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Ayotte For US Senate - Solutions

Today, we launched our first video, "Solutions," which lays out why I want to keep serving you in the Senate. Click here to watch, but the bottom-line is that I want to keep listening, learning and working to find common-sense solutions for New Hampshire.

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Check out the video above to learn more about what we've been able to achieve together and why I want to continue serving you.

Thank you so much for your support,


Mar232015 - Ted Cruz Launches Presidential Campaign 


Ted Cruz Launches Presidential Campaign
“Cruz for President” Video Announcement: “It’s a time for truth”

HOUSTON, TX -- Today, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced the launch of “Cruz for President,” marking the official start of his campaign to seek the 2016 Republican nomination for President of the United States.

In a new video released this morning, Senator Cruz declared “It’s a time for truth,” and shared his vision for empowering the American people and restoring accountability and responsibility in Washington.

Click here for official announcement video.

Transcript of the video:

Sen. Cruz: My story is like that of so many other American families.

I’m the son of an immigrant father, who fled oppression in Cuba and came to this country with just a hundred dollars to his name.

My mom was a pioneer in computer science, smashing glass ceilings at a time when women were discouraged from following their dreams.

And now as a husband to Heidi, and a father to our two little girls, Caroline and Catherine, I try to share the same messages of hope, freedom

And faith in God that I was raised with.

That’s why I’ve worked so hard to lead the fights to defend these cherished values.

Like the historic battle to defund ObamaCare,

Standing up to the leadership from both parties to fight a debt ceiling increase,

And putting everything on the line to stop President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional amnesty.

We’ve sent a clear message that America will stand with our allies and against our enemies,

And taken on an IRS that was threatening and intimidating its citizens.

The divide that exists in our country isn’t between political parties – it’s between Washington and the rest of us.

It’s a time for truth.

A time to rise to the challenge, just as Americans have always done,

And give bold voice and action to reclaiming the unlimited potential of each and every one of us.

Your fight, is my fight.

I believe in America and her people.

I believe in the conservative principles upon which this country was built.

And I believe we can stand up and restore our promise, honor the Constitution and re-establish our leadership in the world.

It’s going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make America great again,

And I’m ready to stand with you to lead the fight.

I’m Ted Cruz.

If you want more of the same there will be plenty to choose from.

But if you want real conservative change, and a proven record, I hope I can earn your support

Voiceover: Ted Cruz for President.

Senator Cruz also released a thirty second ad in spanish. That ad is available here.

Opting to forgo what has become known as the “explore phase” of a presidential campaign, Senator Cruz is signaling his confidence in having both the grassroots support and the financial resources necessary to win the Republican nomination.




MANCHESTER - Today, the Brown campaign released a new web video titled: “99." Shot at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics before a standing-room only crowd, Brown ​contrasts his record of independent leadership with Senator Shaheen’s blind support of President Obama and his failed agenda 99 percent of the time. 

Brown explains that Senator Shaheen's record can be "readily summed up in one single number—99,” the amount of time she votes with President Obama.

​He adds that he “views the job as senator very differently and party politics has nothing to do with it whatsoever. When any president is clear and resolute in the defense of America’s interests it won’t matter to me if we’re from the same party or not. I will be there with my vote and support.”
Click here to watch.

Transcript "99":

Scott Brown: In our state voters have a very clear choice, between two candidates with very different records and different ideas on those positions.
And as always in New Hampshire, the test is pretty straightforward folks.

Who has the judgment to make the right calls?
The question is who has shown real and true independence and put party loyalty aside?
And put our country and national interests first each and every time?
As you know she is the senior senator from New Hampshire, and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee.
She has been in that privileged, and I say privileged position for nearly six years.
And she has a record that can be readily summed up in one single number: 99.
99 percent.  That is how often Senator Shaheen votes in support of any policy of the Obama Administration, whatever it is.
See I view the job as senator very differently and party politics has nothing to do with it whatsoever.
When any president is clear and resolute in the defense of America’s interests it won’t matter to me if we’re from the same party or not.
I will be there with my vote and support.
But where there is confusion and where there is indecision and where there is incoherence in foreign policy I will challenge and I will question and never fall in line with anyone and be that rubberstamp.



MANCHESTER The Brown campaign released the following video of Scott Brown delivering a campaign speech at today’s rally at the Nashua American Legion. Senator Kelly Ayotte and Senator John McCain stood in strong support of Scott Brown as he presented a stark contrast between himself and President Obama’s closest ally in the Senate, Jeanne Shaheen.

Click here to watch the video. 

Verbate of the Speech:

“In political service or if you’re just working your rear end off to make a living for your family, each and every one of you understands what that takes.

You have a chance to have someone who is a true independent leader. I was the most bipartisan Senator in the United States Senate. Right now, we have the number one partisan senator.

Every single time that Senator Ayotte goes down to Washington and takes a courageous vote to help with our business issues and push our country ahead and its respect throughout the world, each and every time it’s canceled out by Senator Shaheen.

And we have an opportunity to take back the Senate. Make Harry Reid the Minority Leader. Take those 400 bills and put them on the President’s desk and say,

‘Sir, why didn’t you approve the Keystone pipeline?

Why didn’t you shut the border?

Why didn’t you give us clear and concise information on what we’re supposed to do with Ebola?

Why don’t our allies trust us?

Why don’t our foes fear or respect us, sir?’

Let’s see what he says to us. We have an opportunity to change history, to change the direction of our country, to right the ship and you have an opportunity to make a very real difference.

Right now, we have seven days and a wake up. Do not wake up the next day and say,

‘My gosh, I should have gone to the phone bank and made more phone calls. I should have called my kids at school and got them a ballot. I should have brought mom or dad down to the polling place.’

Do not waste this opportunity to send a message to Washington that you’re tired of the gridlock, that you’re tired of the indecision, that you’re tired of the half-steps and hesitations that are leading us on a dangerous and wrong path.

So I’m asking for each and every one of your votes. I am asking that you give me two or three hours a day for the next 8 days to make a difference. To help us with the New Hampshire advantage and help restore America.

Thank you.”



MANCHESTER Today, the Brown campaign released a new web video titled, "Then and Now,” that contrasts Jeanne Shaheen’s efforts to distance herself from President Obama in 2014 with her past enthusiastic and whole-hearted support for him.
When asked by Andrea Mitchell yesterday on MSNBC whether she would welcome the President on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Shaheen declined, saying, “I expect him to be in Washington.”
But it was a different Shaheen in 2008 who fully embraced Obama and his agenda, declaring in a speech at the Democratic National Convention, “Together with Barack Obama as our President, we are going to move this country in a new direction." Shaheen thought so highly of President Obama's first term that she served as co-chair for his 2012 re-election.
"Jeanne Shaheen has spent the last six years rubber-stamping President Obama's policies and going along with his agenda, which has weakened us at home and around the world. No amount of election year posturing can change that," said Brown Campaign Manager Colin Reed.  "With President Obama’s approval ratings at all-time lows, it’s understandable why Senator Shaheen would abandon him now but she can't change her record of voting with Obama 99% of the time."

Click here to watch.

Transcript "Then and Now":

Jeanne Shaheen: Like everyone in this room tonight

I am so excited that it looks like Barack Obama is going to be our next president

Together with Barack Obama as our president

We are going to move this country in a new direction

Andrea Mitchell: And having the President come won’t be helpful

Shaheen: Um, well the President is dealing with a lot of crises in the world right now

So I expect him to be in Washington

President Obama: I’m not on the ballot this fall

But make no mistake – these policies are on the ballot

Shaheen: I am so excited