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Sununu For Governor - Executive Councilors endorse Chris Sununu for Governor 


EXETER, NH - Today, seven current and former Executive Councilors endorsed Chris Sununu for Governor. The announcement follows last week's endorsements by two former Governors of New Hampshire.
Executive Councilor Joe Kenney of Wakefield, representing New Hampshire's North Country and Lakes Region, said, "I have had the privilege to watch and serve with Chris Sununu on the Executive Council and to see his incredible potential as a future Governor. He has the ability to lead the State in a new direction to foster a new business climate, educational opportunities and lessen the burden of governmental regulations to grow jobs. As a northern CEO of Waterville Valley, he understands and will be a friend of the North Country in support of economic development projects and with the promotion of travel and tourism. I wholeheartedly support him in his race for Governor."
Ruth Griffin, a former long-time Executive Councilor (1987-2007) from the Seacoast, said, "Chris Sununu is exactly the leader New Hampshire needs as Governor. He's earned my support by being an Executive Councilor who provides excellent constituent service, is a true friend to taxpayers, and never walks away from the tough votes. His public service and private sector experience, combined with his youth and energy, make Chris exceptionally qualified to be our Governor. Chris Sununu will be a Governor the Granite State can be proud of."
Ray Wieczorek, a former Executive Councilor (2002-13) and Mayor of Manchester, said, "Chris has a deep commitment to finding workable solutions to problems. He is knowledgeable, hardworking and determined to bring meaningful change to New Hampshire. No one is better prepared to tackle the challenges facing our state today than Chris Sununu."
Earl Rinker, a former Executive Councilor (1987-97) who represented greater Manchester, said, "Chris Sununu has proven himself to be a trusted leader for the entire state. He's made education a top priority, and he's fought hard to ensure that the issue of substance abuse is dealt with in a clear and decisive manner. Constituent service is at the core of an Executive Councilor's job, and Chris is keenly familiar with the kinds of problems that people face. He knows how government can help, and how it can hurt, and there's no doubt in my mind that he will be a difference maker for our state. I'm proud to support Chris Sununu for Governor."
Other former Executive Councilors endorsing Sununu include Louis Georgopoulos (1981-87), Bill Cahill (1985-87), and Dan St. Hilaire (2011-13).
Chris Sununu, first elected in 2010, is serving his third term on the Executive Council. He attributed the endorsements to recognition of his efforts to bring greater fiscal discipline and accountability to New Hampshire's executive branch.
"I appreciate the support of these Executive Councilors very much," Sununu said. "More than anyone, they know what the job of governor takes, and who it takes to do it. They understand the role I've played and the skills and work ethic that I will bring to the corner office. Together, we've shared the commitment to holding the executive branch, and its many unelected bureaucrats, accountable to the taxpayers."
Sununu added, "On the Council, I've been fortunate to serve along side and learn from some of our finest political leaders, not the least of whom was the late Ray Burton. The Council is a collegial group, but must be principled and forceful, insisting on integrity, fiscal discipline, and effective state government. I've learned from these Councilors that good government requires collaboration and cooperation, and positive change requires leadership. These lessons will guide me as governor, and I will be a leader for the next generation."

Sununu For NH Governor - NH Governors Endorse Chris Sununu 


EXETER, NH - Today, two of New Hampshire's former Governors endorsed Chris Sununu, a Republican candidate for Governor in the 2016 election. The endorsement comes at an early point in the election cycle, and signals strong support for Sununu's candidacy.
Former Governor Judd Gregg (1989-1993) with Mrs. Kathy Gregg, said:
"New Hampshire will be well served with Chris Sununu as our Governor. On the Executive Council, Chris is a fighter for better government and against bad policy and reckless state expenditures. As a candidate for Governor, Chris speaks passionately about growing our economy to create jobs, providing real education reform, and making the heroin epidemic a top priority.
"Running one of New Hampshire's finest ski areas has given Chris a great understanding of the importance of protecting our unique and special environment, which is so critical to maintaining New Hampshire as a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Spend just a few minutes talking with Chris and you appreciate that he is direct and truly loves this state. Chris Sununu is a leader for New Hampshire's future, and Kathy and I are pleased to support Chris for Governor."
Former Governor Steve Merrill (1993-1997) made the following statement:
"As Governor, my number one goal was to protect the New Hampshire Advantage. Our state once again needs a Governor committed to low taxes, limited government, and economic growth. We need a candidate who brings experience and leadership to state service, and that is why I am pleased to support Chris Sununu for Governor.
"Chris is a problem solver and ready on day one to tackle the challenges facing New Hampshire.  The Granite State has been without a Republican Governor for too many years, and Chris Sununu is the Republican who will win in November 2016."
Chris Sununu offered the following remarks regarding the endorsements:
"I'm humbled by the support of Senator Gregg and Governor Merrill. They are two of the most respected and accomplished leaders that our state has ever known. During their tenures, New Hampshire benefitted from strong and decisive leadership, and saw a wealth of opportunity. Their contributions to our state over the past thirty years have been extraordinary, and I look forward to seeking their counsel throughout my campaign.
"Like Judd Gregg and Steve Merrill, I will always work to bring people together and solve problems. I'll be a leader for the next generation, and together we'll create more opportunity for young people and working families by growing our economy and making government smaller, smarter, and more responsive to the citizens of our state."

