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Statement from Governor Hassan on Executive Council Approval of Rail Study

Office of New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan

CONCORD – Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement applauding the Executive Council’s approval to move forward with a study evaluating the feasibility of extending rail service from Boston to the Nashua, Manchester, Concord corridor:

“Expanded rail service to Nashua and beyond has the potential to boost New Hampshire’s economy and create jobs. The only way we can understand the full impact of the project and ensure that taxpayer dollars are protected is to gather all of the facts. Using federal funds to study the rail project is a commonsense step forward that will allow the people of New Hampshire and their elected leaders to fully evaluate the options and make an informed decision. I thank the Department of Transportation for moving quickly to bring the item to the Executive Council, and I applaud the Councilors for their bipartisan approval of this important study.”


Josiah Bartlett Center - The Fiscal Cliff, Trains, and Trillion Dollar Coins

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire

The music for the Washington fiscal cliff debate ought to be that written by Sergei Prokofiev for his “Tale of the Buffoon who Outwits Seven Other Buffoons.” Hard to believe he hadn’t of the fiscal cliff when he wrote it... Click here to keep reading.

The Trillion Dollar Coin and the Debt Limit

Would it be Possible and is it Legal?

With the US Treasury rapidly closing in on another debt limit ceiling, the idea of minting trillion dollar platinum coins to get around Congressional approval of a debt limit hike has gained some steam in the pundit world and with the public at large. It has even spawned the twitter hashtag #mintthecoin and a White House petition in support of the proposal... Click here to keep reading

Rail Back on Track in NH?

Would Cost $270 Million

Wednesday’s approval by the Capital Budget Overview Committee to fund a transportation study of the Capitol Corridor has revived hopes of commuter rail in New Hampshire. The Corridor project, if completed in its entirety, would see passenger rail service run from Concord through Manchester and Nashua, continuing south into North Station in Boston.

The project in terms of costs can divided roughly into four segments, totaling roughly $270 million from various sources... Click here to keep reading.

Takeaways from the December Unemployment Report

November Rate Revised Upward, Job Creation Treading Water

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report for December, which showed that the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.8%. The BLS also revised the November rate upwards to 7.8% from 7.7%. Establishment Survey (i.e. employer) data showed that roughly 155,000 jobs were created. Click here to keep reading.


Josiah Bartlett Center - Commuter Rail, Election 2012, and Foreclosure Stats

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire

In a few weeks, Maine will finish a $44 million project to extend a money-losing commuter train and lose even more money. Fortunately, retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe got them money in the federal budget to fund their profligacy. Some politicians in New Hampshire want to follow suit and spend money we don’t have in the state budget to restore a commuter train that last operated for parts of 1980 until the federal dole ran out.ts would be inconvenient... Click here to keep reading

The Cloakroom

The BIA Commuter Rail Forum

Grant Bosse reports on a BIA forum on commuter rail in New Hampshire, featuring Charlie Arlinghaus, Peter Burling, Councilor Chris Sununu, and Mayor Donnalee Lozeau. Click here to watch.
JBC Report

Commuter Rail and the 2012 Elections

Charlie Arlinghaus talks about plans to bring commuter rail to New Hampshire with Jack Heath, and the two look ahead to the November elections in this edition of The Josiah Bartlett Report. Click here to keep reading.

August Foreclosure Data

Slight Increase in Foreclosure Filings

According  to the foreclosure tracking firm RealtyTrac, New Hampshire saw 688 foreclosure filings for the month of August, which was slightly higher than previous month. Click here to keep reading.


Congress Considers Proposals that would be Detrimental to Amtrak Downeaster Rail Service in Durham, Dover, and Exeter

There are currently proposals before the U.S. Congress that would substantially reduce funding for Amtrak generally and eliminate all funding for state-supported Amtrak service, including the Downeaster.

Since the return of passenger rail service to Durham in 2001, the Amtrak Downeaster has provided an important service to Durham by allowing its citizens to use the train as an alternative means of transportation in place of the private automobile, as well as bringing visitors to the community and thereby enhancing our efforts toward economic development and sustainability.

Since 2001, a total of 406,328 riders have used the train from Durham/UNH.  Dover station ridership to date equals 394,642.  Exeter station ridership totals 652,949.  Approximately 55,000 riders per year are now utilizing the Durham/UNH station.

On November 7, 2011, the Durham Town Council unanimously passed a resolution seeking support from the State of New Hampshire Congressional Delegation and New Hampshire Governor John Lynch in preserving Durham and each of the NH stations as stops on the Downeaster route. To view the resolution, click HERE.

Additional information may be obtained from Trainriders Northeast at   


Todd I. Selig, Administrator
Town of Durham, NH