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Adams For Executive Council (EC4) - U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu Endorses Jim Adams for Executive Council 

Manchester, NH- Today, U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu issued a rare primary endorsement for Jim Adams in his campaign for Executive Council in District 4. This comes at the heels of the New Hampshire Union Leader's endorsement and endorsements by Bedford business leaders Rich Ashooh and Chuck Rolecek

U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu

"Jim is tough, conservative, and a proven leader. He's exactly the kind of voice we need in Concord today." 

Jim Adams, Candidate For District 4 Executive Council

"I'm truly humbled and honored to receive such a rare endorsement from a pillar in the conservative community. My solutions-based campaign continues to grow with each voter we talk to and with our diligent work on the campaign trail. In the coming weeks, we will continue to go door to door and talk to our friends and neighbors so that our message of low taxes and accountable, transparent and efficient government is heard by all the voters of District 4."


To learn more about Jim's campaign for Executive Council, please visit his website at



MANCHESTER - Executive Councilor Chris Sununu released the following statement endorsing Scott Brown:

“Senator Shaheen has failed the people of New Hampshire time and again.  From her involvement in the IRS scandal to her prioritizing Obama’s policies over the needs of her own constituents, she continues a pattern of mistrust and abuse that must be stopped. Scott Brown will give New Hampshire its own voice in Washington. Scott Brown has already demonstrated his passion to fight for families and solve problems at the federal level.  I see him at Town Hall meetings engaging voters on a one-to-one basis, and I watch him really connect with people who are just meeting him for the first time.  I would ask all Granite Staters to reach out, talk with him, and support Scott this fall as we begin to put New Hampshire back on the right track.”

Chris Sununu lives in Newfields and is serving his second term on the Executive Council for the third district. He is also the CEO and General Manager of Waterville Valley resort.


Adams For Executive Council (D4) -Bedford Business Leaders Rich Ashooh and Chuck Rolecek Endorse Jim Adams 

 Bedford, NH- Today, Bedford business leaders Rich Ashooh and Chuck Rolecek endorsed Jim Adams for Executive Council in District 4. Both Ashooh and Rolecek cited Jim Adam's years of executive experience and solutions based approach to problems as reasons for their endorsments.  

Rich Ashooh

"Jim Adams is the exact type of person we need representing District 4 in Concord. I've known Jim for many years now and not only does he have a wealth of executive experience in which he has balanced, managed and found efficiencies in billion dollar budgets, but he also has temperament and attentiveness to listen to constituent needs and work with them in order to find constructive solutions. There is no question that Jim Adams will be getting my vote on Sept. 9th, and I urge my friends, past supporters, colleagues and neighbors to do the same." 

Chuck Rolecek

"Having spent over 35 years owning, managing and operating small businesses, it is very refreshing to see a person like Jim Adams run for Executive Council. Not only does Jim bring a wealth of executive experience to the office, having managed and balanced billion dollar budgets, but he also understands the needs of our state's small businesses and how we can help them grow and prosper. Jim Adams is a man of unshakable character and the only candidate in this race who has shown to have the character and integrity necessary for the office. Jim will also be an advocate for our state's taxpayers working to make our government leaner and more efficient. Now more than ever we need a person like Jim Adams in Concord, and I know that on Sept. 9th he has earned my vote."


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Seacoast Newspaper Backs Guinta as “Best Choice for GOP” 

Foster's Daily Democrat Joins the List!

This weekend, Team Guinta was honored to receive the endorsement of Foster’s Daily Democrat. This marks the 25th straight week of endorsement releases, dating all the way back to the first week in March.

In their endorsement, there were several reasons offered for their support of Frank Guinta's candidacy, two of which are highlighted below:

“Guinta’s campaign is not one of protest. It is one of ideas. It is one of sum and substance.”

“The political left and right in Congress are at loggerheads because they have pledged allegiance to the party; not to the cause of good government. While Guinta is a conservative to our liking, he has a temperament suited to the job that welcomes those with other views into the room for an intelligent conversation.”

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“I am honored to receive this endorsement and believe it was given because our team has always sought to distinguish ourselves from the competition by running a campaign focused on finding the better solution; not the right or left solution. As Mayor, I worked with a board comprised primarily of democrats to pass tax cuts, reduce spending and balance budgets. This is the same mind set I brought to Washington, when I worked with a Democrat Senate and President to pass three pieces of legislation I authored. And I always looked for pragmatic solutions without betraying our core principles. As your next Representative, I will continue the fight to put your interests ahead of all others.”


Adams For Executive Council (D4) - Earl Rinker Endorses Jim Adams For Executive Council 

Manchester, NH- Today, former five-term District 4 Executive Councilor Earl Rinker enthusiastically endorsed Jim Adams for Executive Council in District 4. Former Councilor Rinker cited Jim's leadership, commitment to constituent service and executive experience as reasons for his endorsement.  

Earl Rinker- Former District 4 Executive Councilor 

"I am proud to endorse the candidacy of Jim Adams for New Hampshire Executive Councilor in District 4.  As a former five-term Executive Councilor of District 4 I have a pretty good idea of what a good Executive Councilor should look like.  While I had the opportunity to serve with three Republican Governors and five Republican Councilors, there were many occasions that I voted against the wishes of a Governor or one or more of my fellow Councilors even though we were members of the same political party.  The present District 4 Executive Councilor has voted with Governor Maggie Hassan nearly 100% of the time.  We need independent thinking and good leadership on the Council, not a typical follower as the present Councilor seems to be."

"Constituent service is one of the most important responsibilities of an Executive Councilor and Jim Adams is the kind of person who will follow-through on resolving his constituents needs. His years of executive service in the US Postal Service, where he worked with billion dollar budgets helping to make them leaner and more efficient, will serve him well on the Executive Council as he works to find ways of making state government more efficient and more cost effective.  We know that current expenses in state government are exceeding revenues and a watchful eye on all those state contracts that Councilors have to approve will be most important."