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Rubens For US Senate - Rubens Campaign Releases Video Calling for End to Career Politics  


The Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign released a web video today calling for an end to Washington career politics. The video shows New Hampshire voters speaking candidly about what they see wrong with Washington, DC and a general distrust of politicians.

"The footage shown is the pure, raw anger that people are feeling towards the disconnect between politicians in Washington, DC and the voters back home in New Hampshire," Rubens said. "This is the message I am hearing time and time again everywhere I go. People are fed up with politicians who go to Washington to do nothing but raise campaign cash for the next election, serve in office for eternity or to leave office to become a high-priced lobbyist."

In the video, Rubens makes three pledges to:

- Serve only two terms
- Send his pension back to the taxpayers
- See to it that all laws passed by Congress also apply to members of Congress

Rubens adds, "The voters are upset and they are demanding that this Washington career entitlement stop. I am the only one in this Senate race committed to doing that."

The video will be run as a web ad targeting Republican primary voters and can be viewed on is in addition to our radio ad that is still running across the state. All donations that come in from this e-mail will be used to keep these ads running. Please donate as much as you can, even a donation of $25 will help keep this ad going.


Hemingway For Governor - Hemingway Launches Latest Web Video in "Solutions" Series 


Hemingway Launches Latest Web Video in “Solutions” Series

Manchester, NH – Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway has released the latest in his series of web videos Solutions: Coming November 2014!

In the latest, he speaks about the philosophy of our state motto and what it should mean in the governing of our state.

You may watch the video by clicking the screen below!


“As government grows, individual and economic freedom shrinks, the two are directly correlated,” Hemingway said.  “We have seen a dramatic change in our state in the past decade and as Governor, I hope to bring New Hampshire to a place where ‘Live Free or Die’ is more than a marketing tool.  It should be our way of life.”

For more about Andrew Hemingway, visit his website at



Coming November 2014: Solutions


Manchester, NH – Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway today released a new web video.  This is the first in a series to be released throughout the summer regarding his thoughts on the issues that matter most to New Hampshire citizens.

Coming November 2014! Solutions to: Education

(Just click the video below to watch, or go to )


Andrew believes local control and school choice are the strongest avenues to improve our education system for New Hampshire kids.  “When our students graduate, they have to compete in a global marketplace, therefore, so should our schools,” Hemingway said. 

For more on Andrew Hemingway and his Solutions First platform, visit his website at



MANCHESTER - Today, the Brown campaign released a new web video featuring Governor Romney’s endorsement of Scott Brown. The video, titled "Unity," showcases Romney and Brown rallying together with hundreds of Republicans and supporters at the Scamman Bittersweet Farm in Stratham.
During his remarks, Romney zeroes in on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's record of voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time. Romney declares, “Washington is not a place where New Hampshire wants to play a game of 'Simon says.' She is the 'Simon says' senator. We don’t need that.  We need an independent senator.”
Saying that people across New Hampshire know the “stakes are high,” Brown adds that, “A unified party after the primary, along with those good independents and good Democrats who are just fed up, is Senator Shaheen’s worst nightmare.” Brown goes on to say that once elected, he will be, “Nobody’s yes man. Nobody’s rubberstamp,” and concludes by saying, “Let the change begin right here in New Hampshire.”

Click here to watch


And so I’m proud to be here today to endorse someone who I know well
A terrific American, an independent voice, an independent thinker
Not someone who will go to Washington and rubber-stamp everything that comes down the pike
Instead he will stand up for the people of New Hampshire and for what he believes
SUPPORTER: We feel he is our best Republican to win this race and bring a Republican majority to the U.S. Senate
SUPPORTER:  We need leaders, we need leaders like that
That’s why we are backing Scott
We need real leaders
ROMNEY: We are really at a crossroads
People are having a hard time
The President and his agenda has not helped
And at the same time we have lost a lot of the esteem and influence we had around the world
Because instead of shaping events as a nation, we have become the victim of circumstance

But the people of New Hampshire have a chance to vote on what they think of the president’s agenda
And they’ll do that by saying what they will about the president’s number one supporter Jeanne Shaheen
She votes with the President 99 percent of the time
Washington is not a place where New Hampshire wants to play a game of ‘Simon Says’
She’s the ‘Simon Says’ senator
We don’t need that, we need an independent senator
The next United States Senator from New Hampshire, Scott Brown
BROWN: All across New Hampshire, Republicans are coming together in this race because they know that the stakes are high
A unified party after the primary, along with those good independents and good Democrats who are just fed up is Senator Shaheen’s worst nightmare
Should I have the honor of being your senator I’ll promise you this
I’ll answer only to you, the people of New Hampshire and no one else
I will be nobody’s yes man
Nobody’s rubberstamp
I will give the job all that is in me
I will not forget who sent me there and who is counting on me
We know that unity can make a huge difference
I say let the change begin right here in New Hampshire


Scott Brown Gives Awards To Business Owners

 By Ed Pierce, Citizen of Laconia
May 31, 2014

U.S. Senate Republican candidate Scott Brown and his wife, Gail Huff, stopped in at the resort on their way to an evening cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee to meet Hope and Cynthia and present them with "Women for Brown Hero Awards" to recognize their persistence in keeping their business strong in a challenging environment.

The "Women for Brown Hero Awards" are intended to single out women who are making contributions to the economy of New Hampshire, helping the community thrive and to build strong families in challenging times.


He praised Cynthia for her devotion to charitable causes such as the Land and Lake Poker Run and other charity motorcycle rides to support Easter Seals.

"Naswa Resorts opened in 1935 and the Makris Family has done an extraordinary job growing the business and contributing to New Hampshire's tourism industry," Brown said.


"It is unfair that Washington regulations are forcing Cynthia to make tough choices, and it is time for new leadership to reduce the size of government and to encourage entrepreneurial success for New Hampshire," Brown said.


Brown said he is keenly aware of what the Makris Family faces in trying to keep their business viable.


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