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NHDP - US Rep Guinta Just Voted to Give a Giant Tax Break to Paris Hilton and Fellow Trust Fund Babies

Guinta’s Vote to Repeal the Estate Tax Would Add $270 Billion to the Deficit, Comes on Heels of His Vote for a Budget That Raises Taxes on Average Working Families, Cuts Rx Drug Benefits for Seniors, Cuts Pell Grants for Students, Cuts Food Assistance for the Hungry

Associated Press, Apr. 14, 2015: ‘FACT CHECK: Estate tax hits fewer than 1 percent of estates’

Washington DC -- Americans United for Change called on U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta to give up the charade of claiming to care about the deficit and average taxpayers after voting today to repeal the Estate Tax, a tax which effects less than 5,500 (.02%) households nationally with 75 percent of the tax cut going to inheritors of estates worth more than $20 million. So what’s in it for the rest of us? The Paris Hilton tax break would balloon the deficit by nearly $270 billion.

The vote was the latest demonstration of Guinta’s fixation with failed trickle-down economic policies over middle class economics. It followed his recent vote for an extreme Robin Hood-in-reverse budget plan that would stick seniors with higher Rx drug and out-of-pocket costs, raises taxes on average working families, gut nursing home care, leave millions uninsured, cost nearly 3 million Americans their jobs, and make college less affordable.

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “Congressman Guinta could count on his fingers and toes the number of the multi-millionaires in New Hampshire actually affected by the estate tax – and he wouldn’t need any fingers at all to count up the number of jobs its repeal would create. When Republicans are only 100 days into this Congress and their biggest concern is protecting the inherited wealth of trust fund babies, there’s a troubling question of priorities here. Republicans pretend like this tax punishes the families small business owners and family farmers, but the claim has zero basis in reality – a ruse to disguise the fact that this effort is designed to make the richest 1 percent of the 1 percent even richer. After a vote like this, how can Congressman Guinta and fellow Republicans claim to be serious about fiscal responsibility or giving everyday Americans a chance at getting ahead? Guinta and company can’t vote to give .2 percent of the richest Americans an average $2.5 million tax break and turn around and say there’s no money left for food assistance, college aid and seniors’ prescription drug benefits.

“Giving the Paris Hiltons and Donald Trump Juniors out there a giant tax break they don’t need while slashing investments that seniors and students and middle class families do need -- and widening the income inequality gap in America on top of it -- is exactly how you derail the economic recovery.  Paris Hilton is going to be just fine without this tax break. But there’s a lot of struggling Americans out there that, under proposed cuts in the GOP budget, would not be ok without food assistance or access to affordable health and nursing home care.  We’ve seen this movie before. During the Bush years, Republicans in Congress gave millionaires and outsourcers a lot of special treatment and claimed it would benefit everyone. Except the special tax breaks were paid for on the backs of everyday Americans and all we got was the Great Recession. Why does Congressman Guinta think trickle-down economics will work this time?”


§  The Poster Child for Who Benefits from the GOP Estate Tax Repeal: Salon, Feb. 4:  “F***ing peasants”: Conrad Hilton arrested for assaulting flight attendants in an epic air rage tantrum”

§  Associated Press, Apr. 14, 2015: ‘FACT CHECK: Estate tax hits fewer than 1 percent of estates’

§  Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, Feb. 3: “Double taxation? Americans for Tax Fairness, citing Federal Reserve data, notes that 55 percent of the value of estates worth more than $100 million comprises unrealized capital gains that have never been taxed.  Hurting family farmers and small businesses? In the entire country, only 120 small businesses and farms (100 of them large farms) were hit by the estate tax in 2013. And for that tiny number affected, there are all sorts of provisions already in place to soften the blow: low valuation rules, delayed tax payments and other breaks and discounts.”

§  The Congressional Budget Office determined the Estate Tax repeal would add nearly $270 billion to the deficit.

§  Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: “Today, 99.8 percent of estates owe no estate tax at all, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation. Only the estates of the wealthiest 0.2 percent of Americans — roughly 2 out of every 1,000 people who die — owe any estate tax. This is because of the tax’s high exemption amount, which has jumped from $650,000 per person in 2001 to $5.43 million per person in 2015.”

§  Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: “Only roughly 20 small business and small farm estates nationwide owed any estate tax in 2013, according to TPC.[10]  TPC’s analysis defined a small-business or small farm estate as one with more than half its value in a farm or business and with the farm or business assets valued at less than $5 million.  Furthermore, TPC estimates those roughly 20 estates owed just 4.9 percent of their value in tax, on average.”

