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Lambert For Congress (CD2) - Release First TV Ad: "Oath"; Garcia Supports Amnesty 

Marilinda Garcia Supports Amnesty

LambertReleases First TV Ad: “Oath”


Nashua, NH – In response to the recent revelations concerning Marilinda Garcia’s clear record of support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, Gary Lambert has released his first TV ad entitled “Oath”. Lambert also issued the following statement:


"As the record clearly shows, Marilinda Garcia supports amnesty for illegal immigrants,” said Lambert. “Representative Garcia sponsored a National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators resolution with 1 Republican and 12 Democrats which called for ‘legalizing the undocumented population.’ If that’s not amnesty, I don’t know what is.”


"Voter's want to know where candidates stand on amnesty. On this issue, the differences between the two of us is clear; Marilinda Garcia supports amnesty and I do not. I believe we need to secure our border immediately and enforce the laws of our country.”


Watch the ad here:




Background: Below please find the NHCSL resolution.






WHEREAS, We are a nation of immigrants, and we strongly believe in an immigration system that maintains a healthy and vibrant economy, while promoting human respect, dignity and the opportunity to share in the American Dream and invest in our common future.

WHEREAS, we are grateful and applaud members of Congress who have worked diligently to support responsible bipartisan legislation aimed at addressing immigration reform and promoting a comprehensive approach to fix a broken system that no longer works for our economy and security.

WHEREAS, the United States of America is a country of immigrants, and one of its greatest competitive advantages is that the best, brightest and hardest workers from all over the world aspire to work here. Immigrants in our country are bound together by national values of economic opportunity as reward for hard work, known far and wide as the American Dream.

WHEREAS, immigrants who seek the American Dream will remain an essential part of whom we are as a country. It is morally and fiscally irresponsible to not design an immigration system that takes advantage of this fact.

WHEREAS, Legalizing the undocumented population lets us know who is living within our nation’s borders and allows our public safety representatives and first responders to focus time and resources on criminal elements intent on threatening our nation, citizens, freedoms, and way of life.

WHEREAS, the United States of America has been made fruitful by its welcoming of immigrants yet, we ask that CIR remains committed to addressing and enhancing our national security and that it remain imperative to secure from any criminal threats our air, land and sea ports as well as the northern and southern borders between the ports of entry. Increasing security at our ports also will result in more resources better able to process the billions in trade that crosses the U.S. border each day, strengthening our economy. 

WHEREAS, Immigrants contribute to our nations entrepreneurial tradition. According to an October 2012 Kauffman Foundation study, U.S. businesses founded by immigrants employed approximately 560,000 workers and generated $63 billion in sales during 2012.

WHEREAS, Currently immigrants and their businesses contribute $162 billion in tax revenue to the United States federal, state and local governments. Encouraging more immigrants out of the shadows into citizenship, and applying our laws will expand the nation’s tax base and keep more families together and safe. Immigration reform will also reduce our federal deficit by more than $2.5 trillion over the next ten years and increase GDP per capita by over $1,500 according to former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

WHEREAS, meaningful CIR will help bring approximately 11 million immigrants living in the country today out of the shadows, while providing our economy with a diverse array of educated professionals, skilled workers and dedicated entrepreneurs which have made America stronger economically and globally competitive.

WHEREAS, we implore our elected representatives to collaborate until they pass a meaningful solution before the end of the year that includes a path to citizenship and a truthful framework that recognizes the reality of many industries throughout our nation in desperate need of workers of all different levels of skill.

WHEREAS, the availability of information, resources, services and educational tools is essential to make possible the desire of undocumented immigrants and their families to become law-abiding, productive members of our respective communities earning their way to citizenship.

WHEREAS, one of the policy priorities of NHCSL is to focus on immigration reform and assist its members and their constituencies be better informed about the emerging immigration reform process, issues and to ensure that all immigrants are informed, educated and treated fairly and with dignity. 

WHEREAS, with smart reforms, CIR can help to address many economic sectors’ need for labor, and we can reinforce and protect our long-term future and create a productive work force, while also cultivating a fair system that allows immigrant workers to become productive, tax-paying members of our society.

BE IT RESOLVED, that CIR must create a system that promotes a win-win scenario that is fair, equitable and reasonable for business and employees alike. The system must be reliable and avoid unnecessary punitive measures for business and employees who are demonstrating a real desire to comply and respect rules and eligibility. Employers should be required to use the E-verify system, and for those who use in good faith should be free from penalty. Employers who do not hire workers who are authorized for employment should face increased sanctions.

BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED, We ask Congress to pass CIR in an effort to build a 21st century economy by addressing market needs that will help to sustain various service industries and labor forces, as well as help to provide sufficient high skilled worked to support our tech industries.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators will work in conjunction with Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation; and the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators will continue to be an informational resource to its members and immigrants of this country concerning legislation applicable to Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the citizenship process.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, Comprehensive Immigration Reform is long overdue and we ask that the federal government and our leadership commit to the passage of meaningful reform before the end of 2013.


SPONSORED BY: Representative Minnie Gonzalez (CT) & Representative Catherine Miranda (AZ) CO-SPONSORED BY: Senator Juan M. Pichardo (RI), Senator Richard C. Martinez (NM), Senator Iris Y. Martinez (IL), Senator Carmelo J. Rios Santiago (PR), Senator Eduardo Bhatia Gautier (PR), Senator Anna Tovar (AZ), Senator Jose R. Nadal Power (PR), Senator Jorge I. Suarez Caceres (PR), Speaker Jaime R. Perelló Borrás (PR), Representative Joseph E. Miró (DE), Representative Marilinda Garcia (NH), Representative Ezequiel Santiago (CT).





