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NHDP - 11:30 AM Educators Rally for Public Education 





Wednesday, August 19 at 11am EDT
NH Educators Rally and Hold a Press Conference in support of Strong Public Schools
Wednesday, August 19: Educators from across the northeast will rally at Londonderry High School, the site of the 2015 Education Summit hosted by Campbell Brown, founder of the Seventy Four.
We know from experience that many of those invited to appear at the Summit are responsible for chronic underfunding of public education and systemic educator bashing. Confirmed participants thus far include former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
No one works harder than educators to improve our public schools so that every student, regardless of their zip code, can have an opportunity to attend a great public school. The real question is what's best for our students, not corporate interests and privatization.
WHERE:  Londonderry High School
              295 Mammoth Rd, Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053
WHEN:    11:00 AM Rally, 11:30 AM Press Conference
WHO:      Educators and Community Activists Rally at Education Forum     
Confirmed Press Conference Speakers:     
Scott McGilvray, President NEA-NH
Allison Estey Brown, Special Education Teacher, Plymouth
Stephen Tallo, Math Teacher, Londonderry High School

Watchdog - Town pleaded with EPA to stay away. They didn't.  


Months ago, Colorado town resisted allowing EPA tests that caused toxic disaster

Five months before the Animas River toxic spill disaster, leaders from the tiny Colorado mining town of Silverton pleaded with EPA officials to not perform tests that would declare the area a Superfund site.
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Hillary Clinton’s higher ed plan a Pandora’s Box like Obamacare, expert says
Hillary Clinton has a plan to provide “debt-free” tuition for students attending public colleges and universities. But it will cost taxpayers an extra $350 billion.


Labor union bosses want a president who will ‘rewrite the rules’
Wanted: A presidential candidate who will help the AFL-CIO reshape America’s economy to better suit the labor coalition by making it easier for unions to organize and harder for workers to opt out of paying dues.


Police made a mistake; I'm correcting it
When police make a mistake, even a small clerical error, it can be a life-altering event for the person on the other end. Innocent people’s lives are upended, their jobs and reputations jeopardized. But don’t expect a heartfelt apology.


Yabba Dabba Don't: Colorado's dino buses show problem with federal transit grants

Congress is struggling to fund repairs for our highways and transportation infrastructure, but somehow the feds found $25 million to front the cost of this "dino-bus" service.
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Watchdog Opinion

Food stamp work requirements hardly onerous


New Mexico Gov. Suzanna Martinez wants to reinstate rules limiting able-bodied people to three months of SNAP benefits unless they work, do volunteer work, or attend job training classes.



Watchdog Arena

Journalists charged with ‘crime’ 1 year after arrests in Ferguson

The arrests of these journalists in Ferguson happened a year ago. They were told at the time that there was no arrest report, so why are they now being charged with trespassing and interfering with the duties of a police officer?

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CEI Today: EPA Clean Power Plan, government nutrition, "I, Whiskey," credit card interest rates, and more 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
In the News Today




Guest Post: Primer on Administrator McCarthy’s Talk Tomorrow on “The Promise of the Clean Power Plan”


Tuesday, August 11, the EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, will present a talk entitled “The Promise of the Clean Power Plan." Former EPA official Alan Carlin has prepared a handout on behalf of  the Cooler Heads Coalition:


"You are unlikely to hear today why the EPA so-called “Clean Power Plan” (CPP) needs to be rescinded, so this is an alternative view for your consideration concerning the Plan." > Read more

> Interview an expert



Government Nutritionists Wrong… Again

Add it to the list of things that the government got wrong when it comes to nutrition: skipping breakfast may not make you fat. It turns out this apparent truism isn’t so true and the idea has only been in circulation for the last five years or so. > Read more


> Interview Michelle Minton




William Faulkner Said it Best: "Civilization Begins with Distillation"

With I, Whiskey: The Spirit of the Market, we aim to tell these and other stories: be they about rebels or scientists, criminals or statesmen, holy men or bootleggers. In other words, it’s the story of us. > Read more




CEI and Allies Submit Evidence to Australian Senate Inquiry on Credit Cards

Monday, CEI and other members of the International Alliance for Electronic Payments joined the Australian Taxpayers Alliance in submitting evidence to an Australian Senate inquiry into credit card interest rates and related matters. CEI has long been concerned about the effects of regulation on the payments card industry and helped found the International Alliance in order to help ward off these harmful effects all over the world. > Read more

> Interview Iain Murray

Bloomberg Boston
1pm & 7pm ET
Bloomberg San Francisco 10am & 4pm PT




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Jindal For President - On Sec. Clinton Econ Plan: Feeding Greedier and Greedier Government 

Jindal for President


CEDAR RAPIDS - Governor Bobby Jindal appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning where he said Secretary Hillary Clinton’s economic plan will be “feeding a greedier and greedier government that’s gonna swallow up the private sector."  


