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Cruz For President - Campaign calls on NYT to Examine its Bestseller List Methodology 


HOUSTON, Texas -- Cruz for President National Spokesman Rick Tyler released the following statement regarding U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's book A Time for Truth ranking #7 on the most recent New York Times bestseller list:

"What’s transpired at the New York Times in the last two weeks raises troubling questions that should concern any author. The Times’ position has been disputed by a major publishing house, and by the two largest booksellers in the nation (Amazon and Barnes & Noble.) The New York Times has a responsibility to authors and readers to have the Public Editor Margaret Sullivan examine its methodology — and we join others in calling for the Times to do just that."




Cruz for President - Amazon: 'No evidence' of bulk sales for Ted Cruz book 


Increases pressure on New York Times to produce claimed 'evidence' or apologize


HOUSTON, Texas -- Today, POLITICO reported that Amazon confirmed there is no evidence of the allegation by the New York Times that “bulk sales” drove popularity of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s book, A Time for Truth. Excerpts from POLITICO appear below:

"As of yesterday, 'A Time for Truth' was the number 13 bestselling book, and there is no evidence of unusual bulk purchase activity in our sales data," Sarah Gelman, Amazon's director of press relations, said in an email.

"Amazon's findings match those of HarperCollins, the book's publisher, which said Friday that it had 'investigated the sales pattern' for Cruz’s book and found 'no evidence of bulk orders or sales through any retailer or organization.' Moments after that announcement, Cruz's campaign issued a press release accusing the Times of lying and calling on the paper to provide evidence of bulk purchasing or else formally apologize.


"'A Time For Truth,' which was published on June 30, sold 11,854 copies in its first week -- more than 18 of the 20 titles on the Times bestseller list for the week ending July 4, according to Nielsen bookscan. On raw numbers, Cruz's book would have finished at #3 on the Times' influential list of hardcover nonfiction. However, the Times informed HarperCollins last week that Cruz's book would not be on the list.

See the full article here.





Cruz For President - New York Times Doubles Down on Ted Cruz Blacklisting 


A Time for Truth and a Time for Lies: New York Times Doubles Down on Ted Cruz Blacklisting
NYT Spox Refuses to Produce Evidence or Issue Apology, Stands By Cruz Bestseller Snub


Cruz Spox: “If it lied deliberately—if the Times tried to slander the character of Senator Cruz and his publisher, knowing the charge to be false—then that goes directly to the journalistic integrity of the institution. How many other lies has the Times told?”

HOUSTON, Texas -- Last week, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s new book A Time for Truth sold more copies than all but two of the 20 books on the New York Times best-seller list. And yet, the Times refused to list Cruz’s book.

In an effort to deflect the widespread condemnation for their partisan blacklisting of the best-selling book, the New York Times made a specific—and false—attack on Cruz: that he had somehow engaged in “strategic bulk sales.”

In an unusual (and potentially risky) move for a major book publisher, HarperCollins explicitly called them out: “HarperCollins Publishers has investigated the sales pattern for Ted Cruz’s book ‘A Time for Truth’ and has found no evidence of bulk orders or sales through any retailer or organization.”

At that point, the Cruz campaign publicly called on the Times to either release their so-called “evidence” or issue a formal apology for impugning the integrity of Sen. Cruz and HarperCollins editor Adam Bellow.

Rather than do either, New York Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy said the newspaper is “standing by” their previous falsehood regarding bulk purchases and offered a “no comment” when asked about producing evidence of the claim or issuing an apology to Sen. Cruz and HarperCollins editor Adam Bellow (, 7/10/15).

As a factual matter, there are only two possibilities: (1) the Times possesses some mysterious, hidden evidence of bulk sales—that neither HarperCollins nor any other best-seller list could manage to discover, or (2) no such evidence exists, and the Times deliberately lied in order to hide their partisan bias.

“The New York Times holds itself out as the ‘newspaper of record,’” said Cruz campaign spokesman Rick Tyler. “If it lied deliberately—if the Times tried to slander the character of Senator Cruz and his publisher, knowing the charge to be false—then that goes directly to the journalistic integrity of the institution. How many other lies has the Times told? Are they only directed at Republicans? Under what circumstances does the Times believe it is appropriate for journalists to deliberately deceive the public?”

“If the New York Times desires to be seen as anything other than a partisan and dishonest attack dog for the far Left, then the only responsible course of action is either to release their so-called ‘evidence’ or to publicly apologize for making false charges. Silence—hiding from the truth—only screams confirmation that the Times intends to continue lying. Any journalist concerned about their institutional integrity should be embarrassed, and should demand corrective action.”





Cruz For President - New York Times Is Lying: Cruz Campaign Calls on the Times to Release Their Evidence or Issue a Formal Apology 


HOUSTON, Texas -- Yesterday, news broke that the New York Times had omitted Cruz’s best-selling book A Time for Truth from their best-seller list.

Bookscan, a subscription service that tracks the vast majority of book sales in America, is usually a reliable indicator of the New York Times bestseller list. For example, this week’s #1 and #2 books on Bookscan are also #1 and #2 on the NYT list. But the #3 book, Cruz’s A Time for Truth, has been omitted altogether from the top twenty spots on the New York Times list.

This is despite the fact that Cruz’s book sold more copies last week than 18 of the 20 books on the list.

Their decision to blackball Cruz's book suggests that the Times very much does not want people to read the book.

The Times’s initial explanation was cryptic: “We have uniform standards that we apply to our best seller list, which includes an analysis of book sales that goes beyond simply the number of books sold.”

When the Times was roundly condemned for its obvious political bias, they issued a revised statement: “In the case of this book, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence was that sales were limited to strategic bulk purchases.”

This statement is false, and the Times knows it.

There were no “strategic bulk purchases.” Cruz spent last week on a nation-wide book tour, signing copies of his book at multiple locations. Booksellers at each event had long lines—sometimes over 400 people per event.

Pictures from some of these signings may be found here: Arlington, TXKaty, TX, and Sioux City, IA.

Simultaneously, Cruz’s book was ranked the #1 political seller on Amazon, and made it as high as the #9 overall seller (across all categories, including fiction).

“The Times is presumably embarrassed by having their obvious partisan bias called out. But their response—alleging ‘strategic bulk purchases’—is a blatant falsehood,” said Cruz campaign spokesperson Rick Tyler. “The evidence is directly to the contrary. In leveling this false charge, the Times has tried to impugn the integrity of Senator Cruz and of his publisher Harper Collins.”

“We call on the Times, release your so-called ‘evidence.’ Demonstrate that your charge isn’t simply a naked fabrication, designed to cover up your own partisan agenda. And, if you cannot do so, then issue a public apology to Senator Cruz and Harper Collins editor Adam Bellow for making false charges against them.”