MANCHESTER - Today, the Brown campaign released a new TV ad, titled: ”Roll Call.” The 15-second spot highlights a series of votes cast by Senator Jeanne Shaheen that have contributed to the immigration crisis at the southern border.  
"It is time for us to secure the border and enforce the law," says Brown during the ad.
Brown pinpoints Shaheen's weak voting record and pro-amnesty policies that are encouraging people to cross the border illegally.  Specifically, Senator Shaheen’s votes against construction of a border fence – one in 2009 and another in 2013 – as well as her 2010 vote for the DREAM Act to provide legal status to certain illegal immigrants.
Brown has a strong record opposing illegal immigration and working to secure the border. He voted against the DREAM Act, in support of a border fence and in favor of sending National Guard troops to help secure the border. 
Background on Shaheen's Voting Record:
Shaheen Has Voted Against A Border Fence Twice. "An Amendment to require the
completion of at least 700 miles of reinforced fencing along the southwest border by December 31, 2010." (S. Amdt. 1399 To S. Amdt. 1373 To H.R. 2892, Roll Call Vote #220: Adopted 54-44, 7/8/09, Shaheen Voted Nay)
"An Amendment to require the completion of the 350 miles of reinforced, double-layered fencing described in section 102(b)(1)(A) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 before registered provisional immigrant status may be granted and to require the completion of 700 miles of such fencing before the status of registered provisional immigrants may be adjusted to permanent resident
status." (S.Amdt. 1197 To S. 744, Roll Call #151: Amendment Rejected 39-54-7, 6/18/13, Shaheen Voted Nay)
Shaheen Voted For The DREAM Act. "A bill to amend title 28, United States Code, to clarify and improve certain provisions relating to the removal of litigation against Federal officers or agencies to Federal courts, and for other purposes." (H.R. 5281, Roll Call Vote #278: Cloture Motion Rejected 55-41, 12/18/10, Shaheen Voted Yea)
Script for "Roll Call" (15 seconds):
Want to know why there is lawlessness on the border?
Ask Senator Shaheen.
She voted against border security twice.
And for amnesty.
It is time for us to secure the border and enforce the law.
I'm Scott Brown and I approve this message.​

Rubens For US Senate - Jim Rubens Pledge to End Career Politics Featured in Radio Ad 

As part of an ongoing statewide radio advertising campaign, a new spot began airing today that features Jim Rubens' pledge to voters to end career politics.


"Voters are fed up with career politicians and the business as usual Washington establishment," Brian Tilton, Communications Director for the Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign said.  "Voters are looking for specifics and they will hear Jim making a pledge and lead by example."


You can listen to the spot, transcript follows:


"How can you be sure I won’t become just another self-serving career politician?  I'm Jim Rubens, candidate for U.S. Senate, and I approve this message because unlike the other candidates, I didn’t move here a few months ago to run. I’ve lived and worked in New Hampshire for 40 years.

- I’ll give my Senate pension back to taxpayers.

- I pledge not to cash in as a lobbyist after leaving office.

- And I’ve term limited myself. Two terms max for Jim Rubens. 

Send Washington a message. Join me at Jim Rubens dot com."



"A nation that has lost control of its borders isn’t really a nation at all"

MANCHESTER - Today, the Brown campaign released a new radio ad about the current immigration crisis at our southern border.

In the ad, Brown calls for immediate action to secure the border, saying, "A nation that has lost control of its borders isn’t really a nation at all."
Brown says the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants descending on the U.S.-Mexico border are "creating a dangerous situation for themselves and overwhelming our capacity to respond."
Brown blames the pro-amnesty policies of President Obama and Senator Shaheen for encouraging people to come here in violation of the law. Shaheen is a supporter of the DREAM Act, which offered legal status to young illegal immigrants. When the DREAM Act failed to pass, Obama issued executive orders to halt deportation proceedings against young illegal immigrants.
As an elected official, Brown has taken a strong stand to secure the border and address illegal immigration.  He voted against the DREAM Act and opposed driver's licenses and in-state college tuition for people who are here illegally. Brown has also been a consistent supporter of a border fence to improve security.

Click here to listen to the ad
Script for “Secure Borders” (Radio: 60)
Scott Brown: I’m Scott Brown running for the United States Senate
And I want to talk to you about the immigration crisis facing our country
Americans go through security before the go on a plane
Enter a government building 
Or attend a ballgame
But folks who come here illegally
They just walk across the border - that’s wrong
Thanks to the pro-amnesty policies of President Obama and Jeanne Shaheen
Tens of thousands of people have descended on the U.S./Mexico border
Creating a dangerous situation for themselves
And overwhelming our capacity to respond
We’ve all seen the pictures on TV – total chaos
We’re a compassionate country
But a nation that has lost control of its borders
Isn’t really a nation at all
Which is why we must finally get serious about securing the border
And make it clear that if you come here illegally
We intend to enforce the law

Lambert For Congress - Lambert Calls for False Ad to Be Taken Down: Invites Rep. Garcia to Join His Demand 

Nashua – Yesterday, a political ad in the 2nd Congressional District featuring Representative Marilinda Garcia was shown to be false. In response, 2nd Congressional District candidate Gary Lambert issued the following statement: 

"It is wrong and sad to see an outside money group bankrolled by Washington insiders blatantly distort the facts in order to try to win an election," said Lambert. "Dishonest campaign tactics like this should have no place in our democratic elections and that's why I'm calling for this false ad to be taken down immediately. I invite Representative Garcia to take a stand against dirty politics and join me in calling for this false ad to be taken down."