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Cornerstone - Rick Santorum Headlines Cornerstone Banquet May 12 

Cornerstone Action

Cornerstone Policy Research Welcomes Rick Santorum to 15th Anniversary Celebration May 12
Cornerstone Policy Research will mark its first fifteen years of research and advocacy for New Hampshire families at a banquet on Tuesday, May 12 at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire. Featured speaker will be Senator Rick Santorum. A reception at 6:15 p.m. will precede the 7:00 p.m. dinner.

Cornerstone Policy Research and its advocacy arm, Cornerstone Action, are non-profit non-partisan New Hampshire organizations dedicated to building strong New Hampshire families. Cornerstone works to promote respect for life, support traditional marriage, defend the rights of parents to make decisions about their childrens' education and health care, and encourage responsible government spending.
Senator Santorum and his wife Karen are the parents of seven children. The Santorums' recent book, “Bella’s Gift: How One Little Girl Transformed Our Family and Inspired a Nation" is about their youngest daughter, Bella, born with Trisomy 18. Warned that their daughter had a short life expectancy, the Santorum family chose to celebrate her life rather than anticipate losing her. "Bella's Gift" relates how now-six-year-old Bella has been a transformative blessing to her parents and siblings. Senator Santorum represented Pennsylvania for two terms in the U.S. Senate.  

For more information about the event, contact Cornerstone at 603-228-4794

Cornerstone - Governor Hassan Vetoes Family Focused SB 101 

Cornerstone Action

Today Governor Hassan vetoed SB101 prohibiting the department of education and the state board of education from implementing the common core standards in any school or school district in this state.

Parents showed up in large numbers to support SB101 giving numerous reasons why Common Core is not working in their local schools. 
SB101 was needed because there is still confusion in districts where parents are being told that their schools must adopt the standards or risk losing funding. It then becomes difficult for parents who want to lobby their elected school board members to use standards they feel are superior to Common Core.  SB101 would have helped parents move their local schools towards better quality academic standards.
The Veto by Governor Hassan misses another opportunity to stand with the parents in NH as they seek to make improvements to their local school districts.

Executive Director Bryan McCormack commented, "SB 101 was a common sense piece of legislation. It provided parents with the legal reference needed to make the choices they see as best for their children. It is sad that the Governor has ruled in favor of federal overreach and in opposition to parental choice."


Cornerstone - House Keeps New Hampshire Casino Free 

Cornerstone Action

Casino ITL Vote The Right Choice for New Hampshire
CPR Action applauds the New Hampshire House of Representatives on their choice to keep the Granite State casino free. The detriment of a casino will not bring its social and political costs to our state. Our representatives have seen the pitfalls of allowing expanded gambling to corrupt our New Hampshire brand and chosen wisely.
Executive Director Bryan McCormack commented, “ This is the right decision for New Hampshire. With the casino over saturation of the northeast, revenues are not what they promise. Likewise, the social costs are far greater than casino advocates suggest . New Hampshire can and will come up with better solutions than the addictive and unsure revenues of a casino.”


Cornerstone - Senate Judiciary Rules Buffer Zone Repeal OTP 

Cornerstone Action

Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Repeal of “Buffer Zone”
 Cornerstone commends the Senate Judiciary committee for voting to repeal the “Buffer Zone” law by passing House Bill 403 with an Ought to Pass recommendation.  Members of the House and Now Senate committee have realized the importance of repealing this unconstitutional law.  This bill can now move forward to a full senate vote.

Repealing this law will allow New Hampshire to avoid costly litigation, similar to what was seen in Massachusetts where taxpayers were left to pay approx. $1.2 million in legal fees.  This fiscal impact along with the direct attack on citizen’s First Amendment rights makes repealing this law the most responsible and sensible course of action.

This law was hastily passed and signed last year before the Supreme Court had ruled on the Massachusetts law.  New Hampshire has not enforced the law and it is now clear that this mistake must be corrected by removing it from our statute.  “We’re pleased that the Senate Judiciary members have recognized the fiscal and constitutional implications of upholding this law.  It’s important that our legislators correct the prior mistake of rushing this legislation through by repealing the Buffer Zone law”, Political director Sarah Koski.
The Cornerstone team will continue to follow the progress of this legislation as it moves to the Senate. 
Cornerstone Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research, a nonprofit, non-partisan New Hampshire public policy organization working to promote strong New Hampshire families.


Cornerstone- Rick Santorum to Speak at Cornerstone Dinner 

Cornerstone Action

Cornerstone is pleased to announce that Senator Rick Santorum (PA) will be the keynote speaker for the Cornerstone dinner May 12th at the Radisson Hotel, Manchester, N.H. 7:00pm.
Senator Santorum served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1991 to 1995, and in the U.S. Senate from 1995 to 2007 where he was known as one of the most successful government reformers in our history.  Rick took on Washington's powerful special interests from the moment he arrived in our nation's Capitol in 1991. Rick was a member of the "Gang of Seven" that exposed the Congressional Banking and Congressional Post Office scandals.  Rick was also an author and floor manager of the landmark Welfare Reform Act which passed in 1996 that has empowered millions of Americans to leave the welfare rolls and enter the workforce.

Executive Director Bryan McCormack on Senator Santorum speaking, “ We are excited to have Senator Santorum to kick off our annual dinners. He has one of the best family values focused messages being shared today. With his emphasis on the blue collar community Senator Santorum speaks to the heart of the change we hope to see in New Hampshire.”
Bryan McCormack