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Speaker Jasper statement on the passage of SB30 


The following statement was issued today by NH House  Speaker Shawn Jasper following the passage by the House of SB 30-FN-L. The legislation would authorize the Business  Finance Authority to guarantee bonds for projects in unincorporated towns in New Hampshire.  The bill passed on a Roll Call vote, 293-57.


“By extending the local option for municipal economic development and revitalization districts to include our unincorporated towns, the door is now wide open for future development and job creation for the northern part of our state.  With the assistance of the State of New Hampshire, many of the economically challenged rural areas that have been battling to stave off economic hardship for years can now look forward to the prospect of economic prosperity.  The legislation that the House overwhelmingly passed today also creates a level playing field for the rural areas of the Granite State in attracting new business and creating jobs for their region.  By increasing the BFA’s bonding authority for the first time in over twenty years, this will also help the economic development for the entire state.”




Josiah Bartlett Center - Price Controls are Still Bad 

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Price Controls are Still Bad

Among politicians, price controls are a bad idea unless they’re your idea. In truth, the government setting prices is never the right solution to a problem.

Those who would have the state government set and control prices in the workers’ compensation part of health care should remind themselves that they were opposed to government price controls five years ago when it was then-Sen. Maggie Hassan’s idea for a hospital price fixing commission. They were right then. They should listen to their old selves now.

Employers looking for ways to reduce the cost of doing business in New Hampshire have looked to possible reforms in the workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation is the successor to Otto von Bismarck’s sickness and accident laws. It is a mandatory system of employer paid insurance to cover workers’ temporary and permanent disabilities. Click here to keep reading.


US Rep. Guinta on today's FCC ruling 

WASHINGTON. D.C. –Congressman Guinta released the following statement regarding today’s vote by the Federal Communications Commission to enact a 322 page regulatory ruling regulating the Internet as a public utility:


“The last thing the Internet needs is to be at the heavy hands of more government regulation.  The Internet has been successful precisely because it has been permitted to grow and prosper without excessive rulemaking.  In the Granite State, our motto is ‘live free or die.’  Today’s decision by a body of unelected bureaucrats threatens our freedom and jeopardizes American innovation, economic growth and jobs. I will fight to keep our Internet open and accessible for all.”





NHDP - Kelly Ayotte Op-Ed Desperately Tries to Re-Write History of Cozy Relationship with Telecom Industry 

If Ayotte Really Cared About Protecting Consumers and Businesses from the Telecom Industry She Wouldn’t Staunchly Oppose Net-Neutrality
Concord, N.H. – Kelly Ayotte took to the Wall Street Journal opinion page this morning to desperately try to re-write history regarding her cozy relationship with the telecom industry.
But despite Ayotte’s empty rhetoric, her record shows that she’s sided with telecom giants like Verizon over New Hampshire’s consumers and businesses on crucial issues like net-neutrality, which is essential to preserving a free and open Internet.
“Kelly Ayotte’s actions speak far louder than her empty rhetoric regarding her cozy relationship with the telecom industry,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Aaron Jacobs. “Ayotte’s decision to side with special interests over Granite Staters on the issue of net-neutrality is just more evidence that she’s gone completely Washington, and she will soon learn that one op-ed can’t wipe clean her record of putting telecom companies first.”
Ayotte Voted Against “Net Neutrality” Network Management Rules
In November 2011, Ayotte voted in favor of Mitch McConnell’s motion to proceed to the joint resolution that would nullify the Federal Communications Commission's 'net neutrality' network management rules for broadband service providers. [CQ; Vote 200, 11/10/11]
Verizon Won Court Case To Block Net Neutrality Rules
“Verizon Communications Inc. won an appeals court challenge to U.S. equal treatment rules for the Internet that could leave companies such as Netflix Inc. and Inc. facing higher charges for the fastest service.” [Bloomberg, 1/14/14]
Ayotte Praised US Appeals Court Decision in Favor of Verizon That Found Net Neutrality Unconstitutional
“U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte praised today's ruling by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals that struck down as unconstitutional the ‘Net Neutrality’ rule imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Last Congress, Senator Ayotte voted in favor of a congressional resolution expressing disapproval of the FCC's Net Neutrality rule. [Office of Sen. Kelly Ayote, 1/14/14]






New Hampshire Union Leader & Sunday News
November 2, 2014

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In 2008, New Hamspshire voters sent Jeanne Shaheen to Washington to represent us. The question for Tuesday is whether she did. In our view, she failed to do the job she was elected to do. Instead of being a strong, independent voice for New Hampshire, Shaheen settled into a quiet, passive role as one of President Obama's most trustworthy allies in the Senate.
Asked last Thursday to name some issues where she disagreed with the President, she could name only one. He supports closing some military bases; she does not. That's it. She is 100 percent on board with the rest of the Obama/national Democratic Party agenda. Where is her agenda? Where is New Hampshire's agenda?


Shaheen says she puts New Hampshire first, but her record does not support the claim. It is not that she supported a President of her own party. It is that this President's agenda replaces New Hampshire solutions with Washington ones - by design. In Washington, Jeanne Shaheen has consistently supported Washington-dictated policies rather than ones that free Granite Staters to make their own choices.
By contrast, Scott Brown has a proven independent record, which is why Shaheen has spent so much time and energy trying to demonize him. In this campaign, he has made clear that he wants to take some of the power that Shaheen happily hands to the federal government and return it to New Hampshire.
He says that Granite Staters should be able to choose their own insurers, their own doctors, their own hospitals - rather than have those choices made for them by bureaucrats and lawmakers in Washington.
He says Granite Staters should be able to keep more of their hard-earned money rather than have it taxed and redistributed by politicians in Washington. We agree.