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Bill O’Brien Announces County Chairmen for Speaker’s Committee 

Concord, NH – House Speaker Bill O’Brien today announced that 24 current state representatives have been appointed county co-chairmen for the Committee to Re-elect Bill O’Brien Speaker.  These county chairmen join the Committee’s previously announced state co-chairmen, Reps. Gene Chandler, Marilinda Garcia, Lynn Ober, Steve Stepanek and Dan Tamburello, in offering leadership and advice for the Committee.  The list of county co-chairmen includes a mix of first-term and veteran legislators, of whom two are current GOP county chairmen (Reps. Joe Fleck and Bill O’Connor) and another a former GOP county chairman (Rep. Frank Tilton).

“This county leadership team represents a broad cross-section of the diversity of the Republican Party,” said Speaker O’Brien.  “Every member shares tremendous leadership qualities and has proven to be an effective legislator.  I look forward to working with each of them over the next six weeks and as we organize the next Republican House majority. Together with our Republican colleagues, we will ensure the continuation of the strong leadership that has pulled our state back from the fiscal abyss that this Legislature found and that has built an environment that is making it easier for employers to create good, new jobs here.  We will build on the progress made this term and deliver an accountable government for the hardworking taxpayers of New Hampshire.”


Belknap County                                   Merrimack County

Rep. Frank Tilton                                  Rep. Carol McGuire

                                                               Rep. Brandon Guida

Carroll County

Rep. Joe Fleck                                      Rockingham County

Rep. Karen Umberger                          Rep. Mary Griffin

                                                            Rep. Ken Weyler

Cheshire County                                 Rep. Al Baldasaro

Rep. John Hunt                                    Rep. Will Smith

Rep. Frank Sterling                              

                                                           Strafford County                 

Coos County                                      Rep. Bill O’Connor                            

Rep. Duffy Daugherty                         Rep. Laura Jones                                

Rep. John Tholl                                   Rep. Warren Groen


Grafton County                                 Sullivan County                                

Rep. Paul Ingbretson                          Rep. Spec Bowers                              

Rep. Edmond Gionet                           Rep. Beverly Rodeschin


Hillsborough County

Majority Leader Pete Silva

Rep. Tammy Simmons

Rep. Gary Daniels

Rep. Mark Warden



Hassan Announces Four Campaign Co-Chairs

Senator Jackie Cilley, Bill Shaheen, Kathy Sullivan and Sean O’Kane to Co-Chair Hassan for Governor


MANCHESTER – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan announced that Senator Jackie Cilley, Bill Shaheen, Kathy Sullivan and businessman Sean O’Kane will serve as co-chairs of her campaign for Governor.

Former gubernatorial candidate, Senator Jackie Cilley, announced her endorsement of Senator Maggie Hassan on Thursday and agreed to round out the Hassan team of four Campaign Co-Chairs. Senator Cilley's background experience in business and as an adjunct professor of the Whittemore School of Business at UNH, coupled with her growing up in the north country, brings a different perspective to the team. At the Democratic Unity Breakfast last week, Senator Cilley remarked that “We must bring all our energy, our passion and our drive to support Maggie Hassan and to stop Ovide Lamontagne from getting to the Governor’s office."

O’Kane is the former commissioner of the state’s Department of Resources and Economic Development, appointed by Republican Governor Craig Benson, and a political independent. He is now an executive at Schneider Electric.

“Many issues facing our state are extremely complex.  Full, open and thoughtful discussion is critical beyond simple political ideology to reach good decisions,” O’Kane, said. “I think this is a crucial quality of a good political leader, who is ultimately accountable to all the citizens of the state and not just a sliver of the population.  Maggie more than meets this standard.”

As a state Senator, Hassan worked with Governor Lynch and Republicans and Democrats on important efforts, including creating the research-and-development tax credit; creating a job training fund that has served 14,000 people at hundreds of companies; and cutting the state’s dropout rate.