§  Source: CAP Action




AUFC - Congressman Frank Guinta Breaks Campaign Promise to Protect Seniors

Guinta Embraces ‘Robin Hood in Reverse’ Republican Budget Plan That Voucherizes Medicare and Skyrockets Seniors’ Out-of-Pocket Costs, Raises Taxes on Average Working Families, Guts Nursing Home Care, Leaves Millions Uninsured, Makes College Less Affordable -- All to Pay for Huge Tax Breaks for Millionaires and Outsourcers

Washington DC – Tonight Congressman Frank Guinta (NH-01) helped fellow House Republicans pass an extreme FY2016 federal budget plan that would grind the economic recovery to a halt. During the last election season, Republicans like Guinta asked voters to trust them when it comes to protecting seniors’ earned benefits. Instead, Republicans delivered a budget that replaces the guarantee of Medicare with private insurance vouchers that don’t keep pace with health costs; a budget that takes a massive $900 billion bite out of Medicaid that could force many seniors and disabled Americans out of nursing homes; and a budget that would immediately hike seniors’ prescription drug costs by reopening the Part D donut hole – all to pay for a new $50,000 tax break for millionaires.  Republicans claim their plan ‘balances the budget’, but they neglect to mention it’s done entirely on the backs of seniors, the hungry, students, and working families and without asking corporations that ship jobs and profits overseas to contribute their fair share.

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “The GOP budget endorsed by Congressman Frank Guinta is a Blueprint of Broken Promises to seniors and a Roadmap to Ruin for millions of Americans who would lose their health coverage.  It’s a great deal for big health insurance companies, outsourcers and billionaires like the Koch brothers, but it’s a raw deal for everyone else. Republicans say their budget plan is “serious” and makes “tough choices” to balance the budget. The fact that they don’t close a single special interest tax loophole says otherwise. The fact they stuffed their budget with even more irresponsible tax giveaways to millionaires and outsourcers while hiking the average working family’s taxes by $2,000 shows that they aren’t serious at all. Never mind that they use Enron-style accounting gimmicks to cover up the fact they don’t come close to actually balancing the balance. 

“What is very ‘serious’, however, is the consequences of the GOP plan for seniors, the middle class and most vulnerable Americans. Congressman Guinta wants to immediately take away new prescription drug benefits under the health law that have already saved seniors billions of dollars. Without offering any replacement for the Affordable Care Act, Guinta would leave 16.4 million Americans uninsured and make legal again the worst wealth insurance industry practices dropping people when they get sick, deny care to kids born with “pre-existing” conditions, or charging women double the premiums men pay. At the same time Republicans offer Big Oil companies uninterrupted taxpayer subsidies, they want to Voucherize Medicare, gut Medicaid, freeze Pell Grants and slash food assistance for single parent families. Their priorities couldn’t be more mixed up.”

“When has robbing from the poor and middle class families to give to the rich ever been a recipe for a strong economy?  Ask President George W. Bush how well it worked out for him.  While President Obama’s policies have led to 60 straight months of private sector job growth, Frank Guinta wants to slam on the brakes and go back to the failed trickle-down policies that caused the Great Recession.”

BACKGROUND: GOP Budget Would Derail the Economic Recovery, Bring Back Failed Trickle-Down Economic Policies That Caused the Great Recession

Tax Breaks for the Wealthy, Tax Hikes for Average Families

Ø  Hurts families by green-lighting tax increases for the middle class to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires – Greenlights passage of the Romney-Ryan tax plan that would slash taxes for the wealthiest taxpayers on the backs of the middle class, increasing taxes on a typical working family by $2,000. [Budget Committee Democrats analysis]

Ø  CAP: “The House budget calls for lower tax rates for large corporations and individuals with business income, which would be a windfall for those at the top. Corporate taxes are mostly paid by the wealthy, with the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimating that the top 1 percent of households paid 48.7 percent of corporate income taxes in 2011. If a corporate tax reform package ended enough tax breaks, it would be possible to lower the corporate tax rate and reduce deficits at the same time, but the congressional budgets do not identify even a single tax loophole to close.” [Center for American Progress, 3.18.2015]

Ø  CBPP: The House budget would “Cut taxes by roughly $50,000 on average for people with incomes exceeding $1 million a year, but by less than $10 on average for those making $50,000 to $75,000, and by essentially nothing on average for those earning less than $50,000.” [Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 3.17.2015]

