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Cornerstone - On Tax Payer Funding for Planned Parenthood  

Cornerstone Action


If the Center for Medical Progress videos don’t persuade you that Planned Parenthood needs more public scrutiny, maybe a look at their financial statements will get the message across. By accepting government grants and contracts, PP has made us all stakeholders in its operations, including the ones that have nothing to do with health care. PP supporters like to chant “cancer screenings” when public funding is threatened. How about looking at what Planned Parenthood could do with its own resources, if it were willing to make “cancer screenings” a priority?

And how is a $20,000,000 agency “de-funded” by the denial of a $638,900 two-year contract?
Twelve thousand New Hampshire women deserve to understand why they’re being used as human shields by an agency that allegedly has their best interests at heart.
Any agency, using private funds, could provide authentic health care along with abortions. It could provide health care along with the dissection of aborted children. Employees from several of its locations could be captured on tape discussing commerce in fetal body parts. Ex-contractors could recount their orders to slice through the face of a fetus with a still-beating heart. (The latter three activities have been documented in the CMP videos, all available online.) Such activities might be distasteful or even illegal. Done by a private agency, however, I would not be an indirect participant.

If that privately-funded agency furthermore spent a substantial sum – say, over a million dollars – on “public policy” work, it wouldn’t be my business. If it handed out pink t-shirts and “I stand with …” signs and lobbied against oversight of its abortion activities, I wouldn’t be helping to pay for that.

When Planned Parenthood of Northern New England gets a New Hampshire government contract, though, I’m involved. I don’t buy the claim that no government contract money goes for abortions. Every state contract dollar to PP frees up other PP revenue for use in its abortion business. Money is fungible, and all the slick lobbying in the world won’t change that.
Planned Parenthood would allay my concerns if it stopped doing abortions. If abortion were really as small a part of its business as it claims, dropping it would be simple. Instead, though, PP clings to abortion as though it were the sole reason for the organization’s existence – and to add insult to injury, its employees and supporters libel those of us who do not want to fund an abortion provider, claiming that we want to deny women those cancer screenings upon which PP is relying for respectability.

We’re not attacking women’s reproductive health. We’re refusing to participate in abortion. Anyone who can’t see the difference has no business trying to land a state contract or make state policy.

There’s more to my concern than abortion and those damning videos. There’s the math. How can the Executive Council’s denial of a contract cause PP to threaten 12,000 women with the loss of their health care, when the amount of that contract works out to about $27.50 per woman per year?

When the Executive Council looked at the family planning contracts that were voted on a few weeks ago, each proposed vendor had to provide detailed financial statements. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England reported that in 2014, it spent $1.5 million on public policy work. It spent $214,000 on marketing and communication, and close to a million dollars on fundraising. While not included in the financial statements offered to the Council, PPNNE’s 2013 IRS form 990 revealed that its chief lobbyist earned a base salary of $111,000.

And this is an organization that threatened 12,000 women with loss of health care if it failed to land a contract worth $27.50 per year for each of those women. The only thing worse than a lobbyist getting away with saying that is the sight of a Governor and two Executive Councilors taking her seriously.

Planned Parenthood wants to use my money. I say no. Do you want me to say yes? Then get rid of the abortion advocacy. Stop blending abortion with health care. Stop holding 12,000 women hostage to your abortion work. Invite increased public oversight. Denounce the trafficking in fetal body parts that has now been documented in other PP affiliates.

Until then, Planned Parenthood needs to operate as a private entity, without our tax dollars. If it has as many supporters as it wants politicians to believe, that won’t be a problem.

Cornerstone - Executive Council Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood 

Cornerstone Action

 Councilor Sununu Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood
Cornerstone applauds Councilors Kenney, Wheeler, and Sununu for their votes on the Planned Parenthood contracts today. A special thanks to Councilor Sununu for voting his conscience based on watching the recent videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. We want to highlight one piece of the debate that Councilor Sununu raised. Alternatives must be sought for the constituents of the Granite State. This is the right approach and must be taken seriously.
Executive Director Bryan McCormack commented, “We are ecstatic with the bravery of these Councilors.  We must call attention to the wide spread practices seen in the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress. New Hampshire deserves the truth and that can only be provided with a thorough investigation of Planned Parenthood. This is a huge step for the culture of life in New Hampshire!”


