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SEIA Statement on Confirmation of Cathy Zoi as DOE Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) President and CEORhone Resch issued the following statement on the Senate confirmation of Cathy Zoi as Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:


“We commend President Obama for selecting such a well-respected leader in the environmental and renewable energy sectors. As the founding CEO of the Alliance for Climate Protection, Cathy Zoi has been on the front lines in the fight against global warming.She understands the pivotal role that renewable energy, such as solar, will play in creating jobs, reducing pollution and meeting the President's goal of producing 25 percent of U.S. electricity from renewable resources by 2025. We look forward to working with her and the rest of President Obama's energy team in making solar a significant part of our energy portfolio."




Daily Grind: Questions Follow New Deputy HUD Secretary into Office 

EXCLUSIVE: Records violations ensnare housing nominee
Ron Sims withheld information from King County residents on the controversial building of Qwest Field.


Union and ACORN Wage Inspectors Coming to a Corner Near You
The U.S. Department of Labor is becoming the "U.S. Department of Labor Unions."


Monitoring "Extremism"
"[W]e do not - nor will we ever - monitor ideology or political beliefs..." except for all the Internet "chatter" the Department monitors.


Capitalism in Crisis
Richard Posner notes that the financial crisis' root cause was easy money from the central bank.





ALG - Sims HUD Nomination in Deepening Trouble as ALG Calls for Senate Rejection 

"Sometimes, the truth hurts. Ron Sims may not like it, but it is

a matter of public record that his office concealed information

that was politically damaging. And that is not the sort of record

that ought to be brought to Washington."-ALG President Bill Wilson.


Sims HUD Nomination in Deepening Trouble as ALG Calls for Senate Rejection


April 30th, Fairfax, VA-Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson called upon the Senate to reject the nomination of Ron Sims to deputy secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development as "an irresponsible choice by Barack Obama of a man who ought to be sent back to Seattle to ruminate in his field of schemes."


ALG News has learned that at least one Senator is considering placing a hold on Sims' nomination for additional questioning over Sims' role in long-standing stadium controversy. And now more are raising questions over the controversial nomination's qualifications.


"As King County Executive, Ron Sims' administration first concealed information from King County voters to get Qwest Field built via a 1997 referendum," said Wilson.


"And then, Sims' office concealed the same information for another four years from Armen Yousoufian, who prior to the vote requested studies be made public that were damaging to the political case made by Sims to the county legislature and residents who voted to build the stadium," Wilson added.


"And then, only because of a court order did his office 'find' the documents. Barack Obama promised the most open, transparent administration ever. And yet Obama's nominee Sims acted so arrogantly that it took a court to force him to disclose basic information," Wilson noted.


In a recent video interview with the Washington News Observer, when asked if he concealed anything and was fined $120,000, Sims denied any wrongdoing. "I didn't conceal anything... I was not fined $120,000."


"As a matter of fact, it's interesting because there is nothing in the court record at all involving me personally. I never was involved in that at all. There's nothing-nothing regarding my conduct. I didn't conceal a thing. I did order the release of documents after they were discovered, but I never concealed anything," Sims added.


The trial court that originally heard the case ruled King County could have complied with Yousoufian's request within five business days following Yousoufian's initial request. Instead it took more than four years and a handful of lawsuits.


Contradicting Sims' denial that "there is nothing in the court record" involving him, "The office of Ron Sims, King County Executive" was listed as the respondent in the case Yousoufian v. Sims, as reported by the Washington Examiner.


"To this day, Sims cannot come to grips with the fact that the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that his office 'repeatedly deceived and misinformed Yousoufian,'" said Wilson.


According to the majority opinion in the case, "The unchallenged findings of fact demonstrate King County repeatedly deceived and misinformed Yousoufian for years. King County told Yousoufian it produced all the requested documents, when in fact it had not. King County told Yousoufian the information was located elsewhere, when in fact it was not. After years of delay, mispresentation, and ineptitude on the part of King County, Yousoufian filed suit; nevertheless, it would still take another year for King County to completely and accurately respond to Yousoufian's original request, well past the purpose of his request, the referendum on public financing of a sports stadium."


"Sometimes, the truth hurts," said Wilson.


"Ron Sims may not like it, but it is a matter of public record that his office concealed information that was politically damaging. And that is not the sort of record that ought to be brought to Washington," Wilson concluded.


NetRight Daily: Today's Top Stories on NetRight Nation 

GOP Should End Affair With Corporate Elites: Earlier this month, the United States Chamber of Commerce handed out its annual "Spirit of Enterprise" awards to those members of Congress who voted with the Chamber 70 percent of the time on its most important legislative initiatives of 2008. The only four Republican senators who did not receive the award were Jon Kyl, Jeff Sessions, Jim Inhofe and me - four of the most conservative members of the Senate.


Tell The Truth Ron Sims: On April, 23rd when Senator David Vitter questioned HUD nominee Ron Sims, King County Executive, about his role in the "protracted 12-year legal battle involving government documents relating to Qwest Field" he answered, "With regard to the litigation involving Qwest Field, since the matter is involved in active litigation, I am regrettably unable to comment upon that case." However, we have a video that shows Ron Sims may not be telling the truth.


Was Solis a Straw Officer at Americans Rights at Work?: As the "Employee No Choice Act"-legislation that would replace the workplace secret ballots with union tyranny-comes to the forefront of the Congressional agenda, new questions are emerging about Hilda Solis, Barack Obama's Labor Secretary. Specifically, what role did she played at the organized labor front group, American Rights at Work.


Feeding the Monster: American taxpayers are feeding a voracious monster that threatens their very existence. Much like the unwitting tourist that feeds a wild animal only to whet its insatiable appetite, American taxpayers are funding a government bureaucracy that, at its current and projected growth rate, will eventually consume the private sector.


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Daily Grind: Senate Should Hold Off on Sims 

Editorial: Senate Should Hold Off on Sims
It will take a courageous senator or two to further examine Ron Sims' role in deceiving King County residents in a 1997 referendum that built Qwest Field.


Was Solis a Straw Officer at ARW?
Did Labor Secretary Hilda Solis authorize lobbying expenditures as Treasurer of American Rights at Work while she was a member of Congress?


Mr. King and His Courtiers
Pay-to-play again comes to the forefront in New Mexico, this time from the state's Attorney General.