“There is a clear choice in this election, and so much at stake for the people of New Hampshire.  As Governor, Maggie will move New Hampshire forward with an innovation plan that will help our businesses grow so that our families can succeed – and she will do it without a sales or income tax,” said Bill Shaheen. “In the State Senate, Maggie worked with Governor Lynch to get things done for the people of New Hampshire, and that is exactly what she will do as Governor.”

 “We can continue in the direction of Gov. John Lynch, bringing people together to move New Hampshire forward, or we can go in the direction of Speaker Bill O’Brien and the current legislature, where the needs of middle-class families take a backseat to an extreme social agenda,” said Kathy Sullivan. “In Ovide Lamontagne’s New Hampshire, abortion would be illegal, even for victims of rape and incest, and doctors and women would be criminals. Creationism could be taught in our schools. And the state would get to prevent loving couples from marrying.”  

 “I am honored to have Senator Jackie Cilley, Bill Shaheen, Kathy Sullivan and Sean O’Kane serve as Co-Chairs of my campaign for Governor. I look forward to working with them during my campaign for Governor,” said Hassan.


Romney Campaign Announces New Hampshire Steering Committee

Manchester, NH – Today, Romney for President announced its New Hampshire Steering Committee made up of over 130 individuals from over 100 towns throughout all ten of New Hampshire’s counties. President Obama’s failed economic policies and his raid of Medicare to pay for ObamaCare have not helped middle-class families struggling in this terrible Obama economy. The residents of the Granite State are demanding a change.

"We are excited to announce the New Hampshire Steering Committee for Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan,” said U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte. “The campaign's message of prosperity, limited government, and real solutions for our country's biggest problems is resonating here in the Granite State. Through the leadership of our steering committee, America's Comeback Team will be supported by many of our state's leaders from all counties and walks of life, including small business owners, members of law enforcement, veterans, and elected officials.”

