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ALG's Daily Grind - Mississippi Burning 


June 30, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Mississippi Burning
Republican Machiavellians may get just desserts in Mississippi.

Can Congress delegate its powers to independent entities like Amtrak?
When Congress passes an act, it typically delegates part of its authority to the Executive Branch to promulgate regulations implementing the act. By doing so, the Congress is giving part of its authority over to the Executive to make law.

House subpoenas on IRS emails expand to White House, Treasury, Justice, and FEC
ALG's Mehrens: "When the administration again stonewalls these requests, Chairman [David] Camp needs to be prepared to enforce these subpoenas in federal court."


YRNF - Statement on Republican Majority Leader and Whip Races 


Dear YRs,

On behalf of the Young Republican National Federation, I would like to congratulate our former chairman, Congressman Kevin McCarthy (1999-2001), on his successful election as Majority Leader of the remainder of the 113th Congress.  Congressman McCarthy has a tremendous track record of recruiting and supporting candidates for the House and we look forward to working with him this November.  It is a testament to his hard work that Republicans are poised to increase their majority in House and why he was deserving of this victory today.

I would also like to send congratulations to Congressman Steve Scalise on his victory in the race for Whip today.  Congressman Scalise had been active in the Louisiana Young Republicans and a great friend to the Young Republican National Federation.  We look forward to continue working with him on Republican victories this year.


Jason Weingartner
Chairman, Young Republican National Federation


ALG - House punts on debt ceiling, cedes power of the purse 


Feb. 12, 2014

House punts on debt ceiling, cedes power of the purse
Paul Ryan on December 15: "We don't want nothing out of this debt limit." Yet, that is exactly what the American people got in return for a one-year extension of borrowing authority by the House.

Political targeting of Walker supporters proves it can happen here
Conservative groups in the state of Wisconsin whose leaders have had their private homes raided by local police due to their attempts to support Gov. Scott Walker during the labor unions' failed attempt at recalling him from office.

Time to reform the Endangered Species Act
If you find oil or natural gas on your property, the value goes up. If you find an endangered species, your land becomes virtually worthless because the critter prevents productive use.

Washington Examiner: Google endorses NSA surveillance-reform bill
Rep. Justin Amash: "The biggest names in tech are getting behind the Freedom Act because it is the only legislation that protects Americans' privacy from unconstitutional government surveillance. Momentum is on our side, and I have no doubt that the Freedom Act would pass today if it were brought to the floor for a vote."


ALG's Daily Grind - If Congress won't fight on the IRS, what will it fight on?


Feb. 10, 2014

If Congress won't fight on the IRS, what will it fight on?
House leaders refuse to use debt ceiling to stop tea party targeting.

Obama's end goal: Dependency on government
Once again, now that Team Obama has revealed that dependency is the desired end to their public policy initiatives.

The Sierra Club hates energy
Sierra Club praises the President's State of the Union declaration that climate change is real and that the science is "settled."

Rand Paul: When will Obama start caring?
"Just when you thought Obamacare couldn't get any worse, the Congressional Budget Office reported on Tuesday that the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs will be lost due to Obamacare. We can't afford to lose any more jobs."


CEI Today: Unemployment benefits, questions for Yellen, a top 10 list for Congress, and more 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
In the News Today


USA Today: Extending unemployment benefits would do more harm

Unemployment insurance extensions in the past five years have kept at least 600,000 people out of the labor force, because people tend to ride a gravy train. A year's extension would add $25 billion to the tab, or about $6.25 billion for three months. That money is not in the budget, and none of the options for getting it is pain-free.

So, what can we do that will actually generate economic growth and get people back to work?
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How Will New Fed Chair Handle Big Issues?


The Senate Monday confirmed Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve, despite unanswered questions concerning Yellen's views and plans. Specifically, her policies on inflation, quantitative easing, the Fed's conflicting mandates on inflation and unemployment, the needlessly complicated Basel III standards for how much capital banks should keep in reserve, Dodd-Frank implementation and reforms, and more.


Questions about inflationary monetary policy, overregulation from Dodd-Frank, transparency at the Federal Reserve and the interplay of all these issues as they affect growth and freedom. We hope our lawmakers will do what they can to hold the Fed accountable and make sure these questions are answered. > View the full list of questions for Yellen

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Jim Bohannon Show

Chrysler wound up in the hands of Italian automaker Fiat, after a major push by the Obama administration. Fiat assumed full control of Chrysler through an over four billion dollar buyout of the shares that had been held by the United Autoworkers Union. Our guest tonight says you - all of us U.S. taxpayers - made it possible. He's John Berlau of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who has just written a blog on CEI's website entitled "The Great Italian Auto Bailout -- Courtesy of U.S. Taxpayers." > Listen to the interview starting at the :40:25 mark

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