Excerpts:  Governor Jindal: "It’s gonna be more taxes, more government spending, more regulations. It’s feeding a greedier and greedier government that’s gonna swallow up the private sector. There’s never enough money or power for the government according to the Left."



Jindal For President - Setting the Record Straight on Gov. Jindal's Record of Cutting Government 

Jindal for President


Today, Liberal groups and left -leaning reporters are out to slander Governor Jindal’s conservative record of governance. Bloomberg’s Al Hunt, for instance, has a column out with a number of factual mistakes and allegations that don’t tell the whole story.

Let’s take a look out some of Mr. Hunt’s arguments …

Governor Jindal Has Balanced The Budget Every Year In Office, Cut Taxes, Cut Government, And The State Has Received 8 Credit Rating Upgrades

Al Hunt criticizes Governor Jindal for cutting taxes and what he considers as poor budgeting practices.  The reality is that liberals don’t like the fact that Governor Jindal drastically cut government and it has worked.  Louisiana has more people working than ever, with higher incomes. And government is smaller than it has ever been.

Since 2008, The Overall Louisiana Budget Has Been Reduced From Over $34 Billion In FY 07-08 To $25.1 Billion In FY 15-16, A Nearly $9 Billion Decrease, Or A 26% Reduction. (Division of Administration, FY 2008-2009 Budget,; Division of Administration, FY 2014-2015 Budget,; Reuters, “Louisiana's budget a long-term solution: Jindal's office, Reuters, 6/13/15) 

Since 2008, The Number Of State Employees Has Been Reduced From 93,554 To 61,573, A Reduction Of 31,981, Marking A 34% Decrease.   (Louisiana Civil Service Commission Report, March 6, 2015 Weekly Report; “Government Workers Down 30K Over 6 Years,” The Advocate, 11/7/14)

The State Employment Level Is At Its Lowest Level In Over Two Decades. (“Government Workers Down 30K Over 6 Years,” The Advocate, 11/7/14)

Louisiana’s Credit Rating Has Improved Drastically Since 2008, With The State Receiving Eight Credit Rating Upgrades Among The Three Major Credit-Rating Agencies (Moody’s, Fitch, And Standards And Poor’s) Over The Past 6 Years. (State Credit Ratings From Standard & Poor’s, 2001-2014,, 7/9/14; Moody’s Investors Service, “Rating Changes for the 50 States from 1970,” 1/15/15; “Fitch cites state's "solid financial management" in assigning 'AA' rating to Louisiana GO Bonds,” Division of Administration, 2/16/11)

Today, There Are More People Working In Louisiana Than At Any Previous Time In The State’s History. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 5/7/15)

Louisiana’s Private Sector Has Gained A Net 94,600 New Jobs Since January 2008, Making Louisiana No. 2 In The South And No. 7 In The Nation For Private Sector Job Growth Over That Period. (Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Series ID: SMS22000000500000001, Accessed 6/19/15)

Governor Jindal Upset The Apple Cart In Louisiana When He Passed Big Reforms And Cut Government

Mr. Hunt cites three Louisiana “Republicans” in his story who are critical of Governor Jindal’s conservative record.  What Mr. Hunt leaves out is that all three of these politicians switched parties to become Republicans around the time or after Governor Jindal took office.  Louisiana has trended more Republican since Governor Jindal took office and a big reason for that is Governor Jindal has shown at the state level what true conservative reform looks like when implemented. But, there are many Louisiana politicians who are upset Governor Jindal has brought so many changes to state government and made drastic reductions to the size of government. RedState’s Erick Erickson sums it up best…

RedState’s Erick Erickson: “Jindal is an outsider. … Jindal fixed it [Huey Long’s crumbling welfare state]. For many, it was and is tough medicine.”

Governor Jindal Has Brought Real Education Reform To Louisiana

Mr. Hunt argues Governor Jindal has “fashioned a series of education reforms but didn't adequately fund them,” and “The honors student in biology signed legislation promoting the teaching of creationism in the schools.”

Both of these points are wrong. Governor Jindal has brought transformational reforms to K-12 education. Total funding for K-12 education in the Louisiana budget is more than 15% higher than it was when Governor Jindal took office, and more kids have access to a great education.

Governor Jindal’s Education Reforms Have Turned Around Louisiana’s School Systems:

Since Governor Jindal Took Office, The Number Of Louisiana Failing Schools Has Been Cut In Half. (Louisiana Department of Education, School, District, and State Performance Scores, October 2011)

Now Only 10% Of Schools Operating In New Orleans (2014-15 School Year) Are Considered Failing.  This Is Down From 64% Pre-Hurricane Katrina.  (“New Orleans public schools pre-Katrina and now, by the numbers,” Times Picayune, 8/29/14)

The State’s High School Graduation Rate Has Increased >From 66% In 2008 To 74.6%, An All-Time High, In 2014. (“Louisiana continues to improve its public high school graduation rate, hit record rate of 74.6% in 2014,” The Advocate, 4/9/15; District and State Graduation Rates, Louisiana Department of Education,; )