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Portsmouth Herald: Brown Speaks Up In Stratham

By Erik Hawkins, Portsmouth Herald
August 27, 2014


Former Republican Massachusetts senator and New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown pulled into town Tuesday night for his fifth "New Hampshire Speaks" town hall-style meeting, where he lambasted the current administration and took questions from concerned residents about what he would do if elected to help fix, in Brown's words, "a world on fire."
The auditorium at the Stratham Municipal Center was crowded with local supporters and activists, including New Hampshire state Rep. Patrick Abrami and state Sen. Nancy Stiles, who introduced Brown.
"Scott has been working as hard as anyone I've ever seen, all over our state," Stiles said. "When people get to sit down and have a conversation with him, people understand what he's about and why we need to send him to Washington, D.C."

Brown expressed his concern over the Islamic State terror group, saying that its ultimate goal is to "march down Pennsylvania Avenue and plant a flag in the White House," also stating that in his opinion, the United States' relationship with Israel is currently the worst it has been since its creation.

With regard to illegal immigration, Brown expressed his opposition to the Dream Act. One attendee asked Brown about his stance, referencing a possible upcoming executive order that, he said, may allow 5 or 6 million illegal immigrants to become legal citizens.
"We are a compassionate country, a loving country, and we should make sure that all these young people especially coming into our country are safe and secure, and then we have to make sure they're going back to their country of origin," Brown said.

"I follow national politics, and I find his rapport with the constituents to be amazing," Herman said. "He also votes with his party and against his party ... he votes for his constituents."


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Martin For US Senate - Bedford NH Republicans deliberately humiliate U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin 

Andy Martin says Bedford Republicans engaged in deliberate humiliation when they invited him to their event as a candidate and then refused to allow him to speak alongside his primary opponents


Andy says, “The behavior of New Hampshire Republicans in trying to protect Scott Brown from a meaningful primary campaign has been and was today, disgraceful; harassing and embarrassing a statewide candidate is the tawdriest behavior I have seen in almost half a century of political activism”


(Manchester, NH) (August 25, 2014) 


Dear New Hampshire Republican:


Today I was deliberately humiliated by the Bedford Republican Committee. Will anyone stand up to defend my right to run for the U. S. Senate? My credentials and qualifications easily match or exceed those of my opponents.


Here is the emailed invitation received:


Dear Candidate,

I hope you are having a great summer and that all is going well with your campaign.   I know it is a lot of work and we at the Bedford Republican Committee appreciate all who are willing to dedicate time and resources to run for office and serve as elected officials.

At the end of this month we have a great opportunity for you to meet and mingle with the people of
Bedford just before the primary.   It is our annual Breakfast and is scheduled for Monday morning, August 25th at 7:00 AM.   It will be held at the Manchester Country Club in Bedford.  We will hear from many of our national candidates and some of our state candidates as well.    There will be time before and after the program to mingle, pass out literature, etc.

Tickets are $30 each and can be purchased on our website   We are also making tables of 8 available to candidates for purchase at the discounted price of $210.    Thank you to those of you who already taken us up on this offer.

We feel like this will be a great election for the Republicans and are doing are best to energize and activate people here in

Again,  thank you for your contributions to this effort.   We hope to see you at our breakfast.   If you have any questions feel free to give me a call.

Valerie Earnshaw
Chair, Bedford Republican Committee


I purchased a ticket and appeared. Earlier today you received a copy of the remarks I prepared to deliver at the Bedford breakfast on President Obama’s procrastination in the rescuing of James Foley.


The master of ceremonies, who I believe was Ray Chadwick, said he would take the candidates speaking in alphabetical order. When he came to “M” he ignored me and went on to “R.”


People came up to me and asked why I was not being allowed to speak. I told them I was an invited guest and I was completely surprised by a committee inviting me and then humiliating me in front of my primary opponents. Is this democracy, New Hampshire Republican-style?


I have a distinguished record of public service and political involvement, see and You don’t have to agree with me or support me to defend my right to run for office.