Ø “The proposals they specify would cut the tax bill of the average millionaire by more than $50,000, before even adding the proposed cuts to tax rates.  Meanwhile, the House Republican budget does nothing to prevent a tax increase on 26 million working families and students. And in the past, they have made clear they would let this tax increase happen – raising taxes by an average of $900 apiece for 16 million working families and by $1,100 for 12 million families and students paying for college.”  [, 3.17.2015]

Makes College Less Affordable

Ø  “The House budget “eliminates mandatory funding for Pell Grants and freezes the maximum grant at its current level, instead of allowing it to increase to keep pace with inflation, and makes other unspecified cuts to the program. Over time, this would reduce financial aid for almost all of the more than 8 million students who rely on Pell Grants to afford college.” [, 3.17.2015]

Ø  “Puts college out of reach for millions by slashing student grant aid -- freezing the maximum Pell grant and eliminating Pell grant increases -- in addition to cutting student loan benefits and letting the American Opportunity Tax Credit expire. It cuts current policy support for higher education by more than $220 billion.” [Budget Committee Democrats analysis]

Devastating Cuts to Medicaid, Kick Vulnerable Seniors and Disabled Americans Out of Nursing Homes

Ø  CBPP: “The combined Medicaid cut would reach $1.8 trillion over ten years, relative to current law, adding tens of millions of Americans to the ranks of the uninsured and underinsured.” [Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 3.17.2015]

Ø “It block grants Medicaid, cutting resources for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program by more than $900 billion, on top of the impact of repealing the ACA coverage provisions. A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of a similar proposal in previous Republican Budgets found that as many as 20 million people would be denied the coverage they would have gotten under pre-ACA Medicaid.” [, 3.17.2015]

Ø  Block-grants nutrition assistance and Medicaid while imposing destructive cuts in both – Cuts $125 billion from SNAP over ten years, merges CHIP into Medicaid and slashes funding by roughly $900 billion over the next ten years. The cut to the base Medicaid program is 14 percent in 2017, rising to one-third in 2025. Slashing the safety net does not create jobs. All it does is put seniors, persons with disabilities, and poor children at great risk of hardship. [Budget Committee Democrats analysis]

Leaves 16.4 Million Americans Uninsured

Ø The House budget would “Take away health insurance from more than 16 million people who have gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act is working. Thanks to its coverage provisions, the share of Americans without health insurance is at or near historic lows – and these provisions are costing almost one third less than the (CBO) initially projected. … Beyond the effect on the millions who have gained health insurance coverage through the ACA Marketplaces or through Medicaid, the House Republican Budget would: Deprive up to 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions of the security of knowing they will still be able to buy affordable health coverage if they lose their jobs or otherwise lose their health insurance; Deny millions of young adults of the option to stay on their parents’ plans if they re-enroll in school or get a job without health coverage; and; Increase prescription drug costs for more than 4 million seniors and people with disabilities. [, 3.17.2015]

Leaves Current Seniors Paying More for Rx Drugs, Future Seniors Vulnerable to Reduced Medicaid Care and Higher Medicare Costs

Ø  “Everyone entering Medicare in 2024 or later will get a voucher to help pay premiums for either a private health plan or traditional Medicare. If a plan along these lines were in effect in 2020, the average Part B premium for traditional Medicare would be 50 percent higher than it would be under current law. Private plans in Medicare already employ strategies to “cherry pick” the healthiest enrollees. Such tendencies would get worse under premium support, putting sick and frail seniors in traditional Medicare at risk of skyrocketing costs and less access to care. The budget claims this plan will “save” Medicare’s finances, but it does not say how. Past analyses of such plans show that using a Medicare voucher program to dramatically reduce long-term federal spending inevitably means shifting the risk and burden of growing health costs onto senior citizens and persons with disabilities who rely on Medicare. [Budget Committee Democrats analysis]

Ø “For new beneficiaries starting in 2024, the House Republican budget would end Medicare as we know it by substituting guaranteed access to the traditional Medicare program with a voucher program, increasing costs for millions of seniors and forcing millions out of traditional Medicare, risking a death spiral as private plans siphon off healthier and less expensive beneficiaries. [, 3.17.2015]

Ø  “Increases costs to current seniors by repealing Medicare benefit improvements in the ACA. Since the ACA was enacted, 9.4 million seniors have saved more than $15 billion on prescription drugs, thanks to a provision in that law that closes the Part D coverage gap, or “donut hole”. [Budget Committee Democrats analysis]

