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Cornerstone on No Child Left Behind Waiver 

Cornerstone Action

Right to Know Request by Cornerstone Action
Cornerstone Action has filed a Right to Know Request after reviewing the current application for a waiver to No Child Left Behind.
After repeated attempts to gather information from the Board of Education on adopting the new national standards in science (Next Generation Science Standards or NGSS) Education Liaison, Ann Marie Banfield observed that the department of education is starting the process of reviewing the new standards in science.
The new No Child Left Behind waiver along with other documents found on the Department of Education's web site indicates New Hampshire Schools are already using the standards or will be using them soon.  In addition, documents indicate the Department of Education's commitment to Next Generation Science Standards prior to any public hearings by the Board of Education. This decision was made without any fiscal analysis as well as a complete lack of transparency.
After all of the controversy surrounding the adoption of the Math and English Common Core Standards in New Hampshire, the Department of Education should not rush this process, be fully transparent, conduct public hearings throughout New Hampshire, and offer a true unbiased process to determine if Next Generation Science Standards are the right sciences standards for New Hampshire students.
We submitted the following questions to Commissioner Barry today:
1) Did the New Hampshire Department of Education conduct public hearings in an effort to gather feedback from the public and teachers on the NGSS? If so, how many public hearings? 
2) Has the Department of Education compared the Next Generation Science Standards to State Science Standards that were considered the best in the country? If so, provide notes from those meetings so we can review them.
3) What is the estimated cost of implementing the NGSS in the New Hampshire schools?
4) Did you consult with Professors of Science at the college level in New Hampshire to analyze the Next Generation Science Standards and ask for their expert opinions? If so, can you provide notes and copies of those reviews? Please provide names, titles, and academic resumes of the higher education professors of science and engineering who reviewed the NGSS.
5) Please clarify the process for adoption of the NGSS.  According to Chairman Raffio, the NH Board of Education has just begun the process of either endorsing or adopting the NGSS. we are looking for detailed information on how this process to adopt or endorse the NGSS will go. 
6) Was there any kind of critical analysis done on the NGSS by the NH DoE? If so, can you provide notes and documentation on the materials used? 
7) Are the NGSS internationally benchmarked? If so, please provide a list of those countries.

Cornerstone on House Fetal Homicide Vote 

Cornerstone Action

Fetal Homicide Legislation Passes House

Today the New Hampshire House voted to pass HB 560, which provides that unborn children are included in the the definition of homicide.  This legislation has been long overdue in New Hampshire as families like that of the prime sponsor, Representative Leon Rideout, have been denied justice and closure.  When a criminal or negligent action causes the death of another it is only right that the correct legal avenue be set in place for the perpetrator to be prosecuted, this bill establishes that avenue in the event that a wanted unborn child dies as a result of such action.   If the bill passes the Senate New Hampshire will join thirty-eight other states that recognize a woman's right to a wanted pregnancy and protect unborn children.  

Political Director Sarah Koski commented, "We’re pleased that House members were able to see that this is not a pro-life or pro-choice issue, but rather an opportunity to provide necessary protection and justice for mothers and families that have greatly desired their unborn children."


Cornerstone - Shaheen & Hassan "celebrate" pro-abortion PAC 

Cornerstone Action

Governor Hassan, Senator Shaheen "Celebrate" a Major Donor

Maggie Hassan, the New Hampshire governor who has asked for a COO to help her do her job, has managed to find the time to be in Washington this week to celebrate the 30th anniversary of pro-abortion PAC Emily's List.

Emily's List has contributed generously to Governor Maggie Hassan and Senator Jeanne Shaheen through the years - more than a million dollars to Shaheen since 2001, as reported in a New Hampshire Union Leader article published today. 
Hassan and Shaheen would lose future Emily's List donations immediately if they were to support women's health via meaningful safety regulations for abortion facilities. When a PAC's money trumps a commonsense measure for women's health, it's time to say no to the money.

Cornerstone Policy Research and its legislative-advocacy arm, Cornerstone Action, are nonprofit non-partisan public policy organizations working to promote strong New Hampshire families.

Cornerstone supports today's life-issue bills in House 

Cornerstone Action

Cornerstone Supports Five Pro-Life Bills at Tuesday Hearings

Representatives of Cornerstone Action were in Concord today to support five much-needed measures relating to the life issues. We encourage the House to pass each of these bills.

  • Repeal of the "buffer zone" law (HB 403). This blatantly unconstitutional law is already tied up in federal court. The law makes all demonstration, including silent prayer, illegal within "up to 25 feet" of an abortion facility, with the precise zone up to the discretion of each abortion provider.The same Governor who signed the bill is now unwilling to order her Attorney General to enforce it. She went ahead and signed the bill days after a similar Massachusetts law was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. By passing repeal, the legislature can give the Governor a chance to back away gracefully from her inexplicably poor judgment.  There is no reason to pit the First Amendment against the safety of women, as though they're incompatible. 
  • The fetal homicide bill known as "Griffin's Law" (HB 560). It's a matter of justice that abusive partners and impaired drivers who cause a woman to lose a wanted pregnancy should face charges for the death of the preborn child. Furthermore, a woman's choice to carry a pregnancy to term should get at least as much respect under law as a woman's choice to terminate a pregnancy. New Hampshire, with its lack of fetal homicide legislation, is far behind the rest of the country. We commend Rep. Leon Rideout, who is sponsoring this bill in memory of his grandson Griffin.
  • Preventing post-viability abortions (HB 595). Cornerstone supports this effort to prevent most late-term abortions in New Hampshire. We note that under the terms of the bill, a provider doing a late-term abortion for emergency reasons would be encouraged to use a method that would provide the best opportunity for the preborn child to survive, consistent with the safety of the mother. 
  • Abortion statistics (HB 629). Here is another overdue piece of legislation that will bring New Hampshire into line with most other states that already report abortion statistics to the Centers for Disease Control as a matter of public health. An aggregate summary of abortion data, with absolute protection of patient confidentiality, will be valuable not only in public health work but also in public policy discussions.
  • Prohibiting the direct and indirect use of public funds for abortion (HB 677). Contracts for family planning services should not be a back-door way of providing public funding for the benefit of abortion providers. Cornerstone calls on legislators to respect the rights of taxpayers who have moral or religious objections to participating in the abortion industry. 

Cornerstone Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research, a nonprofit non-partisan New Hampshire public policy organization working to promote strong New Hampshire families. 


Sarah Koski Joins Cornerstone as Political Director 

Cornerstone Action

Cornerstone Welcomes Sarah Koski as Political Director


Sarah Koski has joined Cornerstone Policy Research and Cornerstone Action as Political Director, in charge of legislative advocacy. She previously served as field director for the Unlocking Potential Project.
"I'm delighted to have the opportunity to serve New Hampshire families through Cornerstone's family first platform and legislative priorities," she says. "I look forward to encouraging and promoting an environment within our state that allows families to thrive."

"We are extremely excited to have Sarah on board," says Cornerstone Executive Director Bryan McCormack.  "Not only is she brilliantly articulate but is a dedicated champion for family values. We are ecstatic to welcome her to the Cornerstone team."
Koski is a graduate of Thomas Edison State College and lives in southern New Hampshire. She will work closely with the Executive Director and with Education Liaison Ann Marie Banfield at the State House.

Cornerstone Policy Research and its legislative-advocacy arm, Cornerstone Action, are nonprofit non-partisan public policy organizations working to promote strong New Hampshire families.