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Freekeenenews - State Police Misinform in Their Release About My Arrest

Activist Arrested, State Police Misinform As to Why

The NH State Police claim I acquired "multiple identifications" in their misleading press release.  The truth is that at no point did I have more than one ID from the state of New Hampshire, and they know that.  For full details on my arrest from yesterday, please see this post at Free Keene, and here are the warrants, charging documents, and bail paperwork.

In short, the state police are accusing me of "unsworn falsification" and "prohibitions" claiming I used a "false" or "fraudulent" name on the driver's license application, which I did not knowingly do.  Essentially, they are trying to put me in jail for two years (two class A misdemeanors) for filing papers in the wrong order.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview an activist,
Ian Freeman



Freekeenenews - BREAKING: Man With Rifle At Manchester Airport

BREAKING: Man With Rifle At Manchester Airport

Manchester liberty activist Liberty Carrots is currently standing in front of the TSA checkpoint at Manch airport with a rifle slung to his back.  He is handing out copies of the FPP newspaper and greeting travelers with a smile and wave.

Carrots’ creative, courageous activism is not the first at Manch airport.  Longtime readers of Free Keene may recall in 2012 when Keene activists Derrick J and Kelly went to Manchester airport to strip down in protest of the invasive TSA, in their “Don’tStrip Our Rights” events.

Plus, back before Free Keene even existed, early mover and civil disobedience activist Russell Kanning was arrested at the airport for trying to board a flight with no ID, a Bible, and a copy of the declaration of independence!

Free Keene blogger Robert Mathias took this photo and says video is to come – stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview an activist,
Ian Freeman

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Freekeenenews - Robin Hood of Keene Welcomes Keene State College Students Back by Filling Parking Meters for Them

Robin Hooders to Protect Returning KSC Students From Parking Tickets

Robin Hood of Keene believes strongly in the importance of education.  Therefore, it has agreed, in solidarity with Keene State College, to welcome our future scholars back to Keene, New Hampshire by filling the parking meters on the College side of Main Street near Keene State College all day on Wednesday, January 22 2014.

As you may recall, Robin Hood of Keene collaborated with City of Keene last year to extend the Holiday Parking Week by an additional day. Just as that was the first time Robin Hood of Keene partnered with City of Keene, this will be the start of Robin Hood of Keene's partnership with Keene State College. The partnership with City of Keene was a win-win for the people and small businesses of Keene. Robin Hood of Keene is looking forward to additional partnerships during 2014 with one overall goal in mind - saving the people from the King's tariff.

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Freekeenenews - BREAKING: Robin Hood Cases DISMISSED 

Court Dismisses Both Cases Against Robin Hooders

Robin Hood and the Merry Men and Women are victorious over the lying, corrupt "City of Keene" in BOTH Robin Hood cases! The first civil case was filed by "the City" back in May seeking a preliminary injunction against the six named respondents, in hopes banning them from being near, speaking to, or recording video of the parking enforcers. It was heard over three full days of court "evidentiary hearings" later in the summer and afterwards, heroic free speech attorney Jon Meyer filed a motion to dismiss the case. Attorney Meyer's motion has now been granted in a 17-page notice of decision from Cheshire "superior" court judge John C Kissinger Jr., which also dismisses the second civil case against us that was filed by "the City" in September, seeking monetary "damages". The second suit proved what we all knew and the city people had originally denied with their first lawsuit - that ultimately this was about their lost parking revenue. Ultimately, the Robin Hooders have been completely vindicated. The city people were lying (as is typical of governments) when they claimed Robin Hooders were harassing, intimidating, and threatening their parking enforcement agents. Again, the proof that they were lying is that no Robin Hooder has ever been arrested for "harassment". Even if Robin Hooders were saying nasty things (no evidence of that was presented in court, and I've never seen it happen), the job description of the parking enforcers makes it clear they must put up with "mental and verbal abuse" from members of the public. The city people tried to illegally oppress our right to free speech and to hold government agents accountable for their actions, and the court made the right decision and dismissed their frivolous, aggressive, unconstitutional cases against us. In the notice of decision, judge Kissinger notes that the free speech rights of the Robin Hooders outweigh all of the claims of "the City":
The Court agrees with the Respondents that their free speech rights under the First Amendment of the Federal Constitution will be violated by permitting the City to move forward on any of the claims in this action or the more recent action or by granting the requested preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.
In the rest of the notice, Kissinger defeats the ridiculous claims of "the City", rejecting the claim of "tortious interference", denying their request for an injunction, and dismissing the second suit for damages from "intentional interference with employment contractual relations and negligence". Will "the City" appeal the case to the supreme court? Given their past history of blowing taxpayer dollars on frivolous appeals, there is a good chance they will. They don't know how to handle taking "no" for an answer. Speaking of wasting your tax dollars, we'll be digging into the financials of this case to see just how much was spent hiring their fancy private attorneys to handle the Robin Hood case. Meanwhile, Robin Hooders are still on the streets of Keene, saving countless motorists from the aggression of the parking enforcement bureaucracy! We won't go away until they do. So far, one enforcer quit over the Summer. Will the remaining two follow suit? Will "the city" be able to find anyone willing to fill the empty position? Will they come up with some ridiculous ordinance against Robin Hooding? Stay tuned here to for continued updates on the Robin Hood saga.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview an activist,
Ian Freeman