Ø  “Cuts $125 billion from SNAP over ten years, merges CHIP into Medicaid and slashes funding by roughly $900 billion over the next ten years. The cut to the base Medicaid program is 14 percent in 2017, rising to one-third in 2025. Slashing the safety net does not create jobs. All it does is put seniors, persons with disabilities, and poor children at great risk of hardship.” [Budget Committee Democrats analysis]


Americans United For Change - Sen. Kelly Ayotte Votes to Put Politics Above Public Safety


The Republican Congress Holds Critical DHS Resources Hostage in Futile Effort to Undermine the President’s Immigration Executive Action


Ayotte Called on to Put Nation’s Security First, Pass a Clean DHS Funding Bill




Washington DC – Today, Senator Kelly Ayotte voted with fellow Republicans to hold hostage critical Department of Homeland Security resources and workers’ pay in exchange for concessions over the President’s immigration policy. Fortunately, Democrats in the Senate blocked consideration of a fatally-flawed DHS funding bill, passed in the U.S. House last month, which seeks to undermine the President’s executive action on immigration that is today giving millions of undocumented workers who pass a background check an opportunity to keep their families together, get right with the law and pay taxes.


Rather than pass a clean DHS funding bill, Republicans ignored warnings from two Republican former DHS heads and went forward with the ‘poison pill’ bill they knew the President would never sign. With funding set to run out on February 27 for the agency tasked with aviation and border security and many counterterrorism and emergency readiness efforts, Ayotte’s time-wasting attempt to advance the flawed DHS bill effectively put at risk the public safety and the pay of nearly 150,000 front-line national security workers, including border security agents and Coast Guard members. In response, Americans United for Change challenged Sen. Ayotte to get her priorities straight and help avoid a DHS shutdown by urging Senate Majority Mitch McConnell to hold a vote on a clean DHS funding bill with no anti-immigrant measures attached.


Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “Senator Ayotte made her point today: the Senator really wants to go back to breaking up families and mass deporting DREAMers and undocumented workers who are willing to pay their fair share in taxes and help the economy. We get it. Can she now get on with her job of ensuring the brave men and women who keep us all safe have the resources they need? Will Sen. Ayotte join calls for a vote on a clean DHS funding bill – or will she keep playing politics with counterterrorism resources and the paychecks of national security workers out on the front-lines?


“The flawed legislation Republicans brought to the table today is based entirely on flawed arguments. Republicans say the President didn’t have the legal authority to defer the deportation of 5 million undocumented immigrants. However, over 230 Constitutional law scholars, immigration law experts, Mayors, State Attorneys General and other experts, not to mention the majority of the American public, believe the President acted well within his authority. The GOP’s selective memory conveniently forgets similar actions taken by President Reagan and every other President since Eisenhower. Republicans have refused to put forward a comprehensive immigration reform bill, and yet have the audacity to complain that the President didn’t wait to address the broken immigration system.”


“Republicans like Ayotte know there’d be no need for the President’s executive action if they simply passed a real comprehensive immigration reform bill. But it’s clear the extreme anti-immigrant elements in the Republican caucus won’t allow that, and that’s why we’re seeing this kind of reckless brinksmanship with DHS funding today.  Even in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in France and Canada, it’s clear this Republican Congress is willing to compromise our national security to keep the immigration system broken -- and that’s more than a little disturbing.”


AUFC - Sen. Kelly Ayotte Urged to Stop Putting Politics Before Public Safety, Pass a Clean DHS Funding Bill 

The Republican Congress Is Holding DHS Funding Hostage in Reckless Effort to Undo the President’s Immigration Executive Action that Is Keeping Families Together


Washington DC – As a February 27 deadline looms for Congress to reauthorize funding for the Department of Homeland Security - the agency tasked with aviation and border security and many counterterrorism and emergency readiness efforts - Americans United for Change called on Sen. Kelly Ayotte and fellow Republicans in Congress to stop playing politics with public safety and pass a clean DHS funding bill. That means no strings attached, unlike in the DHS funding bill House Republicans passed earlier this month that would defund the President’s immigration executive action and resume deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced intentions to take up the legislation soon, but would be wise to remember the poison-pill House legislation has zero chance of becoming law.


How We Got Here: As Huffington Post reports, “In December, Congress approved funding through the end of the fiscal year for every department except DHS, which was funded only until the end of February. That decision was made because Republicans hoped to use the DHS bill to block policies advanced by the president that could allow up to 5 million undocumented immigrants to remain in the U.S. temporarily and work legally.” 


Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “The Republican Party that gave us the government shutdown that sucked billions of dollars out of the economy is back with another manufactured crisis at the American people’s expense. This time, Republicans are needlessly holding up critical homeland security resources in protest of the President’s immigration action. Leader McConnell and Speaker Boehner know the President, like Reagan before him, acted well within his legal authority in giving an opportunity for undocumented immigrants who pass a background check to keep their families together, get right with the law and pay their fair share in taxes.  But it’s clear the extreme anti-immigrant elements in the Republican caucus are the ones calling the plays and they’re even willing to compromise public safety to go backwards on immigration reform.   It’s why we’re seeing political stunts like this to keep the fringe at bay instead of any effort by Republicans to pass a real comprehensive immigration reform bill.  If they did that, there would be no need for the President’s executive actions. DHS funding is not something to be playing political football with especially in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in France and Canada, but here we are, the Party of Mass Deportation is ready to kick off.  And New Hampshire voters deserve to know: Is Senator Kelly Ayotte going to go along with this troubling and irresponsible political brinkmanship? Will Ayotte vote to put politics, or public safety first? If the latter is her priority, Ayotte can prove it by joining Democratic calls on Mitch McConnell to hold a vote on a clean DHS funding bill. If it’s the former, she should be embarrassed and has some explaining to do back home.”


AUFC - The National 'Put the Middle Class First' Bus Tour Rolls Into the Granite State, Joined by Congresswoman Shea-Porter 


18-State Tour to Underscore Clear Choice Voters Face in November:
Democrats’ Middle-Out Approach to Building an Economy That Works for Everyone vs. Scott Brown and Frank Guinta’s Top-Down Approach That Works Only for the Wealthy Few & Big Corporations


[Left, Manchester stop; Right, Nashua stop]

More Pictures from Today’s Events in NH:
Video: Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s remarks: 
Video: Pastor Gail Kinney’s remarks: 
Video from Nashua:

Washington DC – Americans United for Change has hit the road with the national “Put the Middle Class First” bus tour to help drive home the clear choice before voters on November 4 between having a Democratic Congress that works for them or a Tea Party Congress that works for corporate special interests like the Koch brothers. With the backdrop of a 45’ long ‘fair shot advocate on wheels’ and with invaluable support from the NH Democratic Party and Alliance for Retired Americans, the tour kicked off in Manchester and Nashua, NH today and was joined by Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, as well as local faith leaders, safety net advocates, and seniors who agree that a strong economy can only be built to last from the middle out.  The alternative? : the top-down Tea Party approach espoused by Frank Guinta and Scott Brown (R-MA) of giving more tax breaks to millionaires that never manage to create jobs but always manage to undermine middle class priorities like education and Medicare.

Highlights from Remarks Made at Manchester Stop:

U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH-1st): "Something has gone terribly wrong for New Hampshire families, for our young people and our old people, and we know what it is that happened: D.C. Republican politicians have stopped working to support the middle class and bring the next generation forward. New Hampshire Democrats know how to jumpstart the middle class: we need to ensure that families earn a livable wage, that young people can afford their education, and that our seniors can count on their earned benefits in retirement. That's why the middle class needs to practice self-defense and vote on November 4th."


New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley: “Up here in New Hampshire we’re all too familiar with the stakes this November. We’re up against Republican opponents backed by the Koch brothers, Wall Street and big oil interests who want to roll back decades of progress that democrats have made for Granite Staters, seniors, small businesses, students, women and middle class families.  This year we’re taking on Scott Brown. Over the last several months since he moved up here from Massachusetts, we’ve gotten to know that Scott Brown only works for Scott Brown. Just last week Scott Brown said that women’s health and equal are not “issues that people care about” here in New Hampshire. And how can we forget the time that Scott Brown hid in a bathroom to avoid reporters’ questions about the Hobby Lobby decision that allows bosses to come between women and their health care decisions. He even voted to give tax breaks to protect big oil companies, yet he doesn’t support giving 110,000 hardworking Granite Staters a needed raise by increasing the minimum wage.  Frank Guinta too is only interested in moving the Tea Party agenda forward and America backwards. Guinta’s record in the two short years he was in Congress was abominable. He voted against New Hampshire one-hundred percent of the time. In fact during those two short years, he managed to be voted one of the ‘Most Corrupt Members of Congress’.”  