There is no basis to treat me in this disgraceful manner.


Adding to the insult, Scott Brown got up and said he wanted “party unity” after the primary. Why would I support people that have violated their oaths of party office to remain neutral in the primary, and have done everything in their power to humiliate and harass me?


Today Bedford Republicans reached a new low.


In April, Bedford Republicans conducted a “senate debate,” including Karen Testerman but not me. Shortly afterwards she dropped out. Is this the kind of “neutrality” the party by-laws require?


Should Brown and his posse expect payback from me for the humiliation today? Do you think anyone who has been abused in this manner should simply ignore the bad manners of Bedford Republicans and back them anyway? I invite your responses.


New Hampshire is a wonderful state. I have met many fine rank-and-file Republicans. But the leadership of the Republican Party is rotten to the core. Bedford Republicans proved that today. Which is why the GOP keeps losing statewide elections.


Will anyone stand up to condemn this disgraceful behavior against a qualified candidate? Or do Republican leadersneed to lose another election before they get the message?






Smith For US Senate - Freedom Concert Countdown - 3 Days to Go!



There are only 3 DAYS LEFT and counting down to the biggest concert of the year at the Rochester Fairgrounds in Rochester, NH!

The Confederate Railroad Freedom Concert this Friday, August 29 offers live entertainment — two great bands followed by country superstars CONFEDERATE RAILROAD and ending with a spectacular ATLAS FIREWORKS show at 9:30pm.

Only $20 for adults and children are FREE.  What a bargain!

HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOUR TICKETS YET?  Want to do something special for a family member or a friend?  How about purchasing tickets for them as a gift!

Call 603-606-1581 or go ONLINE to purchase your tickets.  Tickets can be picked up at the Will Call booth at the Fairgrounds.

If you are unable to attend the concert but still want to help support Senator Bob Smith, please consider donating to the Smith Campaign. Click on the link above.  It’s that easy!  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,




Smith For US Senate - Exciting Sign Wave In Epping! 


Needed:  Volunteer Sign Wavers!  Exciting Job Meeting People!




Team Smith has another sign wave lined up for Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 3:45pm in Epping.  All are invited to come and help support Senator Bob Smith.


Meet up in the parking lot at McDonalds Restaurant, 56 Caleb Highway, Epping, NH, Exit 7 off Route 101 in Epping.


Your contact is Gigi White and you can call her for more information at 603-722-0498.  Thank you Gigi!


If you can’t make the sign wave, please consider donating to Senator Bob’s campaign.  Your support is needed to help Senator Smith WIN the NH Primary on September 9.  Just click on the DONATE link below, its as easy as that!









Smith For US Senate - Great Turnout in Support of Senator Smith at Debate 



Great Turnout in Support of Senator Smith at Debate


Senator Bob Smith once again proved that he is the ONLY candidate who truly knows and understands the issues at Saturday night’s Republican Candidates Debate at Exeter Town Hall.


The debate, sponsored jointly by the Exeter Republican Town Committee, Rockingham County Republican Committee and Seacoast Republican Women, did not allow the candidates in a true face-to-face confrontation with opportunities to respond to each other, nevertheless showed Senator Smith as the strongest candidate who totally understands the issues facing our state and our country today.


Scott Brown, carrying his “crib notes” to the stage gave his typical scripted answers to the questions given by the moderator, which amounted to nothing more than generalities on each subject and, as usual, there was no substance in his answers.  Jim Rubens continued to promote some of his more extremist views that did not appear to resonate with the audience.  


Only Bob Smith gave definitive and concise answers to each question and his experience showed a clear distinction between Bob Smith’s knowledge of the issues contrasting the talking points of an unprepared Scott Brown and Jim Rubens.


Senator Smith received confirmation of his positions with outbursts of cheers and applause during several of his responses and the audience voiced their approval of his knowledge and experience over superficial talking points with strong applause after his closing statements.



See more photos on Bob Smith for US Senate web site.

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