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Freekeenenews - Free State Project Demands Apology from Concord

FSP Demands Apology from Concord City, PD

Concord bureaucrats have libeled Free State Project participants in BEARCAT grant application.  Here is the statement from Free State Project President, Carla Gericke:  The Concord NH Police Department has made false and misleading statements in a grant application for $258,024 in federal funds from the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) to receive a Lenco Bearcat armored vehicle, hereinafter the “Tank.”

The DHS grant application states: “The State of New Hampshire’s experience with terrorism slants primarily towards the domestic type. We are fortunate that our State has not been victimized from a mass casualty event from an international terrorism strike however on the domestic front, the threat is real and here. Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges. Outside of officially organized groups, several homegrown clusters that are anti-government and pose problems for law enforcement agencies.”

As president of the Free State Project (“FSP”), a NH-based non-profit organization with the sole mission of attracting 20,000 pro-freedom people to the Granite State, I am alarmed and appalled at the cleverly worded insinuation that the FSP is a domestic terrorist threat, or that “Free Staters” are “active and present daily challenges” to the Concord Police Department.

Individuals who sign up for the FSP generally subscribe to the non-aggression principle, an ethical stance which asserts that "aggression" is inherently illegitimate. "Aggression" is defined as the initiation of physical force against persons or property, the threat of such, or fraud upon persons or their property. Our website specifically states: "Anyone who promotes violence, racial hatred, or bigotry is not welcome."

Sadly, the DHS grant application only came to light through an ACLU public records request, and not as a result of transparent governance. Launched earlier this year, the ACLU program, “The Militarization of Policing in America,” with the slogan “Towns Don’t Need Tanks,” aims to determine the extent to which local police departments are now using federally subsidized military technology and war-like tactics in their communities.

>From the ACLU’s March 6, 2013 press release: "’Equipping state and local law enforcement with military weapons and vehicles, military tactical training, and actual military assistance to conduct traditional law enforcement erodes civil liberties and encourages increasingly aggressive policing...’ said Kara Dansky, senior counsel for the ACLU's Center for Justice.”

I concur. In the same way the tenor of policing changed when “peace officers” became “law enforcement officers,” no good can come from tanks in small, peaceful communities. In fact, the secrecy of the DHS grant application and the false and misleading allegations therein are prima facie examples of the erosion of civil liberties and aggressive policing referred to by the ACLU.

The New Hampshire Constitution states: “All men are born equally free and independent; therefore, all government of right originates from the people, is founded in consent, and instituted for the general good.” To discriminate against “Free Staters” for their pro-liberty, pro-peace, small government ideological beliefs, and to defame an organization in the manner set forth in the DHS grant is unconscionable, and unconstitutional.

On behalf of FSP participants, I hereby respectfully demand:
  1. A retraction and amendment of the grant application to remove all references to “Free Staters.” You are reminded that a condition of receipt of the grant’s funding is: “Funding may be suspended or terminated for filing a false certification in this application or other reports or document as part of this program.”
  2. An itemized list by calendar day of the “daily challenges” presented by “Free Staters” to the CPD. Please list individuals, not a class of people.
  3. A written letter of apology from both the City and CPD, which includes the following statements: “The Free State Project is not a domestic terrorist organization,” and “Free Staters do not pose ‘daily challenges’ to the Concord Police Department.” A copy of this letter will be posted on the Free State Project’s website, and distributed to our media contacts. Your immediate attention to this important matter is appreciated.
Yours in peace and liberty,
Carla Gericke
President, Free State Project

This letter was sent via email and USPS mail on August 2, 2013 to: Thomas Aspell (Concord City Manager), John Duval (Concord Police Chief), Brian LeBrun (Concord Deputy City Manager) with the reference: "False and Misleading Concord Bearcat DHS Grant Application CFDA #97.067" with cc to Devon Chaffee, Executive Director, NHCLU.

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