State Chair

Senator Kelly Ayotte

State Co Chairs

Senator Judd Gregg

Congressman Charlie Bass

Congressman Frank Guinta

Governor John H Sununu

Senator John E Sununu


Belknap County

Senator Jeannie Forrester

Jan and Alan Glassman

Hon. Fran Wendelboe

Sheriff Craig Wiggin


Carroll County

Senator Jeb Bradley

Beverly Bruce

Representative Gene Chandler

Sheriff Chris Connelly

Tom Dewhurst

Representative Joe Fleck

Henry Mock


Cheshire County

Bill Beauregard

Juliana  Bergeron

Hon. Tom Eaton

Sheriff  Dick Foote

Hon. Peter Heed

Hon. Steve Pelkey

Ambassador Joseph and Augusta Petrone

Representative Smokey Smith


Coos County

Senator John Gallus

Steve Griffin

Hon. Bing Judd

Sheriff Jerry Marcou

Scott Mason

Representative John Tholl


Grafton County

Councilor Ray Burton

Sheriff Doug and Barbara Dutile

Nancy Merrill

Hon. Rick St. Hilaire

Robb Thomson

Tom Thomson


Hillsborough County

Rich Ashooh

Senator Peter Bragdon

Senator Tom DeBlois

Representative Shawn Doherty

Valerie  Earnshaw

Scott Earnshaw

Liz Feren

Ben Gamache

Representative Laura Gandia

Mayor Ted Gatsas

Lisa Hansen

Sheriff  Jim Hardy

Hon. Carol Holden

Jennifer Horn

Cliff Hurst

Representative Will Infantine

Representative Shawn Jasper

Senator Gary Lambert

Ed Lecius

Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur

Senator Jim Luther

Gordon MacDonald

Shannon McGinley

                Jim Merrill

Maureen Mooney

Hon. Toni Pappas

Representative Andy Peterson

Hon. Pam Price

Chuck Rolecek

Representative Carl Seidel

Representative Pete Silva

John Stephen

Harold Turner

Councilor Ray Wieczorek

Hon. Sandra Ziehm


Merrimack County

Bruce Berke

Senator David Boutin

Peter Burger

Hon. Mark Derby

Mike DiBitetto

Hon. Chuck Douglas

Committeeman Steve Duprey

Mike Eaton

Hon. Tony Giunta

Sheriff Scott Hilliard

Mayor Ken Merrifield

Betsy Miller

Lt. Col. Mike Moffett

Scott Murray

Tom Rath

Representative Molly Sanborn

Hon. Peter Spaulding

Councilor Daniel St. Hiliare

David Vicinanzo


Rockingham County

Senator Jack Barnes

Hon. Sandy Buck

Ambassador Gerry Carmen

Senator Sharon Carson

Hon. Jim Coburn

Sheriff Mike Downing

Representative Marilinda Garcia

Ruth Griffin

Representative  Mary Griffin

Jeff Hatch

Mike Hickey

George Kassas

Hon. Bob Letourneau

Jim MacEachern

Sean Mahoney

Chairman Wayne McDonald

Senator Chuck Morse

Representative Chris Nevins

Norm Olsen

Senator Russell Prescott

Senator Jim Rausch

Hon. Jim Reams

Stella Scamman

Hon. Doug Scamman

Senator Nancy Stiles

Councilor Christopher Sununu

Mark and Sharon Sykas

Hon. Donna Sytek

Chris Wolfe


Strafford County

Fergus Cullen

Hon. Ed Dupont

Jackie Eastwood

Senator Fenton Groen

Jack Kimball

Hon. George Lovejoy

Matt Mayberry

Michael McClurken


Sullivan County

Ernie Bridge

Senator Bob Odell

Sheriff Mike Prozzo

Representative Bev Roedeschin


Hassan Builds Field Staff 

I have some very exciting new to share!

This week, Maggie’s team grew again; we added four field organizers to Team Hassan.  Brandi, Jessie, Mary Ellen, and Zack will be working day and night with our strong volunteer force to spread Maggie’s message to every corner of the state. 

Matt, with your continued help, these staff will be working around the clock to make phone calls, put up yard signs, hold house parties, and talk to voters door-to-door.


Will you help them get Maggie’s message out throughout the summer and fall?

$5.00 will buy clipboards for our organizers to use when going door-to-door.

$39.99 buys one cell phone to make calls to undecided voters in New Hampshire.

$212.00 covers the cost of enough yard signs for one town in New Hampshire.

The summer is almost half-way over and we are working harder and longer every day.  We have 61 days left until the primary and Maggie and our staff will be working every one of those days to make sure we have a Governor who will lead New Hampshire forward.  

Matt, will you help us by making a contribution of what you can afford today?

Thank you.

Matt Burgess
Campaign Manager



Maggie Hassan Announces Veteran Democratic Activist Lenore Patton as Grassroots Co-Chair

MANCHESTER, NH – Maggie Hassan for Governor today announced longtime Democratic activist and former Rockingham County Democratic Chair Lenore Patton as one of the campaign’s Grassroots Co-Chairs.  Patton joins State Representative Jennifer Daler of Temple, Pat Morris of Manchester and Chaz Proulx of Raymond as Hassan Grassroots Co-Chairs.

“Lenore has been a powerhouse organizer in Rockingham County for years and I’m thrilled to have her on board our campaign,” said Hassan.  “Our campaign continues to build strong grassroots support every day and every week.  This is what it takes to win in New Hampshire.”

“Maggie is the exactly the kind of leader we need in the Governor’s office,” said Patton. “She is running an energetic grassroots campaign to move New Hampshire forward and give every middle class family the opportunity to succeed. I’m proud to join her campaign as a Grassroots Co-Chair and look forward to helping her win in September and November.”

Hassan’s campaign has continued building momentum over the past months, breaking a fundraising record for a first time gubernatorial candidate with nearly $700,000 raised.  She recently earned the support of the Teamsters Local 633 and Communications Workers of America Local 1400 – her sixth and seventh labor endorsements. Hassan also has the support of EMILY’s List and the Women’s Campaign Fund.