President of the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans, Lucy Edwards: “New Hampshire senior citizens and their families and neighbors should do their homework this year and vote in self-defense on November 4th. One in five New Hampshire residents got social security benefits in 2013. Over 231,000 in New Hampshire received Medicare benefits allowing us to remain healthy and contribute to our communities. These earned benefits mean that families and communities to not have to worry about carrying the full cost of housing, food and health care for those who are retired and disabled. The incomes from these benefits are spent in our communities. And healthy and secure seniors provide many hours of volunteer time in the community, the unpaid work that New Hampshire depends on for many of our town governments among many other projects.”


United Church of Christ Pastor, Gail Kinney: “I want to say a few words about ‘Beloved Community’, because that is what’s at stake in this election in 2014. Beloved Community means that no person who works full time should be relegated to a life of poverty. Beloved Community means that no senior citizen who has worked hard and played by the rules should end up living in economic insecurity and health insecurity. Beloved Community means that women and men who perform the same work, should be treated equally at work.  We should strive to be prophetic witness on November 4th, 2014.”


Highlights from Remarks Made at Nashua Stop:

Nashua State Senator Bette Lasky: “There’s been a lot of talk lately by a former Senator from Massachusetts about the issues he thinks are important, or aren’t important to the citizens of New Hampshire. What Brown doesn’t is realize that not only are women disproportionately affected by the minimum wage, many are mothers trying support families and feed their kids. So encourage everyone to get out there and vote for the people that will keep New Hampshire moving forward, not backwards.”

Alderman, and Candidate for Executive Council Diane Sheehan: “It’s important that we remember what’s at stake in this coming election. And what’s at stake is us, in the middle class, and those trying to get into the middle class. My opponent has defunded Planned Parenthood. I’ll tell you that I lost my mother to breast cancer which was discovered at stage four, and I understand the importance of early detection for cervical and breast cancer and the important role that Planned Parenthood plays. My opponent also called Medicare and Medicaid “welfare”. We need to remind people that good early access to healthcare costs everyone less and leads to better outcomes. I’ve been getting things in the mail saying “right to work”. If my mother was not a member of a union when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she would have lost her job and lost her healthcare and I would still 14 years later be paying off her medical bills. There is a reason we have unions. We need to remind people of the stakes so that they show up on November 4th.”

United Steelworkers District 4 Director, John Shinn: “We’re tired of corporate greed. The Koch brothers have enough money, I think we can all agree on that. CEO’s are more concerned about Wall Street, but this about Main Street. This is about hard working people getting their fair share.”

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “A healthy economy depends on having a strong and growing middle class.  And while we’ve seen the economy pick up speed the last 5 years, many American families still feel like they’re spinning their wheels. And it’s no wonder why: incomes have been stagnant or even shrinking for more than a decade at the same time the cost of food, child care, college, housing, retirement security, and basic necessities has soared.  The good news is it’s a problem we know how to fix: by making critical investments in education and infrastructure that will create more jobs, opportunity, and an economy that works for everyone. But instead, Tea Party Republicans have stood in the way of every reasonable proposal made by President Obama and Democrats to move the country forward and instead have made sure this Congress has been the least productive and most beholden to the special interests in U.S. history. This election is about a choice between having Democratic Congress working to level the playing field for the middle class versus a Tea Party Congress willing to shut down the government and hurt the economy to keep the game rigged for the wealthy special interests.”


Four years in a row, House Republicans passed a budget plan that voucherizes Medicare, slashes Medicaid, Pell grants and child care services, and shortchanges badly needed repairs to America’s crumbling bridges and roads. At the same time the Ryan budget, which Frank Guinta voted repeatedly for, protects Big Oil subsides and gives away $5 trillion in new tax breaks for millionaires and corporations that outsource U.S. jobs. Not to be outdone, Republican Governors are enacting their own Robin Hood in Reverse policies, from tax breaks geared towards the super-wealthy, to gutting public education, to refusing to accept available Medicaid resources to cover thousands of vulnerable citizens including Veterans who living one health emergency away from bankruptcy. The Koch brothers, Big Insurance and Wall Street are clearly satisfied customers judging by the millions of dollars they continue to funnel into Republican campaigns like that of Guinta and Scott Brown.

In contrast, Democrats in Congress have a detailed set of proposals that put the middle class first, giving more Americans a fair shot at getting into the middle class and achieving the American Dream, including: Ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work; Making college affordable; Raising the Minimum Wage; Creating jobs by investing in infrastructure; and Protecting Social Security and Medicare from benefit cuts, voucherization or privatization schemes.