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Josiah Bartlett Center - The Fight over Revenue Estimates 

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Josiah Bartlett Center

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New Hampshire's budget battles are always about revenue, and this year is no exception. Revenue estimates drive spending and make some decisions possible, others impossible. This year's estimates will determine the path the budget takes.

During boom times, revenues flow freely into the state treasury and make the state budget about who gets more money. But an economic downturn or poor revenue estimate creates budget crises and constant pressure to cut.
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NRN - Must Reads for July 20, 2010

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson's quote of the day from The Surplus in Virginia is not Real: "Has the GOP learned from its brief exile the error of its past mistakes?  Will a future Republican Majority change its spendthrift ways and end the sleight-of-hand games and disrespectful abuse of the people?  Can the public count on them to honestly face the fiscal dangers and address them in an open and forthright manner?  The early signals from Virginia are not promising.  Hopefully any new Republican majority will find a better model."