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EMILY’s List Endorses Carol Shea-Porter for Congress in NH CD-1

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, endorsed Carol Shea-Porter, who’s running to represent New Hampshire’s First Congressional District and continue her lifelong fight for women and families. 


"Carol Shea-Porter is a tireless champion for women and families,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY's List. “As the first woman elected to represent New Hampshire in Congress, Carol began a strong tradition of women’s leadership. She is a leader in the fight to end gender discrimination in pay, and, as a former social worker, she is a powerful advocate for policies that give all Granite Staters a fair shot. New Hampshire women and families are sick and tired of the Republicans’ dangerous agenda. The stakes are high for this swing district in 2016, and the EMILY’s List community is proud to stand with Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire.”


Carol Shea-Porter grew up in a multigenerational household as one of seven children. Her father, a World War II veteran, taught her that good government has the power to transform lives. Carol worked her way through college at the University of New Hampshire and dedicated her career to public service as a social worker. In 2006, she became the first woman to represent New Hampshire in Congress, and she has been a tireless champion for Granite State women and families. Carol is committed to ending gender discrimination in pay, defending women’s access to health care, and expanding educational and economic opportunities for working families. When elected, she will continue her lifelong work fighting for New Hampshire women and families to have a fair shot.


During her three terms in Congress, Carol championed landmark paycheck fairness legislation; she has said, “When women are paid less than men for doing the same work, it affects their ability to send their kids to good schools, afford quality health care, and pay for everyday needs.” When elected, she will be a powerful advocate for commonsense policies that help women get ahead. Carol has worked to expand small business loans to strengthen New Hampshire’s economy, and when elected she will continue working to create good-paying jobs for Granite Staters. As a former social worker, she has experience helping families with drug and alcohol problems, as well as helping families in transition. At a time when vulnerable women and families are facing tough challenges in New Hampshire, Carol will continue her life’s work of fighting for those whose voices aren’t heard in Washington.



EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, has raised over $400 million to support pro-choice Democratic women candidates – making it one of the most successful political organizations ever. We recruit and train candidates, support strong campaigns, research women's issues, and turn out women voters. We've trained over 9,000 women to run and helped elect over 100 women to the House, 19 to the Senate, 11 governors, and over 700 to state and local office. Since its founding in 1985, almost one-third of the candidates EMILY’s List has helped elect to Congress have been women of color - including every single Latina, African American, and Asian American Democratic congresswoman currently serving.


Strong NH - Embattled Shea-Porter Super PAC Ally Indicted 


Reminder of her Hypocrisy on Campaign Finance Issues

"Shea-Porter loves to trumpet her opposition to PACs, but her hollow claim is downright laughable." 

MANCHESTER - Carl Gibson, a Super PAC ally of former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01), was indicted yesterday on voter suppression charges. It is a reminder of her hypocrisy on the subject of campaign finance.

Carl Gibson helped run an vitriolic attack campaign in New Hampshire's First Congressional District in 2012 that benefited former Congresswoman Shea-Porter's political ambitions. The Super PAC he worked for, CREDO, launched a "$3 million campaign" that year and targeted NH-01. Their current website still claims victory for their success in New Hampshire in 2012.

While there are many sources to show how involved Gibson was with CREDO Super PAC's efforts to support Shea-Porter, it can best be summarized in a lengthy opinion piece he wrote in November of 2012.

Shea-Porter alleges that she does not accept contributions from PACs and has repeatedly called for her opponents to jointly ask Super PACs to stay out NH-01. However, former Congresswoman Shea-Porter never once asked CREDO to stop efforts that benefited her campaign in 2012. In fact, she went so far as to hypocritically support CREDO Super PAC's efforts in a Union Leader interview when she said, "I don't care what they do on the ground," ... "but advertising should be off limits, as should automated telephone calls."

As reported by WMUR-TV, according to authorities, Gibson issued a fake press release last May that left an impression with voters that a special election was uncontested. The Attorney General's Office said Carl Gibson, 28, sent a release to various news outlets days before the special election. The release stated that a candidate, Yvonne Dean-Bailey, was dropping out the race, which was not true. Gibson is charged with two felonies: voter suppression and attempted voter suppression. The maximum sentence is three-and-a-half to seven years and a $4,000 fine.

Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;

"Carol Shea-Porter loves to trumpet her opposition to PACs, but her hollow claim is downright laughable. The reality is the former congresswoman is only opposed to those organizations that are not working to further her own ambitions. The indictment of embattled Carl Gibson, an ally of the former congresswoman who worked for a group that spent millions of dollars to benefit liberals like her, is the perfect reminder of her blatant hypocrisy."


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on former Democrat Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's announcement that she will run for Congress:

"New Hampshire voters rejected Congresswoman Shea-Porter last year because they were fed up with her lockstep support for President Obama's harmful partisanship and reckless tax-and-spend agenda. Granite Staters haven't forgotten her support for ObamaCare, which caused thousands of working families to lose their health insurance and countless more to lose their doctors, their jobs and hope for a better future. Former Congresswoman Shea-Porter lost last year and will lose again next year because she is dangerously out-of-touch and does not represent New Hampshire values.


Carol Shea-Porter thanks veterans for their service

Rochester, NH- Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter released the following statement:

Today, we pause again to thank our veterans. Throughout our history, America's small towns and large cities have brought forth men and women who answer their country's call.  I watched as my grandfathers' World War I generation marched in parades, and watched as my dad's World War II generation marched in parades, and then watched as our vets of the Korean War and Cold War joined them.  I watched as my husband's Vietnam era Vets lined up and the WWI group dropped away.  Now I watch as the Gulf War I vets and our newest Iraq and Afghanistan Vets show up to march, as the last of my dad's generation fade away.

Throughout it all, we have prayed for peace and prayed for the men and women who show up to preserve it or restore it.  Thank you to my husband, my dad, my grandfathers, and to all of the men and women who answered the call.  This Veterans Day, we gratefully remember those now gone, and honor those living, for their service to America.”


Carol Shea-Porter Wins Third Term in Congress 

Manchester, NH – Yesterday, Granite Staters in the First District voted to send Carol Shea-Porter back to Washington for a third term in Congress.  When Carol Shea-Porter was first elected in 2006, she was the first woman from the state of New Hampshire to serve in federal office. She will now be part of the nation’s first all-female delegation.

“I am honored to have the trust of the voters in the First District, and I pledge to work closely with Congresswoman-elect Kuster and Senators Shaheen and Ayotte to help move New Hampshire and this country forward,” Carol Shea-Porter said.