followed suit and advised investors and anyone watching the state’s finances that New Hampshire’s outlook was negative. The bond rating was not lowered but both major fiscal watchdogs are advising the world that New Hampshire’s outlook is negative. I think it’s fair to say that this is not putting our best foot forward as we look to attract jobs and investment to the state. Click here to keep reading


NH Sen Bradley opposes Duncan nomination to NH Board of Education 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office


Concord, NH – Statement of Sen. Jeb Bradley on nomination of Bill Duncan to NH State Board of Education: 

I can not support Governor Hassan’s nomination of Bill Duncan to the New Hampshire Board of Education. Mr. Duncan is not only a longtime opponent of charter schools, but he is also the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging New Hampshire’s Education Tax Credit Law. How can Mr. Duncan serve as an unbiased administrator of programs he has spent years trying to dismantle? Charter schools seeking approval from the State Board of Education, and the students and parents who need more educational options and opportunities, would not be served well by a State Board of Education that limits the choices that students need in the 21st Century.





Manchester, N.H. –Candidate for New Hampshire Governor, Andrew Hemingway, released the following statement on Governor Hassan’s appointment of Bill Duncan to the State Board of Education:


“Governor Hassan has doubled down on her Government take-over of our children's education, with her nomination of Bill Duncan to the State Board of Education.

“Bill Duncan is currently suing the State of NH claiming that lower income kids should not be allowed to have any choice in schooling. How can you be on the State Board of Education while suing the state over its existing education laws?  Is Governor Hassan, who opposes the Student Tax Credit Program, rewarding Mr. Duncan with this appointment in appreciation of his filing of the lawsuit? This isn't the type of leadership we need.”—Andrew Hemingway


Hemingway for Governor has launched a petition to oppose the appointment of Duncan to the State Board of Education.  You may find the petition at