Cornerstone - Calls On AG for Investigation of Planned Parenthood  

Cornerstone Action

Cornerstone Calls on Attorney General to Investigate Planned Parenthood of Northern New England
     Due to the recent video released by the Center for Medical Progress, Cornerstone is calling upon the New Hampshire Attorney General to conduct a thorough investigation on the use of New Hampshire tax dollars funding Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.  The video shows a top doctor from Planned Parenthood casually sharing how the parts of aborted babies are sold and in turn how these sales help their bottom line.  Gruesome details are even shared on how doctors can fulfill orders by preserving certain desirable parts during the abortion procedure.

     New Hampshire currently has little to no regulation on abortion practices or facilities, leaving taxpayers to wonder of their money being used by an organization trafficking in fetal body parts.  In fact this illegal and inhumane practice could already be taking place in the State and at the expense of taxpayers.  Cornerstone urges the Attorney General to fully investigate the use of New Hampshire tax dollars by Planned Parenthood.  Taxpayers deserve accountability and transparency from every organization doing business with the state.

     As Political Director Sarah Koski notes, “New Hampshire’s lack of regulation makes it a great target for this kind of abuse, and our taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars should not under any circumstances be used to support practices like the ones documented by the Planned Parenthood’s own doctor in the Center for Medical Progress video.  Our citizens deserve to know how and where their money is being spent.”

Cornerstone Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research, a nonprofit non-partisan New Hampshire public policy organization working to promote strong New Hampshire families.

Cornerstone - SCOTUS Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

Cornerstone Action

The first question presented to the Supreme Court was whether or not the constitution requires a state to license same-sex marriage.  The Constitution in no way requires states and their citizens to license same sex marriage, yet the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise. By doing so, it has redefined an institution that has proven through the centuries to benefit humanity.

Redefining marriage has severe social and cultural repercussions that we can expect to see in the wake of this decision.  Particular concerns arise as we consider how marriage affects children and parental rights.  We know that children and families are stronger when a married, committed mother and father are present.  Don’t our children at least deserve this?  We’ve already seen the results of the disintegration of marriage.  Redefining marriage to include same-sex partners will only lead us to further cultural instability.     

The second part of this decision has also undermined the Tenth Amendment.  Voters in 31 States have already voted to keep the definition of marriage as one man and one woman. By disregarding this, the Supreme Court has overstepped its bounds.  The Supreme Court should not be able to overrule the United States citizens with a one case ruling.  According to the ruling, States would need to recognize same sex marriages performed lawfully out-of-state regardless of the opinion of that State’s citizens.  

While we are disappointed in the ruling, this is not the end of the debate.  In fact, this is the beginning of larger discussion on marriage, family and the importance that both these issues have in our country’s well being.

Executive Director Bryan McCormack commented, “We are severely disappointed in the Supreme Court’s lack of respect for the millions of citizens across the United States who believe in traditional marriage. This was not the Supreme Court’s decision to make, however, we still remain hopeful. We remain hopeful in the health and goodness that marriage between a man and a woman brings to our state and our nation.”

Cornerstone Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research, a nonprofit non-partisan New Hampshire public policy organization working to promote strong New Hampshire families.  


Cornerstone - Rick Santorum Headlines Cornerstone Banquet May 12 

Cornerstone Action

Cornerstone Policy Research Welcomes Rick Santorum to 15th Anniversary Celebration May 12
Cornerstone Policy Research will mark its first fifteen years of research and advocacy for New Hampshire families at a banquet on Tuesday, May 12 at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire. Featured speaker will be Senator Rick Santorum. A reception at 6:15 p.m. will precede the 7:00 p.m. dinner.

Cornerstone Policy Research and its advocacy arm, Cornerstone Action, are non-profit non-partisan New Hampshire organizations dedicated to building strong New Hampshire families. Cornerstone works to promote respect for life, support traditional marriage, defend the rights of parents to make decisions about their childrens' education and health care, and encourage responsible government spending.
Senator Santorum and his wife Karen are the parents of seven children. The Santorums' recent book, “Bella’s Gift: How One Little Girl Transformed Our Family and Inspired a Nation" is about their youngest daughter, Bella, born with Trisomy 18. Warned that their daughter had a short life expectancy, the Santorum family chose to celebrate her life rather than anticipate losing her. "Bella's Gift" relates how now-six-year-old Bella has been a transformative blessing to her parents and siblings. Senator Santorum represented Pennsylvania for two terms in the U.S. Senate.  

For more information about the event, contact Cornerstone at 603-228-4794