Carly4America - Third Debate Declared a Win for Carly Fiorina By NH Activists

Concord, NH – Tonight,CNBC hosted the third official Republican Primary debate in Boulder, Colo. Carly Fiorina joined nine other Republican candidates on the main debate stage, which was moderated by NBC's Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick and John Harwood and broadcast from the Coors Events Center at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Bettie Lamontagne, Grassroots Republican Activist:
“Carly’s utilized another opportunity to introduce herself to the American people. She articulates a strong command of the issues – demonstrating she has one of the best minds on the stage. I expect support for her will continue to grow as more and more people see and hear Carly.”
The Honorable Tom Eaton, former New Hampshire State Senate President:
“Living in New Hampshire all my life, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many presidential contenders. The first time I met Carly Fiorina, I knew she had something special. I remember being impressed by her character, her ability to communicate, and her intellect. Carly is aware, poised, grounded, and confident. Simply put, she is presidential – I’m not surprised at all by her strong performance tonight.”

Carly For America - New Hampshire Republicans Announce Their Support For Carly Fiorina.

Supporters cite Carly’s business experience, ability to defeat Hillary Clinton 

Manchester, NH – Today, nine Republican leaders in the Granite State join the growing list of supporters in New Hampshire and across the United States to support Carly Fiorina as she runs for president. Wally Stickney, Representative Frank Kotowski, Representative Peter Spanos, Attorney Bobbie Hantz, Jean Esslinger Mathieu, Maureen Sullivan Doyle, Joe Frazier, The Honorable James F. Headd, and The Honorable Mike McCarthy join as part of New Hampshire's leadership team.
Wally Stickney:
“Carly knows first hand the challenges of dealing with how the real world of business operates here in the United States and around the globe. It is about time we have that in our President! She does not have to only rely on a gaggle of lobbyists or special interest groups to tell her what she should be doing in order to act in the best interests of the people of the United States."
RepresentativeFrank Kotowski:
"I believe that Carly's background and real world business experience makes her well positioned to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. She is well-equipped to do the job of President and is not afraid to fight for the change we need in Washington."
Representative Peter Spanos:
"With a clear grasp of domestic and foreign policy, Carly has demonstrated her commitment to the individualistic tradition upon which our nation was founded. America needs Carly Fiorina in the White House to ensure that we once again become a nation of exceptionalism."
Attorney BobbieHantz:
“We need a president who can lead, not only at home, but on the world stage. Carly Fiorina is the candidate I want representing us to Putin, to China and to Iran. I trust Carly to fight for us at home and abroad.
Jean Esslinger Mathieu:

"I am supporting Republican Carly Fiorina for President because we need her business experience and outsider perspective. I believe Carly can and will make the tough choices to reduce the size and scope of government and finally cut spending. As a small business owner myself, I am impressed with Carly's proven business record.  She understands how the economy works and what real change we need in Washington in order to jump start our economy."

New Members of New Hampshire Leadership Team:

Maureen Sullivan Doyle, GOP Activist, Bedford

Joe Frazier, GOP Activist, Canaan
Attorney Bobbie Hantz, Stratham
The Hon. James F. Headd, Former State Rep, Auburn; Current Auburn Selectman & Select Board Chairman
State Representative Frank Kotowski,Hooksett
Jean Esslinger Mathieu,GOP Activist & Small Business Owner, Manchester

The Hon. Mike McCarthy, Former State Rep, Nashua

State Representative Peter Spanos, Laconia
Wally Stickney - Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under President GeorgeH.W. Bush, Salem
Together, these Republicans join a growing group of Americans nationwide who have been moved to support Carly’s candidacy because of her willingness to challenge the professional political class and take on the status quo. They will help build a grassroots network of support in New Hampshire and communicate why Carly’s unique and impressive background is what we need in the next President of the United States.


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee's endorsement of Maggie Hassan for Senate:
"As disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's handpicked candidate for the United States Senate, an endorsement from fellow Democrat Party insiders should come as no surprise. The governor is running to appease her Washington special interest backers and today's announcement proves that she has been quietly working with them all along to use the corner office as a stepping stone for higher office. Granite Staters deserve leaders who will put New Hampshire first instead of a partisan politician like Maggie Hassan who will march in lock step with her party leadership in Washington."