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ALG's Daily Grind - McAuliffe victory in Virginia: A big win for Big Labor 


Nov. 7, 2013

McAuliffe victory in Virginia: A big win for Big Labor       
Terry McAuliffe was the unions' choice to be Virginia's next governor and they had a plan to get him there.

The tragedy of the elites
By restricting growth via carbon controls, solutions to big problems will become increasingly dependent upon an a priori, top-down, regulatory approach utilizing fewer individuals to achieve innovation and sustainability for a growing population.  

Fighting for right is never wrong
On Obamacare and other issues, there is no room in D.C. for those who have no principles that they are willing to fight for even against overwhelming odds.

Stirewalt: Virginia squeaker sends shivers through Dems
"Voter outrage over the crash landing of ObamaCare nearly wrecked the race. A double-digit lead turned into a three-point scrape. Exit polls showed intense opposition to ObamaCare that helped Cuccinelli, who was written off by the national GOP."

Aug122013 - The new face of labor? 


Nonprofit labor organizers use taxpayer funds, Occupy tactics to attack restaurants for low wages

The Restaurant Opportunity Center uses federal tax dollars to assert its anti-employer message. Is this the new face of labor? 

Greentech courted Obama Solyndra aide 

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and top GreenTech advisers met with the key White House aide responsible for helping Solyndra win federal loans. 

Durbin spokesman says senator 'not targeting anyone' in press inquiry 

Senator Dick Durbin sent out a letter to hundreds of businesses and organizations to see how they feel about a particular gun law, but his spokesman says it's about policy, not politics. 

For Obamacare group Enroll America, campaigning in FL remains job No. 1

It's election season all over again, except this time the candidate is health insurance. 

Memories, meaning and momentum: Reflections on American journalism

Veteran reporter Pat McGuigan gives today's media management a C- for cutting back on investigative journalism, but the rise of citizen journalism, nonprofit investigations and niche publications gives him hope for the future. 

More details emerge from 'Giggles the fawn' raid

How many officers does it take? According to Wisconsin's state Department of Natural Resources, 16 officials were involved in the raid on Giggles the fawn. 

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ALG's Daily Grind - Are Big Labor and Democrats on the same page?

July 15, 2013

The return of Glass-Steagall?

John McCain joins forces with Elizabeth Warren to take on megabanks, but what about Fannie and Freddie?

Are Big Labor and Democrats on the same page?

Hoffa: "Unless you and the Obama Administration enact an equitable fix, the Affordable Care Act will shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class."

Repackaged, but not redeemed

Weiner, Spitzer, and Sanford return from disgrace — still disgraced.

Mead: D.C.'s Walmart Minimum Wage Law Would Hurt the Poor

The three stores Walmart is threatening to cancel are all badly needed retail and grocery options in underserved and poorer areas of D.C. that don't have many options.


ALG's Daily Grind - Sixth Circuit has big labor running scared in Michigan 

May 28, 2013

Sixth Circuit has big labor running scared in Michigan

Nothing in the First Amendment mandates that public sector payroll deductions be given to unions.

Rubio, Republicans must block Perez nomination

Sen. Marco Rubio on Thomas Perez nomination to be Sec. of Labor: "For a Cabinet position that oversees the country's workforce, our nation deserves a proven administrator who is committed to maximizing opportunities for the American worker, not a liberal activist who has pushed the boundaries of public office to advance his agenda."

Senator Hagan may be vulnerable in North Carolina

In 2010 North Carolina elected its first Republican-majority legislature in a century. Is the Hagan Senate seat next?

Sekulow: Letters of intimidation to tea party groups from Lois Lerner continued in 2012, a year after targeting supposedly ended

"Lerner was briefed about this unlawful targeting scheme in June 2011. But nine months later, beginning in March 2012, she sent cover letters to many of [American Center for Law and Justice] clients — demanding additional information and forwarding intrusive questionnaires."


CEI - New Labor Policy Video: The Life of Julius

CEI Produces Counterpoint to Obama's "Life of Julia"

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 29, 2013 — The Competitive Enterprise Institute unveiled a new video today: “The Life of Julius: How Unions Hurt Workers.” The two-minute animated film can be viewed on YouTube or at CEI's labor policy website

“The Life of Julius,” like the Obama campaign’s controversial “Life of Julia,” follows the life of a working American. Julius is an African-American man who has suffered under pro-union labor policies.

For example, as a 17 year-old in search of his first job, Julius finds that the labor pool in his hometown is artificially small thanks to minimum wage laws, which have been promoted by labor unions for decades.

Later in life, as a father and home-owner in his 40s, Julius finds that the collective bargaining agreements of public-sector workers have driven his taxes up, leaving his family with less take-home pay for groceries, gas, and vacations.

Finally, at the end of his working life, a 64 year-old Julius is looking forward to retiring on the pension fund he's contributed to for decades. Unfortunately, the unionized workforce at his company has driven the enterprise into insolvency by increasing labor costs to unsustainable levels. The company is forced to shut its doors, and Julius finds he has an empty nest egg, just when he needs it.

"The Life of Julius" tells the story of how the average person is affected by politically empowered unions and the laws and regulations they support. Watch the video here.


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